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don't drink beer, but love the commercials
5 years ago

had a little trouble with the Html programs and there may duplicates for those that have auto tracking on...sorry.

but here is the fixed links..

i love these commercials...these two are my most favorite...

5 years ago

Hi Kindle,

Yes! I absolutely love them! I've already stumbled across these a while ago. Did you put up the horse-drawn sled in the snow one? That is fantastic!

yep have the horse drawn sled commerical too
5 years ago

giggle.  have as many as i could find and including the one you mentioned 


there was on that brougth tears to me and thats the one with the colt that tries to pull the bud wagon, and the other clydesdale help him.  that one actually brought tears...can't  help it, am sensitive kind of person..

5 years ago

Kindle, I can totally understand... that's the very one that did it for me too!