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Horsey game!

Anyone want to play?

It's simple.  The topic is "THINGS YOU WOULD FIND IN YOUR TACK ROOM"

I will start with A, then the next person posts something begining with B and so on through the alphabet.

A is for Arm Bands (the reflective ones for riding at night!!)

Next letter..........B

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B is for BROOM, which I have one, but it's laying down, not in my tack room, but in the empty "stall" next to Sparkle's after I got side-tracked when cleaning up and forgot about it.



this is fun, thanks Lynn!



curry combs


Dandy brush.............

next letter E

HA HA, was going to say "ergot", but that's not in the tack room, unless my horse got in there.  I give up.

Anonymous for Emergency Aid kit.

hmm? "F"

F = feeds


G....Grime...tee hee...(mine needs a good cleaning out!)


next letter I

Ivermectin Box of dewormer :o well an empty box in the garbage can

Next letter J


Next letter K



That's cheating Wow!!

How about tails and manes!!!

Next letter L

Anonymous caught me...



MOUSE! that someone named horrace..He will be there till the cats find him! awe poor horrace I could be seeing a different mouse everytime but shhhhh

N is Next!

What's Latigo Wow? Should I have some?!!!

Yeah, loads in my feed bins.......I think they are cute!

N is for Numnah

Next letter O


Only if you have a western saddle Lynn! A latigo is part of the girth.


No mice in feed bins! Toxic poop!



P for paddock boots

Next letter Q!

Didn't know their poo was toxic Wow!! I must have a serious word with the cat!  I do have a western saddle though, so I might have my very own latigo, even though I don't know what it is!!

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Yes you is the leather strap that has the holes in it that you secure the cinch with. It is on the near side of the saddle, you use it to tighten up your cinch!


No rat poop...very toxic...



R is for riding boots!

Oh yeah, Wow..I certainly have one of those!! But now I don't know what a quirt is!! Maybe a thread with English and Western terms?????  Like "cinch" is "girth" here!!


Well...actually...I never have met anyone that calls it a "quirt"   But is it a small type of riding crop that was used in the old west!


We call them either the cinch or girth. Although we refer to the area of the horse as the girth and the equipment more often as the cinch.


S....splint boots.


Oopps....I skipped R...   


Here's one for you Lynn "rug" as in horse blanket!

oh lol TACK that was an easy one YAY

next letter is U


U...Udder Balm?   

oh I do actually have that down there!

V A vest for saftey!




Hmmm.... "Wonder Dust"...for proud flesh removal. (although I use something else)

Oh no............X??

Can I have X-rays? Katie has had lots of her coffin joints!


Yes you can!


"y".....Yelp, when I step on the dog ...


Ok fine.. I get stuck with Z?


Well you asked for it!.... " Zee saddle" ( said in my best French accent!)