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Horses & Kids

Thought it might be fun and to take Kindle up on her suggestion to "lighten the mood" and share, how about a discussion with just photos and stories of horses with kids?

Here's my contribution..................this is my oldest grandson when he was not quite 3 years old (he is almost 29 now).  This was Christmas Day morning.  We had found this little Palomino Shetland mare (her name was Bubbles because she had been born with very curly hair) and she was 5 years old, great feet, kind, sweet and no health issues or vices.  Picked her up for $25!  That's my son, Steve, holding her (he was 14 in the photo and was 41 last March).  My deceased half-Arab mare, Shadow, is in the background.  Sorry, but every photo I post of Shadow makes me cry, as I got her as a 2-yr-old and had to have her put down last September, just shy of her 34th birthday.

Jason _amp_ Fancy _amp_ Shadow.jpg

oh thats a great photo!

sweet family diane, beautiful horses! gosh the memories, huh? but that is what makes our life more complete and more beautiful.


am sorry for loss of shadow, i know there are animals in my heart that i still cry over too.  but there are memories of them that make me smile still too.


thank you for this family photo and sharing this heartwarming moment.

Thank you, Kindle.  I'm still in the process of commisioning a painting of her from Stacey Mayer.  I knew Shadow wasn't going to live forever, and the last time she went down & I had issues getting her back up, I took locks of her mane & tail and made a "collage" (sp?) thing to put on my bedroom wall, but never finished that, either.  It's been 9 months & I'm still not ready.

Ok, 'nuff about me.  I wanted to start a "fun" thread where we could all share photos of small kids with their equine buddies.  This was just one I have.  I have another of my son with his first pony, but I'll wait awhile to let others participate, not to mention Steve will kill me if he finds out............he was 9 years old & in his underwear, LOL!

Awe ~hugs~ What a wonderful picture! Shadow was beautiful! And I will post some pictures as soon as I upload them.  Probably tomorrow cause its aleady 12:30 YIKES!


Lucky kids! I REALLY wanted a pony when I was little...



just got to say "ahhhh"

"ahhh"  how cute!  thank you...

"A boy and his pony"


IMG_7542.jpg Horse show picture by John_Olexa

hey John, is that you?  cute pony. little boy not too bad either.