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Bee Condos for your backyard!
10 years ago


Mason Bee House



What helps create beautiful flowering gardens and big, juicy fruit and vegetables?


Attract Mason Bees to your garden. Small, blue-black Mason Bees are nature's mild mannered, peaceful pollinators that bring bountiful harvests to gardens and orchards.

We Need The Bees! In the last few years, the honeybee population has plummeted from an onslaught of foreign mites and viruses. The Orchard Mason Bee population has not been affected and is the planet's most effective pollinator. And The Bees Need Us! Mason Bees are unable to tunnel holes for their nests - they rely on existing holes of the right size. By providing nesting sites, we can help these bees fulfill their life's mission, while they provide us with better quality gardens and crops.

Handcrafted from durable, recycled redwood.

Dimensions: 11 in. height, 5 in. width, 5 in. dept



BeeDiverse Bee Condo

The Highrise is a long-term solution to caring for your mason bees.

This tall, durable wooden housing provides sufficient nesting space for 72 bees. Housing is topped with a hinged cedar roof. This mason bee house is easy to take apart and clean in readiness for the following spring.

One yellow tray and one blue tray is included in the stack of brown trays.

The attic space below the cedar roof provides a sheltered room for emerging mason bee cocoon

Make your own Bee House


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10 years ago




Mason Bee Homes



Welcome to Beediverse - the Mason Bee People

What are Mason Bees?
Mason bee, Osmia lignaria, also known as the blue orchard bee, is friendly and an efficient pollinator for fruit such as apple, cherry, almond and blueberry. Beediverse houses are an excellent way to encourage these pollinators into your garden.

Bee houses can encourage helpful insects
10 years ago

A mason bee house and a bat house are seen Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2008 in New Market, Va. Designing a garden attractive to pollinators may attract some foraging bees and wasps, bats and hummingbirds. Adding some shelters may help keep them around. This mason bee house is becoming a popular item for gardeners trying to produce a healthy food supply. A bat house hangs from the shed in the background. (AP Photo/Dean Fosdick)


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