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Butterfly Gardens!
10 years ago

12 Perennials That Butterflies Love; Easy-to-Grow Nectar Plants for a Butterfly Garden



Want to bring butterflies to your backyard? Butterflies need good sources of nectar, and these twelve perennials are butterfly favorites. If you plant it, they will come.

Butterfly gardens should be planted in a sunny area of your yard, since butterflies require the sun's warmth to fly. All of these perennials do well in the sun.


Monarch Butterfly on "Butterfly Weed"


Purple Coneflower



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US Residents: Butterflies by State


Sample Butterfly Garden


Sample butterfly border garden has a large variety of plants Figure 1

  1. Tawny daylily
  2. ‘Marine’ heliotrope
  3. Gayfeather
  4. Butterfly weed
  5. Petunia
  6. Mountain bluet
  7. Annual aster
  8. ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum
  9. Rock cress
  10. French marigold
  11. ‘Happy Returns’ daylily
  12. Blanket flower
  13. Nasturtium
  14. Goldenrod
  1. Purple coneflower
  2. Dill
  3. Hollyhock
  4. Joe-Pye weed
  5. Globe centaurea
  1. Peony
  2. Turtlehead
  3. Swamp milkweed
  4. Yarrow
  5. Queen Anne’s lace

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Butterfly Gardening
10 years ago

Creating a Butterfly Friendly Garden


Attract Monarchs

Scientists, environmentalists, and politicians have brought habitat destruction and the cost that has for wildlife to the attention of people around the world. In response, many people have begun work to preserve the natural areas that still exist and to restore other areas that once served as home to wild animals and plants. Schools can also take part in this preservation and restoration movement by making their yards more friendly to wildlife.

Butterflies require very specific plants as larvae, and females will lay their eggs only on these plants. For example, you will only get monarch larvae if your garden contains milkweed. Use information in books about butterflies to help you choose plants for butterfly larvae. But remember, the purpose of these plants is to serve as a food source for the caterpillars. You are planting them to be eaten by the caterpillars, and eaten leaves are good signs of your garden's health.

Butterfly Gardens

Plan your garden so that there are flowers much of the year, so that there is a steady supply of nectar for the butterflies.

Sunlight: Butterflies use sunlight to regulate their body temperature. They need sunlight to keep themselves warm, but the outside temperature can also become too hot for them. A good butterfly garden should provide both sunny places and shady places where butterflies can cool off while they eat.


The following are common, easy-to-grow plants that attract many butterflies

•Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)
•Bee balm
•Purple coneflowers
•Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa) or other milkweeds
(these will attract many local butterflies).


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