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Compact Compost
10 years ago

We all know it's much healthier to grow your own, how about creating your own fertilizer as well? That way you know what you are putting on your future fruits and vegies too. All it takes is a small trash can with a lid, some dirt, some maneure and your food scraps! A cat litter scoop works great to mix it, folding the newest additions into the bottom is best. As it decomposes keep it stirred and add add some to the pot before you throw in the dirt. After that fold a bit into the top layer of soil about once a week before you water so the nutrients get into the soil and roots.

Thank you!
8 years ago

I will try that if I move to a place where I have an outdoor area. One reason I joined this group is because I don't have any porch or outdoor space and I wish I could grow some of my own food. Don't know if anyone knows of any indoor food composting suggestions.

Indoor Composting "grow your own worms"
8 years ago

Hi Carlotta, I used to live in a Central London flat  (4th floor) with a communal garden at ground level, I kept a commercially  made wormery indoors to compost our kitchen waste, it needed less maintenance than an aquarium & produced no unpleasant odour. For more info you could take a look at this article on the BBC website.


Another site is this Ehow one suggesting using an aquarium but remember that worms "wee" so have a partition at the bottom so liquid wast collects below the worms domain & use an aquarium syphon to drain it off to use as a liquid feed for plants.

You can likely buy brandlings (Dendrabeana venera) from a fishing bait shop cheaper than commercial wormery suppliers.

Michael from Naturally Gardening

Thank you Michael!
8 years ago

Those are incredibly good resources. Someone has finally answered my question I have been seeking for over a year now! Thank you!


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