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Welcome and Introduce Yourself
7 years ago

Hi All!


I am a writer and an artist and I am working on a novel about 2012. I have had very persistant dreams about the "Change" as I was told it is called, which prompted my writing of the book. It's about half done and I intend to finish it this year. I have the whole story plotted, but need to finish getting it written down. I feel guided by higher forces through much of the writing process as well as compelled to share some of the thoughts I have had about what could happen as a result of all that is going on in the world today.


Every one talks about "the assension" and how wonderful it is, but like it or not we live in a world of balance between the realms of light and dark. If the veil between us and the other dimensions is thinning, it opens us to the light levels above us, but it also opens us up for easier access from the levels of dark beneath us. As our energy vibrations rise we attract those with lower energy vibrations to us. That is some thing I'm not sure any one else has thought about.


As much as I would love to jump on the bandwagon of all the possitive aspects our rising levels of energy and awearness are having, I can't blindly dimiss the fact that we do still exist within a dimension of polarities and for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It's the reaction I'm concerned about. I've seen a few of these "things" and they aren't pretty.


I welcome all to the group and the discussions. I would like to ask that no one dominates a thread with numerous multiple posts in a row. Please give others a chance to share their info and insights too. If any one has any questions to ask please post them as a new subject so they don't get lost in a thread.

Wonderful to be here
7 years ago

I am honored to be the first member of your new group, Delaney.


The topic of 2012 and Mayan Prophecy is very interesting from many angles. I am a non-traditional student and nearly have completed my associates degree in history and will switch majors to anthropology for my bachelor's. I am a research fanatic and this topic can be looked at from many different perspectives.


Looking at the origins, you have to look at the Mayan civilization which was born from the earlier Olmec civilization. When I took Mexican history, I couldn't wrap my head around their practice of human sacrifice at unbelievable scales 10,000 at a time. They believed that the sun needed to be refueled. Humans were considered the most valuable therefore made the most honorific and potent sacrifice that could be made. The geology of the area is very interesting as well with the underground caves full of water and I believe that one of the Earth's chakra centers lies within the land they lived upon.


The Mayans were profound observers with a geniune awe for the cosmos. Their calendar is one of the most accurate in all of humanity's history. Their calendar ends on December 21, 2012.


I do not know of the planetary alignment at that time and have yet been unable to find it but I do know something about the galactic center which may play a role in understanding the significance of this date.


In the center of the universe, most actually lies a super massive black hole which is relative to the size of our universe. It is dormant now and for as long as the planets, suns and stars have been confined to the gravitional pull of the galaxy, but for how long?


In the center of the universe there is a double helix shape, the same shape as our dna structure of which only half is activated in humanity, the pulse of the Earth which comes from our core has been increasing since the 90s. Since all matter is energy and energy resonates with pulsating vibrations we are feeling something.


I too have recently encountered many theories. I look at everything with a respect to the writer. I am a writer, myself so I know what it feels like but I believe that it is our consciousness that is ascending. Once that happens truly time and space don't exist. In the middle of our super massive black hole all of what we know about physics is wiped out in the singularity with infinite mass and gravity but zero volume. Time and space don't exist.


I haven't even started looking at wormholes but have heard they may exist within super massive blackholes.


I don't know what is to come but I started out 2 years ago writing and researching more with a dim outlook of the future. I, now, see only light. With any real change there will be chaos but what will come after represents a new beginning.


In light and love



7 years ago

Danielle, Thank you for joining the group and Welcome. My vision for this group is to be able to gather information from as many sources and cultures as possible into one place. I know in my heart it all fits together some how and there are lessons to be learned from previous cultures and times that will help us understand a bit better what is to come. Our Planet is in crisis, we as the caretakers have only so much time to reverse some of the damage and heal the wounds our carelessness has created. I don't feel the world will be destroyed, it will be changed though. I'm not sure how I feel about the numerous 'assention theories' for I feel there are many versions. I'd just like to provide a place where theories can be shared along with everything else, in a peaceful respectful way. It kind of goes along with the thought that two heads are better than one, in this case it is many heads are better than one. It seems there are a lot of people interested in the 2012 subject. I'd like us to have a place to gather and share our thoughts. Please feel free to start a thread about an aspect you would like to discuss. Once again, thank you for joining.

7 years ago

Hi Delaney and all,


I'm pleased to meet you all.


I'm not one to say there's a definate date, or even that I can explain what is to happen, but something is definately going to happen and from what I can see is already firmly swinging into place.


I've seen elements of what is to come, I was awoken to help and that is what I'm doing.

7 years ago

Welcome George!


We look forward to hearing what you have to share with us. If there is an aspect you feel needs discussion and a thread does not already exist, by all means start a new thread. Thank you for joining.

Welcome George!
7 years ago

It is so inspiring to see that the awakening is full of a gut driven need to share, to educate, to bring as many as we can to realize our full potential on a mulititude of levels.

I continue to see so much light for the future. It's going to be hard work but we can do this.

In light and love


Hi all
7 years ago

Thanks for the invitge. I'm very honored to share this topic with you. I hope I can help.

7 years ago

Great group Delaney, and thank you for the invitation! I am very happy to be here, and such an interesting topic. I think it is something that affects us daily, the build up to 2012 and ascension.

I am an artist and a Reiki II healer, and a school teacher. I am working on my Master's in Reiki and am a good friend of Delaney's and that makes me really proud.


My heritage
7 years ago

I didn't do much of an introduction and I apologize. My name is Virginia and I come from a Celtic/Druidic/Native American background. The Native American in my history is Chocktaw and Cherokee. My paternal grandmother was a kitchen witch and a Cherokee, so I learned from both ends. She taught me many years ago how to make soap, how to can meats, vegetables and fruits and to dry meat, and to cook on an open fire, which includes baking because she always said, "Mother Earth will become angry soon because man is hurting her. She will shout and bluster and shake man loose from her. Be sure that you learn what I teach you because only you can save yourself from her anger." I was always very attentive of her because I had watched many times as she cooked she would whisper incantations. Even to this day, everytime a situation comes up, I can remember a lesson that she taught on the subject as if she knew everything that was going to happen to me throughout my life. My brother was my protector when he was alive and still is to this day.

7 years ago

   I am Skye, Delaney's daughter! I am an artist and my mom's research assistant. I almost always have about a dozen things I'm researching at a time. I'm currently attemting to find information historically and archaeologically proving the existence of the Tuatha De Danann of Celtic mythology. 


   My mom and I share a lot of the same beliefs as to what could happen with the coming "Change" of 2012. I strongly agree with what my mom stated earlier about the thinning of the veils opening us and our world up to both the levels of light and the levels of dark.


   We are a world of balance, between the levels of light and dark, where they should be able to coexist. One cannot survive with out the other; if one ceases to exist, the other will cease to exist as well. Our world needs to maintain the balance for all life to continue, when it is not maintained all life; animals, plants, even humans will be lost. Unless the balance can be restored.


   I feel we have been given the gift of visions, dreams, channeled messages, etc. for a reason. Maybe higher forces are trying to tell us we need to do what we can to restore the balance. My mom and I feel this is a time to prepare for what could happen, heed the warnings so to speak. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!   



7 years ago

I'm glad this group has been created! I take this subject very seriously because of seen many signs that this event will take place. My name is Charles, and I'm the head of the American Feline Coalition and a new website called "Fan-fic & RPG Surplus". I'm a huge fan of felines and I would do anything to make sure the 12/21/12 incident won't harm them. I would also like to recognize my friends who also make efforts to deal with the 2012 event: Alan Turner, Roseline Doh, Cassie Lee and Ben H, for they have made outstanding efforts to prepare for any problems caused by the event. The 12/21/12 event is a big concern for me because I know it will improve our lives in the long run, but there will be hardships for awhile after the event takes place. I was raised in a Christian household and my dad has sometimes said that many are going against the Bible and God will show his power someday and let everybody know that no creature has control over any part of the universe. When I started experimenting with witchcraft, I was soon introduced to the Mayan predition. I also know the true power of evil because of the time when I tried messed around with diabolical incantations. Now I know not to play around with that stuff because the demon I ended up summoning almost took my soul. It's pretty obvious to me now that the only incantations worth performing are ones that do good. I hope that all our efforts can help make the big change a 100% successful event.

7 years ago

Welcome to Virginia, Lori, Skye and Charles!


The diversity of this group is one of our finest assets. We come from different places, backgrounds and faiths. We each have areas we have focused our thirsts for knowledge on. We have been brought together by a common interest in our futures and the future of the world in which we live. This is our chance to make a difference, to be Rainbow Warriors. This is a place we can share the information we have gathered along our separate paths and fit it together with information other members have found. We all sense a Change is coming, lets work together to make it a good change.


Something I can't stress enough is that no idea is a bad idea! Some just work better than others, so please don't be worried some thing you've come up with is just a little too wierd. People thought gathering sunlight to run electrical appliances and talking through a wire from one end of the country to another were wierd too. Sometimes it is in the most off the wall ideas or theories that the greatest insight is born. I hope we can all share our thoughts freely and listen without judgement. Maybe we can be the people who come together in peace to share the original teachings and restore harmony to our Earthly world. Thank you for joining the group!

7 years ago

I am an eclectic Gemini from the wonderful state of Texas and have a wide variety of interests.
I have loved learning web design and have been teaching myself. I love my computer and all technology!
I am learning the Egyptian use of oils for natural skin care and scents; I LOVE to learn!
I love good mystery novel series (OH, give me forensic details), astronomy, nature & archaeology.
I am an amateur anthropologist interested in Celtic, Egyptian, Incas, Mayan, Aztec & Native American civilizations.
I have an almost neurotic obsession for BIG cats, primates, butterflies, roses and waterfalls.
I support "Save the Tiger", one of the most magnificent creatures on the face of this earth.
From age three I have had a fascination with rocks, crystals and minerals. My collection is extensive and holds many beautiful companion stones!
On a personal note,
I am nursing caregiver to a very special young man, our son Russell who is 20. His nickname is Mr. Smiley.
I am a pagan at heart, Air to inspire, Fire to bring desire, Water as my healer, Earth as my church, the Goddess/God within...

7 years ago

Hi Debra, Welcome to the group! A number of the faces you may recognize from the 2012 thread I had started in the Pagan group.


Come on in, look around. This is a new group we are just getting started. I encourage everyone to contribute to the information already here. The more we can collect, the more pieces of the 2012 puzzle we can fit together.


One of the reasons I decided to "upgrade" to a group was that our thread continually became burried and went unnoticed. This it too important a subject to let it get lost in the shuffle. 

7 years ago

I would like to encourage all the new members to post here first and tell us a bit about yourself.  Just read the thread to the end and you'll find a place to reply. Don't forget to click the 'post reply' button or it won't show up. Welcome to the group, we look forward to meeting you and hearing what you have to say.

Hi Everyone
7 years ago

I am an eclectic pagan and I go by the name Teresa as well as Isis Morning Star so if you see my name change please don't be confused. Delaney wrote me this morning and asked me to introduce myself and contribute to the group. When I came to this thead I started reading what Delaney and Danielle had written and realized that I needed to read this entire thread. I plan to come back and do that soon and Delaney please if I don't start contributing send me another intro or message. I do have some things to offer from my christian teachings. I was raised LDS and they claim to have futher light and knowledge than any other religion on earth. This year I decided that paganism was for me but I have not thown out the baby with the bath water so to speak. I still carry some of my beliefs that I have been taught and in my Mormon faith much is spoken of about the Veil and how it is thining and being lifted.


I am a 24/7 caregiver for my bedridden mother. I spend a good deal of time on Care2 and belong to several groups that I enjoy and now I can add this to one of the groups that I spend more time in. I am so intriged and interested now

by this topic. That being said I want to comminicate that today is a very busy day with my mother and also some legal and medical issues that will take a few hours so like I said I will be back and if not I hope Delaney will put a bug in my ear. I see that I have many friends here and I want to see what they have to say also as I respect them and their knowledge and opinions. 


Blessed Be, Teresa aka Isis Morning Star

7 years ago

Hi Teresa! Isis Morningstar! OK! you are my friend! I just didn't recognize Teresa when you asked. Welcome to the group, Delaney is wonderful, one in a million! I am so sorry about your mother, but I am glad you have an outlet like Care2 and the people here to connect to.


7 years ago

Hello All, and thank you Delany for this invitation. I am a middle-aged college student(the big 50 is just a couple of weeks away), a Junior with a major in Social Work and a minor in Womens Studies. I am eclectic in my beliefs and awakened to them 5 years ago. I was raised in Arizona and tend to lean more to the Native American ways and teachings. Hopefully when I'm through with school I can head back to the land that speaks to me the strongest. I am very nature based, and even though I am not cut off so to speak here in Tennessee, its not where my soul is happy. Because of my course load and work hours I will not be able to post often, but I look forward to the discussions.

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Hello to Teresa/Isis Morningstar and Becky!
7 years ago

Thank you both for the introductions.


I feel we all carry shades of past belief systems with us along our paths towards self discovery, it contributes to who we are and the unique  perspectives we each have.


Teresa - Isis Morningstar, I am also a caregiver to my elderly mother. She uses a walker most of the time, but still has occational 'strong' days. I promise to send periodic reminders that we are here, though I hope it won't be necessary.


Becky - 50 is a milestone, that is certain, I think you'll be surprised by just how many of us are one side of that number or the other. There are a number of Native Prophecies that I feel coinside with the Mayan calendar and have included them for that reason. I too am very nature based.


We look forward to what time and words you have to share with us. As always new perspectives are welcome. As we fit together each of our puzzle pieces of knowledge amazing pictures may unfold. Thank you for joining the group.


7 years ago

I'd like to welcome every one to the group and encourage those who have not posted yet to at least post an introduction so the rest of us know a wee bit about you. Something has drawn us all to this subject and compelled us to join the group. Please don't feel intimidated, we are all here for a common cause. By all means read the posts and add a comment if you have something to share. We all value your opinions and point of view. After all that is the purpose of networking, to learn new things and make friends in the process.


If there is a subject you need to discuss or a question you need an answer to, by all means start a new subject! Once again Welcome! I'm glad you are here.

Hello Relations
7 years ago

HI Delaney & Others
Finally have a little time to post and say Hello from out of Phoenix, AZ. Just hope that all are keeping in Harmony, Balance, & Beauty.
Gary Payestewa

7 years ago

Thank you for posting Gary. We hope to hear more from you soon.

Hello everyone and Merry Meet!
7 years ago

I just joined this group a few minutes ago, so I thought I'd drop in and introduce myself. I am an eclectic pagan who loves to study anything and everything. I was awakened to the coming changes in late October 1995 and embarked on my spiritual quest the following spring. Since my last name is Amaya, I always felt drawn to the Mayan civilisation. Actually, my family name comes from Spain (and maybe Japan, as well), but my grandmother was partly descended from the native people of Mexico. She was also a bit of a wise woman and passed on some of her wisdom to me.
I tend not to post unless I have something to say or add to a conversation/thread.
Thank you for allowing me to join what I believe will be an enlightening experience!

7 years ago

Frances, welcome to the group!


Late October when the veils are the thinest seems to be a time of awakening for many. It was when the Ancient spirits called out to me for the first time also.


I have set up numerous threads and welcome any information you and/or any of the other members would like to add to the subjects. All opinions are welcome. I set up the group to encourage as many prospectives as possible.


Once again thank you for joining and Welcome!

7 years ago

I'd like to welcome our newest members to the group and encourage them to post a quick intoduction here first. Some things you might include are what draws you to this group and the 2012 subject? If you have a particular area of interest or something you'd like to find out more about.


The more information and group participation we can get the more we will all learn about what might happen in our futures. 12-21-2012 is only four years and four months away! I realize that may seem like a long time yet, but it will be upon us before we know it and I'd like to be as prepared as possible. Can you tell I was girl scout, 'Be Prepared' was the Girl Scout motto!


I also encourage any other members who haven't posted an introduction already to please do so. We'd all like to hear where you're coming from on the subject and what your interests are.


I don't bite, honest! 

7 years ago

Sometimes I post as Chiron Rainbow, my nom de plume (smirk). Exploring life's mysteries and biggest questions is what I do best. The past and future have always fascinated me, which is normal for someone like me who was born under the sign of Aquarius. Oops, you can't say normal and Aquarius in the same sentence. Okay then, the sign of weirdness.

I've been collecting and/or memorizing bits of end times prophecies for as long as I can remember, from a lot of different sources. Since I live in the Ring of Fire, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are at the top of my priority list. My favorite end times book is When the Comet Runs, but I seem to be alone in that because they are only asking 1¢ for it on I'm a college grad honor society member but my degree doesn't mean as much to me as the diploma in astrology/parapsychology that I got through the mail.

As for my weird beliefs, I'm a freethinking gnostic who has come to the conclusion that matter and energy are not a matter of existence but of theory, just theory itself. I see that theory as the Source which emanates true love in all its forms, material and spiritual. "Without true love, there is no true existence." "I am true, therefore I am... truly." So that's how I try to see the earth changes, as dark and light but with a filter that screens out the awful parts of the dark. Lately I've been having quake dreams, the first of which was on Nov. 1, '07, which is the date of the big Lisbon All Saints Day quake of 1755. The dreams seem to mean more than just quakes, they seem to symbolize the crumbling of our society's ideological infrastructure.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn and share!

7 years ago

Welcome to the group, Frank, thank you for the introduction and for a bit of your perspective. I can certainly understand your concern about earthquakes and volcano activity, we have a tendancy to worry about would affect the area we live in and what we would need to do to survive a disaster. Living in the Great Lake area, I have a tendancy to worry about flooding. 


For those who are not familiar with the term; the 'Ring of Fire' area pretty much surrounds the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean. It is home to 452 volcanoes which make up 75% of the worlds active and dormant volcanoes. Also 90% of the worlds earthquakes which account for 80% of the worlds largest earthquakes. The ring is actually kind of horseshoe shaped with Hawaii smack dab in the center. 


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and share as well. I'm sure we all look forward to more of your perspective in the group, I know I do. Thank you for joining.

7 years ago

I'd like to welcome five new members to our group! Sue L, Seth R, Ken L, Kestral R, and Chris S


Welcome to the group and thank you for joining. Go ahead and introduce yourselves, we look forward to hearing from you! 

7 years ago

Hi Delaney, thank you for the welcome.

I have been interested in the topics in this group since I was a kid and have collected and read a bookcase full of books, lol, and since joining care2 I'm enjoying learning even more.

this new changes is to strong to block for world, Namaste
7 years ago

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7 years ago

Welcome Justenjoy. What a nice contribution.

7 years ago

I'd like to welcome Caroline S. to the group.


Please feel free to look around and read what's here. I try to encourage new members to post a bit of an introduction here before posting on other threads or starting new ones. If you have a burning question about 2012 and you haven't found the answer here...please ask it! Start a new thread if you need to. Some one here will anwswer it or try to find an answer!


Thank you for joining and Welcome to the group.

6 years ago

I'd like to welcome another new member, Curt W. to the group!


Please feel free to look around and join in on any of the discussions. Thank you for joining us.

6 years ago

I'd like to welcome our new member, Siva to the group. Thank you for joining. Look around and introduce yourself. We always look forward to new perspectives and opinions here at 2012.


Once again...Welcome! 

6 years ago

Nadima, welcome to the group! We'd love to hear what compelled you to join and your perspective on things.

6 years ago

I'd like to welcome Michelle H. the the group.


 Come on in, look around and introduce yourself! I promise we don't bite, at least I don't think any of us do.   

                 Welcome to the Group! 

6 years ago

I'd like to welcome another new member to the group: SuzieQ.


Thank you for joining. Please look around and post an introduction!


That goes for all who have joined and not posted. I'd love to hear what drew you to the 2012 group. Every one has an unique perspective on the world and life in general, plus we all have different things we've studied either in formal classes or on our own just to satisfy our personal curiosity. We may not consider ourselves experts, but we are knowledgable. Please share whatever you feel may help the rest of us survive these days leading up to 2012. Even if it's just a thought on the subject, or an entire theory you've been pondering and trying to figure out for years. Who knows what we can come up with if we all put our heads together on this. We may be the ones to find the answer. It could happen, but we won't know if we don't try. 12-21-2012 is now less than four years away!

6 years ago


               Happy Holidays


Stocking                              Santa's Cookies                                Stocking 


  Let's all hope the forcasters are wrong, the economy is at it's lowest slump already and a recovery is in store for 2009!

          I'm wishing for a more prosperous New Year!

                                It could happen!


6 years ago

Welcome to two new Members!

Michael O. and James P. have joined our Group

Thank you for joining!

6 years ago

My name is James Poole but I prefer Jimmy. I've been reading alot about 2012 and the changes that are coming. I have both fear and hope in the coming age. I'm interested in learning more about the subject. I look forward to getting to know you all!
Peace and Love,


6 years ago

Jimmy, thank you for posting. I think we all feel both hope and fear for the coming of a new age and what kind of chages it will bring. Fear of the unknown is rather normal and there is plenty of unknown on the way. I'm continually amazed by all that is involved with 2012 and I've been a bit obsessed about the subject for a few years now. I feel a lot ,if not all, of it is connected in some way. I try to add new things to the group knowledge base as I discover them and I hope others will do the same.


I'd like to welcome four new members to the group!

Lowell H. - Richard E. - Karen L. and Barry H.


Thank you for joining our group and Welcome!

I know I've said it a dozen times but... come on in and have a look around. I'd love to hear your feed back on the many subjects so please post your feelings, ideas, something you thought of or wondered about as you read.

This is supposed to be a discussion group, or at least that is what I intended it to be. I really, really want to hear what everyone else has to say. It's why I'm here! So please (and this goes for ALL the group members) add your thoughts and theories...please? I always figure the more people you can get putting their heads together on a subject the better. Who knows, we may just come up with an answer or two to help mankind! It could happen!

6 years ago

I'd like to welcome another new member to our group. Thank you Gold R. for joining. Hope to hear from you soon.


Here are a couple of sites some of you may find of interest.


The first one shows a meteor that is to be traveling alarmingly close to our planet during a time around 12-21-2012! You can activate the graphic and see for yourself...;orb=1


The second is an extremely informative site about 2012. There's a lot here:


I just thought I'd pass them along for you to check them out. I haven't even had a chance to do more than a quick scan on this second site.


I'd love to hear some feedback about the sites since this is supposed to be a discussion group. Sorry but it gets boring if no one discusses anything. I can't imagine over forty people sitting silently in a room and no one talking, can you? So come on folks...lets chat it up and discus 2012.

Also I found something about a planetary alignment occuring in 2012. My internet service slammed shut and I lost it. Anybody else see this! Got a link to share on it?

6 years ago

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

6 years ago

I'd like to Welcome two more members to our group!

     Karina A. and Richard P.



Welcome, and thank you for joining!

2012 has already started!
5 years ago

Hi Delaney and all! I just found this on someone's profile and had to join. Delaney, good luck with your book!

To me, it's now that we have to prepare for the changes--by focusing on love, meditating, opening our hearts, and cleansing our souls in whatever way works for each of us. A forum like this is a great place to get support and form community toward this end!

3 years ago

Today,29/Feb./2012.I entered in this group and feel sad that the last post was from one year ago!Now that we are in the very year of change,nobody dares to talk about?I´m an artist-painter ,engraver,etc etc etc,This topic of Mayan Calendars enter in my life when I was reading about Mexican culture,and what impressed me was the way they put evolution.It was amazing to see how real were their "Ages",and how clearly they describe the fall of our society as we know it.Fascinating!And since then,all books that I can get I "devour" ,doesn´t matter if it has a skeptical or a believer author.Of course we do not pay much attention to our internal changes.but for sure they are happening,And fast!

3 years ago

I'm surprised there isn't more going on here as we are now into 2012. Delaney, did you get your book finished?

From what I've read so far it does seem that there will be some major changes in the world this year, I'm expecting it! Also that this year will be a year for enlightenedment, personally I feel this is already happening in my own personal life!

I hope more people will contribute to this group.