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Warriors of the Rainbow
7 years ago

A number of sources are given as the origin of this Prophecy. As a keeper of peace I will name none as I do not wish to offend any one.


According to legend there will come a time when fish will die in streams, birds will fall from the air, waters will be blackened and trees will no longer be. As mankind we will nearly cease to exist. That is when the keepers of ancient knowledge will be needed to restore the earth to health. They will be called the Warriors of the Rainbow and will form a New World of Justice, Peace, Freedom and recognition of the Great Spirit. These Warriors will give the people ways to make their paths right with the world. They will teach harmony among the people in all four corners of the world.

Leaders will be chosen not by their political party, or who can speak loudest, boast the most, or by name calling and mud slinging, but by those whose actions speak the loudest! They will be chosen by their quality, not the amount of money they have obtained. The tasks of these Warriors of the Rainbow are many and great, there will be mountains of ignorance to conquer plus prejudice and hatred to overcome. They must be dedicated, unwavering, and strong of heart so they will find many willing to follow them on the road of returning Mother Earth to beauty and abundance once more.


This thread is dedicated to discussion of Warriors of the Rainbow.



7 years ago

this is a great youtube that goes along with this subject, if I could figure out how to place it directly on the screen I would. If you want to do it Delaney or someone else want's to, that's fine. I hope you enjoy it.



The Video
7 years ago

Hey Lori!


I find so much hope in this prophecy.

Awhile ago I made an image.

I consider myself a proud rainbow warrior indeed, with my three warriors in training.

In light and love


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Video embedded
7 years ago

7 years ago

Beautiful artwork Danielle! PLEASE tell me how you imbedded that video! I try over and over and it won't work, there are some great videos I want to share, it can't be that hard! I know you use the link at the bar here but I don't know what you put infront of the pasted link when you put it in the insert space.

Yes, I also feel connected to the rainbow warriors, and it reminds me of another video about the lightworkers awakening, I also feel connected to that one.


7 years ago

Thank you Lori for finding the video and Danielle for embedding it! I found it inspirational and definitely what I hope this group can be about. People of different colors, from different directions working together for good and light.


Danielle your art work is beautiful!

Rainbow Festival
6 years ago

Hi, Nice to meet everyone.

Anyone here planning to go to the Rainbow Festival?

Glad to have found You.

6 years ago

Hi Karen! Welcome to the group. We're glad you found us too!


I've read a few different articles about the Rainbow Festival and did a search to try and find out when the 2009 one would be. It seems there are a number of them, mostly dealing with a totally different subject matter.


I remember reading about a sacred sight in the Hot Springs area of Arkansas. I thought I had saved the link, but cannot find it. Is that the one you're talking about and do you know when it is? Please post it if you do! I know I can't go, but maybe some one else could and would be kind enough to report back to our group about it! Thank you so much for bringing this up!