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Hopi Prophecy Stone
7 years ago

Below is a copy I made of the Hopi Prophecy Stone. It is on Hopi land in the Big Mountain area of Arizona. This is the translation I found with the image.


The figure of a large person on the left represents the Great Spirit who appears to be pointing at this prophecy. The top horizontal line represents the path of technology without any spirituality to balance it. The bottom line represents a spiritual path. The first vertical line is the begining time of the prophecy. The second vertical line shows a time when mankind decides which path to follow, materialism or spiritualism. The two circles represent the first and second world wars. The dark, vertical line at the end is the decision time - which is today - and we must decide which path to follow. If the material path is followed (as represented by the top horizontal line) the result will be a very jagged line that will result in destruction. If the spiritual path is followed (represented by the lower line) the result will be peace and harmony.


Hopi Prophecy Stone