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According to Dana comments:
7 years ago

This thread is dedicated to comments about the teachings of Dana.

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7 years ago

Hi D,


Interesting stuff. I'm trying to track down another channel related to Atlantis, it describes the original settlement of the earth and the creation of Atlantis.


I've spent quite a bit of time campaigning to protect the Hill of Tara in Ireland, Brigantia told me it was a wake up symbol, same as Thornborough Henges in the uk.


Presumably there is a link here?

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7 years ago

I'd love to hear what some one else has to say to see if we have been getting similar messages or not. Also as always, more than one prespective is good to have. Every one translates information differently and sees things some one else may have over-looked.


I feel an extremely strong pull to Ireland. It feels like home calling out to me. When I delved into my past lives I was there many times. I long to press my hand against the soil and rocks on the numerous ancient sites and feel the energies that still course through them. I can't help but wonder just how familiar they will feel.

7 years ago

I'm not able to write all I know online. Much of it is not appropriate and likely to stress people out. It's highly likely that you are getting similar messages to all of us, but that they are specific to you in terms of the particular message and also your own interpretation.


Ultimately, you and I are here to help people remember what they are and in doing so to help with the coming process.


In doing so we should follow our heart and not our head, and in doing so allow out heart to educate our head as to how to act and feel.


Tell me, how quickly are you changing? I'm about 18 months old (in my new awakened form) and the changes in me have been dramatic and amazing. Brigantia has me on a training course, kind of like being in finishing school. I have no option to drop out or "stray" from the path since it's a bit like she turned the "on" switch and the rest has been automatic development.


I'm a very fortunate soul (hope you are too) I am surrounded by other awakended souls. One chap I spoke to last night met me in the Iron Age (technically, everyone I know I also knew at that time since we travel together, but not many can remember it). As with all things since I awoken, there was no doubt, he's a musician and he showed me a song that he wrote about our time together. He wrote it six years ago, I met him for the first time (this life) last Thursday.


Everything is unfolding, all is coming together, we are the many who are one. You and I have been called upon many times to serve. This time will be our last.


Ireland calls to me also, but my home is England. Also other places are calling, including America. Get yourself to Ireland, to Tara. It need not cost you a fortune, I have friends who will welcome you and who knows, maybe we could also meet up. I think that would be interesting since there's a strong chance that we have met before.

7 years ago

I have had to Edit much out also, George. At times it's difficult to tone down what I have seen and been told. I want to warn people of the reality that we might be facing, yet ... I'm sure you understand. It's not easy, but it is part of the reason Dana came to me, so I could pass on some of the incredible information she and others of the Tuatha have intrusted me with.


I no longer feel a need to chase a materialisic dream. Spiritually I am strong and steady, I know what I believe in and who I am. My life is guided by light, for the good of not only mankind, but the world and that includes man, animal, plant, rock, earth, air, and water for we are all inter-connected and all are sacred. It is through my contact with Dana that my life has been transformed.


Some day I will get to Ireland. I will set my hand upon the Hill of Tara and the stone that may or may not be the real Lia Fail. I will visit the Moytura Battlefield where our most beloved King Nuada gave his life, and I will stand within the sacred walls at New Grange. As much as I wish that could be soon, I care for my elderly mother and cannot leave.


I guess I am eleven in my awakened form, and yes, I have changed dramatically from who I once was. Like you there has never been an option to quit, once you are awakened you can never close your eyes and turn away from the path of enlightenment. I have been blessed with a few other awakened individuals in my life, most have had only a momentary presence as they were on separate paths that they were also compelled to follow. There have been many "markers" along the way to let me know when I am on the right path. Being here and sharing in this group is that right path.


I am Delaney,

Bringer of Light and Truth

Seeker of Wisdom and Knowledge

7 years ago

I've been changing a lot over the weekend. Did quite a large ritual though I don't know the true meaning of it. For the first time I introduced the horned god though to me as yet he has no name.


I have an opportunity to make a significant victory in the "spirit wars" over the next four weeks. There is a final planning meeting regarding the quarrying of Thornborough. We have managed to delay and defeat the application for the last four years, during that time we have built a significant level of public awareness for the campaign and now we find ourselves in the middle of "silly season" (where there is no news to report) and the planning meeting a month away.


Thornborough is a wakeup place for the people of Britain (and beyond) she is tied into our genetic coding, she is being quarried specifically to give us an opportunity to save her. She has lived as long as man has record and her destruction (for gravel to build roads) is symbolic with our destruction of our planet.


The biggest problem that I have got is trying to muster support, especially within myself. Enlightenment comes with its complications. Fight an "evil" using negativity and you cause it to grow stronger, so press releases lambasting the "enemy" are oh so difficult for me to create. Similarly manipulation f the truth to gain media coverage still works against us.


However, I now know what I need to do, I shall strengthen my link with the horned one and ask for his guidance.

7 years ago

That sounds like a good plan to work with the Horned God. See if he responds at all to the name Riall. That is the Horned God I work with, he's a consort to Dana. He is gentle, somewhat shy and soft spoken, but very powerful, very in touch with the animals and forests. This is not something out of books, it was channeled to me by Dana and by Riall himself. I have worked with Riall a number of times. If he is the energy you have found he will let you know. He is very strong of light and will guide you well.


As for the campaign against the quarrying, remind people of the truth and the history they will be destroying. That land is sacred, it was set up as a sacred site thousands of years ago and it is still sacred. There must be an alternative place to get gravel for roads. I'm sure the Horned God will tell you the same thing, though he may have a few other ideas for you as well. Good luck. It is good to keep your words positive and your actions out of love. It truly is the way of light that guides us to the good of mankind and the earth.

4 years ago

A lot more has happened, the pace of change is quickening. I was given the job of ringing the bell that signalled the beginning of the end. It has been done. The shared illusion that we call reality is beginning to unravel itself and magical powers are being bestowedon those that will need them in the coming times.


Within a year the gods will be walking the earth again I feel.

3 years ago

Well, you´re blessed with visions and insights,I´m not.All I know is that I was able to recognize in The Mayan description of the Ages,the time we are living is the time of Change.Hope we all are safe,and brightening,