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anonymous  November 25, 2008 9:36 AM


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The leaf of the coriander plant constitutes an herb --cilantro, or Chinese parsely--while the seed, whole or ground has been used in cooking over five thousand years, making the plant as a whole extraordinarily valuable to the chef.

Coriander is primarily used in modern medicine as a flavoring agent in medicines and as a stomach soothing addition to more irritating compounds.  

For upset stomach and flatulence relief, chew on Coriander seeds or drink a tea made from the seeds.  

For relief from the pain of rheumatism, pound the seeds and combine with hot water or tea to make a paste, then apply to the affected area.  Oatmeal may be added to this mixture to produce the desired consistency.

Coriander makes an appearance in the Old Testament where it compared to the manna that God provided for the Israelites in their wanderings. 'And the house of Israel called the name thereof Manna: and it was like coriander seed, white; and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey.' Exodus 16:31

Coriander: hidden merit

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anonymous  July 22, 2008 4:50 PM

How Herbs Work

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Why Herbs?  Herbs have these function in the body: they

1. Cleanse the body

2. Regulate the system (body, glands, and functions)

3. Are nutritional

4. Raise the energy level of the body

5. Stimulate the body's immune system

 Cleanse the Body

The body was built with safeguards and healing powers within it.  When we are cut, the body starts to work trying to repair the damage.  When we are invaded by an illness the body's immune system is alerted and starts to defend against the illness.  Everyday waste products are gathered and eliminated from the body.  The body is constantly trying to cleanse and heal itself.  Herbs help, rather than interfere, with this cleansing and eliminating process.  Drugs may make the system sluggish, cause allergies, kill friendly bacteria, or other worse side effects. 

Regulate the system

Besides helping the body to cleanse, the herbs also strengthen and normalize the glands. 

Are Nutritional

Herbs are very high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that nourish and build body. They help feed the body.  Many times a weak or sick body will accept nourishment from an herb when other foods are rejected or unassimilated.

Raise the energy level of the body

Herbs stimulate the energy levels within the body so the body has increased energy to heal itself.

Stimulates the body's immune system

Herbs stimulate the immune systems and promote the body's natural good bacteria.

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anonymous Herbal Uses July 22, 2008 8:30 AM

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Herbs have been used by man as food and as medicine for many centuries.  Herbs are natural, not instant.  They work with the body, not against it, in strengthening and building the body gradually so the body itself is stronger.  Herbs can be compared with food; they feed the body,  Just as with food, herbs need to be used with wisdom and knowledge and not indiscriminately.

There are herbs that are infection fighters, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, hormonal, diuretic, antihistamine, laxative, antispasmodic, cardiac, digestive, nervine, relaxant, etc.  Herbs perform certain functions in the body, just as certain foods contain vitamins and minerals that help certain areas of the body.

Herbs store indefinately.  They lose about 30% of their potency in the first 24 to 36 hours after picking, but are stable after that if kept in a cool, dry place.

The taste of herbs helps indicate how to use them.  The mild, pleasant tasting herbs can be used freely.  These are usually the tonic herbs that help every part of the body.  The bitter tasting herbs are usually the medicinal herbs.  These are used in times of illness or to maintain certain problems. 

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