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My First Dutch Word on Jeopardy
10 years ago

Hello Willy and Friends

Just five minutes ago, a question on the TV show Jeopardy asked, "What are you riding on, if you ride your  fiet or fiets?"  


fiet or fiets = bicycle

Did I get that spelled right, Willy?


10 years ago

Goedemorgen Terry en alle anderen!

Hoop dat jullie een lekker lui weekend hebben!

Hope that you have a fine lazy weekend!


Veel plezier!

Have fun!



10 years ago

Goede morgen Willy and allemaal hope you have a good day

good  morning                   everybody

Please note this story! those who make the difference
10 years ago

Please note this story! I hope that we will get many more people to this group if we are one the front page! Dutch Story to trigger people!

10 years ago

Bedankt voor de invitation Hans learn more soon!

Peppermint rocks!

Dank je wel, Hans
10 years ago

Leuk je te leren kennen.
Thanks, Hans, nice to meet you.
Je hebt dat prachtig uitgelegd.
You did the initiation very well.
Thirteen years ago I gave introduction lessons here in Antwerp to migrants from all over the world. It was hard because they all spoke a different language. See you soon here. I love this place.
Tot de volgende keer, Hans.

10 years ago

Hier is een leuke les om het alfabet te leren

Learn Dutch, The alphabet and its pronunication 1/2

10 years ago


Bedankt dat jullie lid van deze groep zijn geworden!

Ik hoop dat er nog meer Nederlanders zullen helpen met het onderwijs!


Nederlandse les met Hans
10 years ago

Hoe gaat het vandaag? Zijn er mensen die iets willen leren? Mooi veel plezier!


Dutch is impossible to learn, it's completely different from English, the grammar is very complicated, the Dutch sounds are impossible to pronounce and, after all, you don't really need Dutch of you're living in the Netherlands, because they all speak perfect English."


Here are some interesting things for you to read and learn....

Best of all:
More than 2000 words in English are of Dutch origin. This happened during the time of the so-called 'Dutch Golden Age' when the Dutch sailed across the seven seas founding many colonies. As is Logical, many of these adopted words are of maritime origin:
(dok=dock; boei=buoy; wijting=whiting; jacht=yacht; kielhalen=keelhaul; schipper=skipper). During the American War of Independence they Americans were assisted by the Dutch: (koekje=cookie; koolsla=coleslaw; the names Jan and Kees made up the term Yankees; kispedoor=quspedor; baas=boss; and last but not least: daalder=dollar. In South Africa, a former Dutch colony, a whole new language was left behind: Afrikaner Dutch e.g.:


Like English, Dutch has four basic verb tenses:
I work = ik werk
I worked = ik werkte
I have worked = ik heb gewerkt
I had worked = ik had gewerkt


The case system used in many European languages has made them difficult to learn. For example, if you think German is difficult with its four cases, which results in six articles: der, des, dem, den, die das, whereas english has one(the) and Dutch three de, het, een, try Finnish which has more than ten cases. As mentioned above, the case system has been dropped almost entirely from English and Dutch. As a result English nouns and adjectives had dropped their endings and most Dutch adjectives only have an "e" ending. German adjectives can end in -e, -er, -es, and -en.


Here is another point of confusion: Both English- and Dutch-speaking people find it difficult to put the words in the proper order in the other language, ending up with something that sounds comical to the native speaker.

Basic English sentence structure is:
Subject - Verb - Object (I am reading a book)
If you add something to the beginning of the sentence, the order doesn't change:
Modifier - Subject - Verb - Object (Tomorrow I will read a book).

Dutch sentence structure is:
Well, there is a slight difference. You won't notice it, though, in a simple sentence.
Subject - Verb - Object (Ik lees een boek = I am reading a book)
But when you add a modifier, (when a sentence doesn't begin with the Subject), the Verb always comes second. In other words, it changes places with the subject.
Modifier - Verb - Subject - Object ('s Avonds lees ik een boek = In the evening I read a book).

Another thing, a relic from Germanic, is that the Dutch like to put the verb at the end of a sentence. All Infinitives and past participles, for example, are always found at the end of a clause, all verbs are found at the end of a sub-clause.
. In Shakespearean times this kind of sentence structure still existed in English:
"Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended." (Past participle at the end)

Dutch for Beginners: Basic Vocabulary

The following words are indispensable if you want to understand Dutch. They are "building blocks" that are used over and again!

Belangrijke woorden Important words Een A
Indefinite article, singular (as in English, no article is used for the plural indefinite form). E.g., "een kind" = "a child"; "kinderen" = "children".     Het The
Definite article, singular; used with a limited group of nouns. E.g., "het kind" = "the child".     De The
Definite article, used for the singular form of all other nouns, as well as the plural form of all nouns that can have an article. E.g., het kind, but "de kinderen" = "the children".     En And Of Or     Omdat Because Ondanks In spite of Daarom Therefore     Alle, allemaal All Elke Every Iedereen Everyone     Wie? Who? Wat? What? Waar? Where? Waarom? Why? Hoe? How?     Ik I Jij You U You (polite form, singular or plural) Hij He<
10 years ago

Thanks so much Willy! I'm sorry your wife is not feeling well my friend
I'm up if you need to talk. Leave for work in about 45 minutes so I'm not sleeping either.

10 years ago

I did not sleep all night
Ik heb vannacht nog niet geslapen
The doctor is coming for my wife this morning
De dokter komt vanmorgen voor mijn vrouw
She is not feeling well
Ze voelt zich niet goed.
See you later.
Tot later.

10 years ago

Terry, 'dank je wel' or 'bedankt' are both well.
You really have it, Terry, marvellous!

10 years ago

or is it dankje wel             i'm just trying to learn some

10 years ago

Bedankt  he Hans

thank you  i hope i got it right

10 years ago

Eindelijk Nederlands als nieuwe taal in Care2! Hoog tijd!

Finally dutch as a new language in Care2 its about time!


I think that people who want to practice dutch can write and learn its realy easy

you can learn dutch in less than two weeks!


Ik denk dat mensen die nederlands willen oefenen kunnen schrijven en leren het is heel eenvoudig je kunt in minder dan twee weken Nederlands leren!


Its late   3.01 AM  Het is laat! Or early? Of vroeg?


Anyhow good night! Goedenacht


Tot morgen see you tomorrow!




About the Flemish Lion
10 years ago

It is o.k. my wife can't put pics here. He's on my page. I forgot to mention that. Nancy says I'm growing old (nuts). Mijn vrouwtje zegt dat ik er begin neven te slaan.

10 years ago






hotel room
































hot water

heet water

cold water

koud water

drinking water


10 years ago

your welcome my friend Willy i hope we do and it gives me a chance to learn something new also

10 years ago

Basic Words

morning: morgen
afternoon: namiddag
evening: avond
night: nacht
yesterday: gisteren
today: vandaag
tomorrow: morgen

Days of the Week

Monday: maandag
Tuesday: dinsdag
Wednesday: woensdag
Thursday: donderdag
Friday: vrijdag
Saturday: zaterdag
Sunday: zondag

The weather

it's sunny: Het is zonning
it's nice: Het is fijn
it's cold: Het is koud
it's hot: Het is warm
it's snowy: Het sneeuwt
it's rainy: Het regent
it's windy: Het waait
it's foggy: Het is mistig
it's freezing: Het ijskoud
storm: storm
lightning: bliksem
changable: wisselvallig


white: Wit
black: Zwart
gray: Grijs
silver: Zilver
cream: Crome
eggshell: Eierschaal
blue: Blauw
green: Groen
yellow: Geel
orange: Oranje
brown: Bruin
beige: Beige
red: Rood
pink: Roze
purple: Purper
violet: Violet


cat: kat
kitten: poesje
dog: hond
rabbit: konijn
bird: vogel
horse: paard
mouse: muis
tortoise: schildpad
cow: koe
pig: varken

Thanks a lot Terry
10 years ago

We'll have a lot of fun here.

Sorry Pepermuntje, mijn lief snoepje
10 years ago

Sorry Peppermint Patti. I like you very much a lot of time already. It was just Terry who invited me, and well... he is a hell of a friend. I would miss his daily cup of coffee and so. So hello to everybody from a rainy Belgium, even in Summer.

10 years ago

DUTCHe Mad Mit Dika Boka

            De mad mit dika boka Hen hartsh wedo woka

ENGLISH: Girls With Fat Cheeks

            The Girls with fat cheeks have hearts like flint.

DUTCH:'Shot grad so grose fisch imse as noch rausg fang sun warere

ENGLISH:There are just as good fish in the sea as ever were caught.

DUTCH: Waer lebt fun fische un jage muss f'rrissne gleder drage.

ENGLISH:Who lives on hunting and fishing must wear torn clothes.

DUTCH:Hund as gautze beisse net

ENGLISH:A barking dog seldom bites.

DUTCH'ralt bull blaerrt faert bis in diewich-keit

ENGLISH:The old bull bellows forever.

10 years ago

Willy i'm not the one that started this group,Patti did all i do is help her out and the only language i know is English but i'm willing to learn new one's and try hard to do it.thank for joining us

10 years ago
| Individual Languages

Goede morgen allemaal Good morning everybody Ik probeerde hier een fotoke op te plakken van de Vlaamse Leeuw, maar 't gaat niet. I tried to put here a picture of the Flemish Lion, but it did not work. Ge hebt allemaal de goede dag van mijn vrouwke. Nancy says hello to everybody. Straks zal ze er nog wat bij zetten. She will put her messages afterwards. Ik ben blij dat den Terry zoiets gemaakt heeft. I'm very happy Terry created this group. Dat was iets dat we nog misten. This was really something we needed. I ga hier nog veel komen. I gonna visit this group very often. As I am a poet, most of the translations cover the spirit of the message, but are not litteraly. Ge moogt die zever hier niet te lettelijk oppakken. Allee, dan zijn ik er maar mee weg, zeker. See you pretty soon. I love you all. Hugs and kisses from the old hippie.


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