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Small phrases cont'd.
10 years ago


In A Hotel

ayna l-funduq salam?
Where is the Hotel Salam?

hal ladayka ghurfa?
Have you got vacant rooms?

min aiyyati l-darja hadha l-funduq?
Of which class is the hotel?

hal 'al-ghurfa maca l-hammam?
Is there a bathroom coming with the room?

hal 'al-ghurfa maca l-hatif?
Is there a telephone in the room?

hal tilifizyun fi l-funduq?
Is there a TV-set in the hotel?

kam sacri l-layla
What's the price for one night?

uktub min fadlik
Please write

la 'afham
I don't understand

I understand


sa'askun huna li muddati th-thalathati l-laylat
I'm going to stay here for three nights

'awwalan, urid manzaru l-ghurfa, min fadlik
First, I want to see the room, please

shukran. al-ghurfa mumtaz
Thank you. The room is very nice

In the restaurant

masa'a l-khayr
Good evening

hal tatakallumu l-inkliziyya?
Do you speak English?

hal tatakallumu l-faransiyya?
Do you speak French?

ya nadil

qa'imatu t-tacam, min fadlik
Could I/we see the menu, please

la ta'kulu l-lahm wa-la l-bayda
She doesn't eat meat, nor eggs

la ya'kulu l-lahm wa-la l-bayda
He doesn't eat meat, nor eggs

la a'kulu l-lahm wa-la l-bayda
I don't eat meat, nor eggs

lahmu l-khuruf li, min fadlik. wa salata
Lamb for me, thank you. And salad

'al-kuskus li, min fadlik. wa kuka kula
Couscous for me, thank you. And a Coca Cola

lahmu l-jamal, min fadlik. wa qaninatu l-ma'
Camel meat, thank you. And a bottle of water

lahmu d-dijaj mashwiyy wa-ruz wa salata mashwiyya li
Grilled chicken with rice, and fried salad for me

ais krim, qahwa, wa l-fawakih li kull, min fadlik
Ice cream, coffee, and fruits for all, thank you

'al-fatura, min fadlik
The bill, please

hal mumkin dafcu maca bitaqati l-icara
Is it possible to pay with credit card?

10 years ago

jesh - army jihadal Nafse" -holy struggle, with in self of good and evil urges and desires istislah - reasoning based on the common good kafirs - infidels khilafat - temporal sovereignty kiswa - cover for the Kaaba kufr - unbelief Ihtisab - moral censorship ijma- consensus illah - for God Intihabat - election maddhab or madhhab - a school of Islamic jurisprudence: Hanbali, Hanafi, Shafii and Maliki madrassa - religious school Mahdi - the Expected One Mahdiya - Mahdist regime muallam - high priest muallim - pilgrimage guide muessin - man who calls to congregational prayer mufti - Islamic law specialist mukhi - jamaat or community head munshi - clerical official murid - follower of a Sufi pir or spiritual guide musafirkhana - traveler's inn mushriks - idolaters mushrikun - polytheist mutawwifs - pilgrimage guide namaz - prayer nang - Pushtunwali conception of honor niyat - intention or prayer offering qibla - in the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca Quran - Islamic Holy Book qurbani - sacrifice rebat - inn rububiyya - sovereignty shafta'ah - asking for intercession shahadah - faith Sharia - Islamic law Shi'a - Members of the Party of Ali shirk - polytheism siyasi - politico, politician or political agent Sunna - the trodden path based on the example of the Prophet Muhammad tabligh - preaching Taghoot - idol worshipper talaq - divorce talib - student taqwa - piety tauwhid - unity of God tawassul - seeking a means ummati - member of the community of the faithful zahir - esoteric meaning zakat - religious finicial offering

10 years ago
  • al-hewar - dialogue
  • alim - Islamic theologian
  • barakh - blessing
  • bidaat - unacceptable innovation
  • da' wah - missionizing
  • dar al-ahd - house or land of pact
  • dar al-ahl al-kitab - house of land of the People of the Book
  • dar al-aman - house or land of peace
  • dar al-kufr - house or land of war
  • dar al-sulh - house or land of unbelief
  • dar al-ulum - house or land of truce
  • darood - incantation of peace
  • darura - doctrine of necessity (violating religious norms because of necessity)
  • dawa - preaching
  • Eid al-Fitr - feast marking end of Ramadan
  • farman - Imam's edict
  • fatwa - expert advice of a jurist mentally imprisoned in Islamist assumptions
  • fiqh - technical juristic elaboration of detailed content
  • Hadith - collected sayings and traditions about the Prophet Muhammad,from his trusted companions
  • hakimiyat - divine sovereignty
  • halal - permitted, i.e. kosher
  • haram - forbidden, as in drinking alcohol and eating pork.
  • haya - modesty, as in sexual repression
  • hidden imam - millennial figure for the Shi'a
  • hutbe - sermon
  • imam - prayer leader, someone not usefully employed, see clergy
  • istighathah - asking for help
  • izzat - honor, an alternative to morality
  • jamaat - community
  • jesh - army
  • jihadal Nafse" -holy struggle, with in self of good and evil urges and desires
  • istislah - reasoning based on the common good
10 years ago

thank you Sayeeda hope these will help

 phonetically for your benefit)

Shu Fee Ma Fee- Whats up?
Sa Fee Ma Fee - Nothings Up

Wedgie- Face
Shy- Tea
Bookra- Tomorrow
Shita- Winter
Zoog- Behave Yourself
Hoowa- Him

More Small Phrases
10 years ago

Meeting people

What's your name?

'ismi Sayeeda
My name is Sayeeda

'ismuhu Terry
His name is Terry

'ismuha Patti

Her name is Patti

'ana sa'ih
I'm a tourist (as uttered by a man)

'ana sa'iha
I'm a tourist (as uttered by a woman)

'acmal huna
I'm working here

'ana talib
I'm a student (as uttered by a man)

'ana taliba
I'm a student (as uttered by a woman)

To hear the correct pronunciation of these phrases, as well as 'Saying hello & Goodbye.....: 



10 years ago

Sayeeda!that's the way i get the words for the group is look them up and post them i sent allot of time doing but i enjoy doing so,and to know that it is helping someone is great

10 years ago

To tell the truth, I am also learning many of these as I search them out.  I do know some tho'.   Mostly those used in praying, greeting and thanking our muslim brothers and sisters.   Thanks to this group, I'm learning some more. 

The pleasure is mine Terry.

Small Phrases
10 years ago

Saying Hello & Goodbye  

Hello; welcome

'as-salamu alaykum
Peace upon you


walaykumu s-salam
Peace upon you, too

kayf haluk?
How are you?

shukran. al-hamdu li-lah. wa ant?
Thank you. Fine, by God's mercy. And you?


'ana bi-khayr
I'm fine


maca salama
Go without fear

 ila l-liqa'
So long; Until the next time



10 years ago

Thank you Sayeeda for making some post that help's allot

Islamic Months
10 years ago


The 12 Months:

  1. Muharram
  2. Safar
  3. Rabi-ul-Awwal
  4. Rabi-ul-Aakhir
  5. Jumadi-ul-Awwal
  6. Jumadi-ul-Aakhir
  7. Rajab
  8. Sha'ban
  9. Ramadan {at present}
  10. Shawwal
  11. Zhul-Q'ada
  12. Zhul-Hijja
10 years ago

This is the everyday greeting of muslims... and it's meaning

The response is..

Wa Alaikum Assalam

And unto you be Peace

10 years ago

This is a sampling of some of the most basic of Arabic words that are used in everyday language to construct sentences. Practicing to pronounce these will help start you start conversing Arabic. Soon you should be able to recognize, understand and create simple everyday phrases.

Laa - No 

Naam - Yes 

Laakin - But

Wa - And

Aw - Or

Laisa - Not

Bal - Infact

Illa - Except

Baad - After

Qabl - Before

Inna - Indeed

Min - From

Maa - With

Fee - In

Ala - On Top

Taht - Under

Fawq - Above

Zalika - That -male

Tilka - That - female

Haza - This - male

Hazihi - This - female

Huwa - Him

Hiya - Her

Ila - To or toward

Maa - What or Nought

Ayy - Which

Ayna - Where

Mun - Who

Kaif - How

Kum - How much

Indi - With Me

Indaka - With you - male

Indaki - With you - female

Indaho - With him

Indaha - With her

Indahom - With them

Indakom - With you - plural - male

Indakon - With you - plural - female

Indahom - With theml - female

Lee - For me

Laka - For you - male

Laki - For you - female

Laho - For him

Laha - For her

Lahom - For them - male

Lakom - For you - plural - male

Lakon - For you - plural - female

Lahon - For them- plural - female

10 years ago

Interesting comparison in the above link. I found some similarities and some major differences in the letters and words of Hebrew and Arabic.

10 years ago


The Arabic Alphabet has 28 letters. The shape of these letters changes depending on their position in the word, whether isolated; in the beginning of the word (initial); in the middle (medial); or at the end (final).

10 years ago
| Individual Languages

Being the first day of Ramadan, seems appropriate to give this one a shot. Hope we'll have some input....

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