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10 years ago

All these languages are now in my taskbar! Thanks Raja for the inspiration!

10 years ago

Windows Vista Supports: Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, Tibetan Complex text support is automatically enabled. [edit] Viewing Indic text You do not need to do anything to enable viewing of Indic text. [edit] Inputting Indic text Windows Vista, like Windows XP, has inbuilt InScript Keyboards for nearly all Indian languages. You can add them via the Control Panel. 1. Go to Start > Control Panel 2. If you are in normal view, select Change keyboards or other input methods from under Clock, Language and Region. 3. If you are in Classic view, select Regional and Language Options. 4. Select the Keyboards and Languages tab if it is not already selected. 5. Select the Change keyboards... button. 6. Choose you desired language(s) from the list and expand them using the '+' sign. Then, expand the item which says Keyboard and tick your preferred keyboard layout(s). 7. Select OK, and OK again to save the changes. The hot key combination for switching between languages is Left Alt+Shift.

10 years ago

These operating systems contain no inbuilt support for Indic scripts. Indic Scripts can only be seen properly in Internet Explorer. You also need to have a appropriate unicode font installed in your system for that script. It is suggested to install Internet Explorer 6.0 because it has better support for Indic scripts.

Mozilla Firefox does not support Indic scripts properly on these operating systems unless a modified version of the program is used, such as the one found here. This is due to a bug in Firefox [1], [2]. This bug is now removed in Firefox 3 Alpha. But Firefox 3 does not support Windows 98/ME.

No Unicode Keyboard Driver Engines (Like Indic IME, BarahaIME etc) are available for these older systems. One can either use online typing tools or offline text editors specially made for this purpose. A list of such tools is given here.

Well here's some helpful info! from Wiki
10 years ago

Ok Raja. I'll start one and let's see what we can come up with together. In the Hebrew thread, I had the same problem. I worked around it using some places that allowed copy/paste, others, such as in the Japanese thread, I had to insert in the picture option. Hugs,Patti

10 years ago

Thank you Peppermint and Terry -

But I am not that clued up yet.   I do not know how to post Indian Language  characters as Terry has done.


My Mother tongue is Tamil and conversant in other languages like Sanskrit, Kannada, Malayalam,  Hindi,   and  also just manage to converse in some other Indian languages too.

I would like to Introduce  Tamil Language in this forum.

But I should know how place the characters here as done by our friend  Terry.

As of now I can just paste the alphabets as graphics.



10 years ago

Thank you Raja for joining us! In letting us know what languages are spoken, maybe you can pick one and start a thread in the one you're most knowledgeable in and help us learn them all? It's wonderful that we can learn outside our comfort zones! Please feel free to learn with us in the other threads as well.

Big hugs Raja! Thank you!


10 years ago



B. Antah-sth (अन्तःस्थ / Liquids)


10 years ago

Hindi Vowels

अ  आ  इई उऊ ए ऐओ औ  ऍ  ऑ

10 years ago

continued ----

 Language          Spoken by millions  in India                      Outside India

Sanskrit             0.5 m

Santhali             2.0 m

Sindhi                20 m

Tamil                  66 m                          35 m

Telugu                65 m

Urdu                   65 m                          4.5 m

These are the major languages and recognised as Official Languages -

Almost all these languages are pre Christian Era and some are claimed to be over 2000 years hence -

Sankrit is the Oldest Language of the World  claiming to be in vgue during  the Vedic period ( 12000 years back ) with reorded scripts and Copper plates dating  5000BC.

Tamil  Language spoken in South India is claimed to be 4000 years old.

                              ( to be continuesd ----- )

Official Langiages of India
10 years ago
| Individual Languages

I think time has come for me let you all know about the various Languages that are spoken and recognized by official Languages in Different States of the country.


Major Languages spoken by Large populations of India and recognized by Indian Constitution are :


Language          Spoken by millions  in India                      Outside India

Assamese            13   m

Bengali                 5.0  m                                         0.5 m

Bodo                     1.3 m

Dogri                     2.0 m

Gujarati                 45 m                                               5

Hndi                     500 m                                             30

Kannada               35 m                                          0.25

Kashmiri              2.6 m

Konkani               2.5 m

Maithili                 4.5 m

Manipuri              1.5 m

Marathi                 70 m

Nepali                      6 m

Oriya                     32 m

Punjabi                 30m                                              2.5mm



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