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Thank you so much Helena! Rauha


In Finnish: rauha

peace and love for everyone around the world


International day of Peace....
Peace, not only here but around the world
 for all nations..Love and hugs..K

karen~the most beautiful
I am always "GUILTY" of loving and
caring for my friends...Thanks P..


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Peace in Multiple Languages

Going to use my gmail calendar to mark the annual peace date.While I'm at it, another thread with our one word in muliple languages appropriate for today:

Arabic Salam
Chinese Pingan
Croatian Mir
Dutch Vrede
Egyptian Hetep
English Peace
French Paix
Gaelic sìochaint (Scottish)
síocháin (Irish)
Greek Iri'ni
German friede


Hawaiian malu
Hebrew Shalom
Hindi Shanti
Hungarian béke
Indonesian Damai
Italian Pace
Japanese Heiwa
Korean Peoning Hwa
Lakhota Wolakota
Polish Pokój
Portuguese Paz
Russian Mír
Spanish Paz
Swahili Amaní
Swedish Fred
Thai Santiphap
Tibetan Sidi
Turkish Baris
Vietnamese Hoa Binh
Xhosa Uxolo



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