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9 years ago

The panning on the picture was so neat! Just had to share the link!

9 years ago

Emme yritä says it means we do not try sweet Terry Maybe you or the words of the translated message were meant to say we try our best?

I'm hoping that's

Teemme parhaamme.


Thanks for all you do Terry and thank you Sade!


En ymmärrä
9 years ago

Sorry, Lone W, but I don't understand, what do you mean with "emme yritä". You don't try WHAT?


Many HUGS to you!

9 years ago
Sade. Emme yritä, olet tervetullut. ja sinulla on suuri päivä ystäväni
9 years ago

Thank you Sade!

Kiitos paljon

Peppermint's topic
9 years ago

Dear Peppermint!

Your topic yesterday was written in PERFECT Finnish. Thank you!

9 years ago

Terry, we are all busy these days. No worries my friend! Hope you had a fantastic holiday!


Terry, me kaikki olemme kiireisiä näinä päivinä. Ei hätää my friend! Toivottavasti sinulla on ollut upea loma!

9 years ago
Olen pahoillani, Patti, että olen lähettänyt niin myöhään muutaman päivän, mutta en vain saada sidoksissa niin monia asioita. Minä rakastan sinua Rakas
10 years ago

The Lion King- We Are One

10 years ago

Thank you Sade and Raja!

Kiitän teitä
10 years ago

Kiitos paljon, Peppermint and Raja. = Thank you so much

Kiittää Te Joten hyvin = Thank you and thus good.

Have a Good Day = Hyvää päivänjatkoa.

Acquire a Good time = Hankkia hyvä aika

It is not easy to translate languages word for word!

Thank you for trying!

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10 years ago

Thank You Peppermint.

This Video greatly attracted me.


Beautiful Song and wonderful animation.


Finnish language scrit is phonetic.

I gather Finnish has  no relation  to ether Russisn or Latin. Many words and phrases are of course borroed form German and Sweedish

After seeing this Video  and following the words of the music with the text of the song, I found the language  very interesting. So I browsed  the  webpage on Finnish Language.

Very interesting information is available in one  webpage  "Virtual Finland"


"Kiittää Te Joten Hyvin -  Hankkia Hyvä Aika "

  Thank You So Much - Have a Good Day


10 years ago
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