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The Great White Shark

Let's not forget SHARK:
In Spanish: Tiburón
In Hebrew: כריש
In German:

This is in Japanese


1 doubutsu
動物 animals 2 buta
pig 3 hitsuji
sheep 4 inu
dog 5 kaba
かば(河馬) hippopotamus 6 kitsune
fox 7 kirin
きりん(麒麟) giraffe 8 kuma
bear 9 neko
cat 10 nezumi
ねずみ(鼠) mouse 11 ookami
wolf 12 raion
ライオン lion 13 rakuda
らくだ(駱駝) camel 14 risu
りす(栗鼠) squirrel 15 saru
monkey 16 shika
鹿 deer 17 shimauma
しまうま(縞馬) zebra 18 tora
tiger 19 tori
bird 20 usagi
うさぎ(兎) rabbit 21 ushi
cow, ox

This is German


das Ei (egg)
die Ente (duck)
die Gans (goose)
das Huhn (chicken)
das Kaninchen (rabbit)
das Pferd (horse)
das Schaf (sheep)
das Schwein (pig)
die Ziege (goat)

Alligator:        Alligaattori   (in Finnish)


Little twist in the pronunciation for Spanish but the spelling appears the same for
A--- Alligator (English)

Alligator (Spanish)


Аллигатор                 (Russian)
Animals (in various languages)

A-Z. Animals names in various languages You never know if someone yells out SNAKE or ALLIGATOR or BEAR in a language you don't know yet. Hey, it's cold outside, better be prepared


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