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8 years ago

You are very wise and i respect You as well as Love You.

Thank You for being the way that You are.


8 years ago

All business will be co-ops in G-d's kingdom when Emmanuel (Jesus) comes back to set it up after 2012.


8 years ago

The current economic system is such that it forces companies to distribute more money to the wealthy, and create an economic divide between the rich and poor. No matter how much people care and want to do good the system itself is creating many problems. If we want to create wealth for all and look to a world of co-operation instead of competition then we need to look at creating wealth in new ways.

I think that co-operatives are a large part of the solution - businesses that are owned by the people who work in them and shop in them, so the profits stay in the community instead of being siphoned off to those already wealthy.


8 years ago

I think that the problem is not with the teachings of the religions so much as with the people who are in the religions. There are a series of stages of mental development that allow people to look at the world in a more compassionate, and encompassing way at higher stages. Many of the people who are drawn to religion are at a fairly low level of mental development, and thus they are blind to their own faults, and can easily be hypocritical.

(for more information on these stages look up "developmental psychology" or for a more spiritual approach to it - "michael teachings")

The difference between religion being a force for good or for bad is whether it is guided by more well developed minds, or whether it is becoming ruled by the mob. Unfortunately with all our movement towards more enlightened ways of thinking there has been a split between the clear thinkers who tend now to be non-religious and the simple people who need guidance who tend to be religious. The religious people have little wise guidance, and so end up going in crazy directions.

To resolve the hypocritical and negative aspects of religion, and make religion truly a force for good we need to have the wise focussing again their thoughts on spirituality, and helping the ordinary people to understand what it takes to live a good life. This is happening to some extent, but it will take time to fully sink in i think.


My Diemma
8 years ago

Not sure why every post by me has no provision for anyone to send a green star ... but it adds to my sadness which is overpowering me right now as the dilemma fades into "there is no point in trying"

You cannot save the raging barn fire with a garden hose!

i do need to thank Rajna who has disappeared from my friends list as other such tings occur leaving me also cynical of the whole situation.

Thank you for the support ... my thanks are more about pleasure in having contact with another person who can see the truth of this ... as you have seen i am seriously wrestling with the sensibility of pursuing those things which so desperately need to be changed .... those things which are the root cause of the "spontaneous happy faces ... but i know not why .... and the spontaneous misery ...... but i don't know why ... on the faces of other toddlers"

There is no doubt at all in my mind that it all went out of control right here .....

....... it is a superb (14 year) research into what i have always believed to be the greatest crime of my lifetime, the greatest cover-up of my lifetime, the point at which America was taken over by big business ...

it is also gruesome in parts of the full detailed analysis and i have to say ...... am equally inclined to recommend it be ignored ........ the truth of this will change nothing ..... the tears it brings to my eyes are of no consequence ........

Just the realization that the Vietnam war was worth 500 billion dollars of sales of weapons etc to the US Defense Department (i.e. the US people paying thru taxation for it) by private enterprise resulting in untold riches to untold people ..... never mind the rest (which is shocking anyway)..... the things JFK had on his "to do list" just could not be permitted to be realized!

The last great President, the last president with any hope of saving America ........

But anybody who genuinely wants to face reality of what is going on, why America is in great peril, should take the time an suffer the pain of this analysis!

Where the hell were intelligent people like me while all this was happening .... on and from the day at 10 years old to the intervening years while it all just grew out of control ....... living a great life ... not allowing myself to become aware of the "misery" reality ...... brainwashed by the very corporate mentality which has caused it all ... that's what .... and believe me i feel terrible about it ... and now unable to do much more than spare some misery for a few (maybe 100) people who have suffered while i enjoyed.

Teddy Bear Ron

Still in Dilemma
9 years ago

I beg of you to help me find the way to remain proud of my country while researching for answers to questions which have never been satisfactorily addressed and while discovering things in the face of what I had previously believed (because my country's most respected leaders told me so) to be probable lies, distortions and omissions!

How can I ever convince you that I have empathized fully with the shock and suffering that the people of the USA felt for the horror of 9/11, those unseen people in a building of magnitude from whence I had once gazed out over the city of New York, and which I watched live in horror as they burned and collapsed in a pile of rubble, with it's occupants!

I have argued with those who opposed the retaliation brought on by GWB on Iraq, believing that WMD's just had to exist in that country - Saddam seemed to behave like someone who was hiding WMD's by refusing to allow further efforts of the UN to seek and find.

Now we know that this was not true, that by some miraculous coincidence that BOTH British and US intelligence were WRONG - there are none to be found.

Two major powers with 2 other "minor" allies Australia with 2000 troops and Poland with 194 and Denmark? joined 248000 US and 45000 British troops and invaded Iraq March 20, 2003.

Helen Thomas's question WHY did you invade Iraq Mr President has to my knowledge never been satisfactorily answered.

Mumblings about Hussein having to be taken out, Hussein having been in support of Bin Laden just do not wash ..... and it is pathetic to think 300,000 troops with massive munitions could launch into a war based on false intelligence.

There can be only one explanation for this literally incredible co-incidence ....... Israeli intelligence provided evidence to both secret services of Britain and US .... and it was accepted by both. The question remains, was it a deliberate lie or a mistake? One would have to believe that to convince BOTH Tony Blair and GWB and the people around them (can't possibly all be idiots), "evidence" had to have been provided.

In such case, it would have had to have been a deliberate lie. In such case, the USA, Great Britain, Australia and Poland went to war on the basis of a LIE!

Next we would need to ask WHY? Why would Israel do this?

I leave the argument here ....... it is just a theory .......... but whatever the circumstance it is outrageous that these questions are left unanswered! Worse to think one Nation could manipulate others into War on the basis of a lie (if this is the case).

One thing is surely clear, no country would have intervened (as bad as it was) just to remove Saddam Hussein - as evidenced by regime in Uganda, North Korea, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cambodia .... which were not subjected to invasion to remove despotic leaders who subjected the people of these countries to genocide and misery.

There remains the "connection" of terror - the finger of blame for 9/11 - Saddam and Osama, also unsubstantiated (to my knowledge).

Whatever the reality - also clearly unproven, it is seriously disturbing that the people of America see 9/11 in the same light as Pearl Harbor - i.e. an unprovoked attack demanding retaliation

If one is to be fair minded and avoid prejudice and propaganda from our leaders who clearly are capable of misleading us with lies and deception, one should consider other views like this:-

"Allah knows it did not cross our minds to attack the towers but after the situation became unbearable and we witnessed the injustice and tyranny of the American-Israeli alliance against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, I thought about it. And the events that affected me directly were that of 1982 and the events that followed -- when America allowed the Israelis to invade Lebanon, helped by the U.S. Sixth Fleet. As I watched the destroyed towers in Lebanon, it occurred to me punish the unjust the same way (and) to destroy towers in America so it could taste some of what we are tasting and to stop killing our children and women."

– Osama bin Laden[82]

Whatever you believe, whatever our leaders might like us to believe, 9/11 was not the preemptive attack which triggered a war ........ it triggered a new phase in a war in which the US at least, was already deeply involved.

I find it demeaning as an Australian citizen to have been so seriously mislead by my own leaders, which caused me to argue with those who opposed the Invasion Of Iraq, which commenced with an air strike on the Iraqi Palace on 19th March 2003 (presumably referred to in Iraq as 19/3), though from the above statement, it appears that the whole thing started in 1982!

How does one deal with such information and remain simultaneously a proud Australian, a proud Englishman, a proud American?

Such dilemmas I fear are mostly overcome by most by resorting to denial, or by recommitting to blind faith in our leaders, who simply are not worthy.

My Dlemma
9 years ago

It goes on. Ariel's comments are great but I do believe we need to stand in judgment of those who stand back and allow stuff like this to happen

Mostly it exists and stays unchanged for year upon year while we focus on something "much worse" like 9/11.

Sometimes the death of a "near to us single person" captures our compassion while millions die without a thought.

At times millions of dollars are spent to save a single life, while millions die for the want of daily (just) sustenance - $1.50?.

Most days you can see the "common wealthy" people benefit from generosity of others while the faceless starving millions die for want of just a little generosity. I see 50 people given a brand new $3000 bed on TV knowing that not a single recipient needs any sort of bed. It gets to me badly now.

Unless we come together resolved to end pain, misery, hunger, victimization by ruthless despots etc we surely cannot hold up our heads as members of DUO or Care2?

I am not meaning to condemn anyone who can honestly say they WANT to care, just want to stand in front of the "tanks" which are driven without a thought by those who want to add to their personal or collective bank accounts. I just want to touch the nerves that just might get more caring people to speak out against social injustice.

I write with love for all caring people, actively caring or not and with immense HATE for those who plunder their societies and the planet and it's abundant life forms. I am afraid I have to make judgments and challenge those who plunder and those who turn their backs. But I need to be part of a 100 million world wide chorus if things like this will be changed.

Please read the above on Sudan and just contemplate how you would feel if you were a victim of this horror, or anywhere in the world living in poverty or terror, whether it be Sudan or Palestine or Iraq or ....... to be just left alone to deal with it all ....... of course it is right to be outraged by 9/11, and by all inhumanity to man wherever it occurs and to speak out for change.

Silence condones. Standing and watching condones. There is no justification what ever side you think your on.

9 years ago

Sometimes blessings come from the most unexpected sources in our world. Consider the fact that all people are a blessing in our world and all have their place good and bad. Look through the eyes of the lessons we learn from what has been wrong with a world that has existed all down through the centuries and what have we learned from all of history. We have learned that judging others only creates more strife and turmoil. We affected by them seen and unseen. Known and unknown. All hold a part in every country of the whole world in that history. So the question is do we learn from it all or we walk around with blinders proclaiming to be better and placing ourselves on an invisible pedestal without intending to. So don't think I am saying anyone does it on purpose. Not everyone does but too many do unfortuately. Take the example of wealthy, middle class or poor but not complettely destitute people who look over at the poor and try to think of the reason and all the excuses why they should not help them, whatever they may be. I will stand up and be honest enough to say I was in that group without intending to be. Considering myself too poor to do something and yet I wasn't. I was rich with a genuine caring and love for my fellow people in this world. Whether I was perfect, nice or not, depending on who's opinion was being given. Did I let it stop me in the end no I didn't. I kept picking myself up and trying again. Every day is a new beginning, every minute to minute of every day is a new beginning and we can do good no matter what anyone thinks of us. We can still feed the hope or fhe hopeless in spirit, we can be their voice, we can take action on their behalf, we can vow once again every day to do something more every day in our own way that spreads something, even a little something here and there to do good for others who are in need far greater than ours. So what will you do this Christmas give thanks for just your own blessings for your own group, belief, country or will you give thanks for all the even tiny steps that others are making even if you do not realize they are out there doing them. There are literally thousands of groups, churches, mosques,(etc) organisations and action people who are behind the scenes doing quite alot too. I give thanks in pray for all good not just the good that I believe is the only good and love in the world. It is all good because it all contributes to the betterment of mankind which is what creates more peace in the world. Not just peace groups do this the whole world of people do so in their own way and their voices have been heard by alot of people. Although many have been accused of being people only attempting to cause dissension. Well there are different people that make up the world and many who are considered bad help others just the same often in good ways and not always encouraging wrong things. So who is anyone to say they are completely bad. That is not for us to judge or to point fingers at. So I am finished with explaining this all and support the world as a whole not only people who are in the limelight or forefront of good actions. For I am wise enough to know there are many good ways and many stories to tell and many oppressed who do not get their chance to rise above where people and society put them. That my friends is love and look it up in the bible under 1Corintians 13 and the greatest of these is love it says. Have a wonderful and peaceful day. Namaste from my friends who say this and Peace and love and blessings from those who say it in another way. We are all in this world for a reason and love will be the way, Even if it feels like tough love sometimes to some. I stand, I take action, I speak up and I don't back down for the support of those who need a voice in this world. Peace be with you.

The first thing
9 years ago


The individual is, without doubt, a part of society and an essential aspect of the way of life. 
Every blessing gift that God gave us is a trial. People can usually see this when it comes to material things. Unfortunately, they often forget this when it comes to the acquired skills that God has blessed them with.


God says in the Holy Quran:


- “You began to say: Whence is this? Say: It is from yourselves. 

- “Truly, Allah (God) does not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves.


The global nations – as well as every individual in it – are required to bring itself to full realization and carry out its duties and responsibilities to the fullest. God has not imposed these burdens on these nations except with His knowledge that these nations will have the ability and the ways to carry it out.


The people have been afflicted with the sickness of indifference and mutual incrimination. Some of us have become quite proficient at blaming others and removing off any hint of responsibility from our own shoulders.


The first thing we need to do as individuals is to become more confident in ourselves. We need to realize our potentials and how we can effectively employ our gifts to move forward. We are responsible before God for what He has blessed us with. A wealthy person has charitable responsibilities that a poor person obviously does not have. A man of physical strength must realize that those who are weak have a right over him, just like a person of sight owes it to a blind man to help him. The same goes for our intellectual abilities and our skills, which we must use to defend the truth and establish what is right.


……..  Yet how many of us realize that?

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My Dilemma
9 years ago

We had some friends at our house yesterday who had the good fortune to visit Cambodia and (by chance) visit an orphanage.

After a pleasant day and enjoying much conversation, I asked them about this. Story after story after story of heart-wrenching abject poverty. I had promised my friend Carla S. that having realized how blissfully happy my 1 year old grandson was as depicted on a photo I sent her, I just had to donate $50 to some child who has the opposite expression on it's face (Neither child knows anything about why they have the looks they have on their faces!)

The $50 brought tears to my friends eyes because it will by the clothes the shoes the books and everything he or she needs to go to school for a whole year. But if I did it another way, just $7.50 would make it to such a child.

I am not a church goer or member. Father Brian died here in Perth last week. He spent years and years on the streets of Perth bringing comfort, food and shelter to many of those who had somehow fallen down, unable to get back on their feet. Suffering cancer for years did not stop him or take the kind look of compassion from his face.

Fr.Barry Hickey proudly announced the reopening of Perth's renovated cathedral last week also. That's ok I guess - but what if every $ raised and every $ spent on such projects was on the basis that the church would be built when double the funds were raised so that simultaneously literally hundreds of orphanages could be constructed where so much can be done with one $ for people in absolutely desperate need.

What if every $ spent by your country and mine in the name of "protecting, liberating etc" people of other countries (while we protect ourselves) was matched with a $ spent to help those who suffer directly from such dreadful activity.

My friends tell me that you cannot walk down the road and not observe several people with missing limbs from land mines which are laid through the most fertile land adjoining Vietnam, laid there to prevent the North Vietnamese armies coming down from Hanoi to South Vietnam.

My friends (in their 60's) are so enriched by the little they have been able to do to help these people who have nothing - they bought the girls knickers and boys underpants (they had none) pads for the girls for their menstruation cycles (they had none - just stayed away from school during these times) mosquito nets ($3 ea and big enough for 3) (they had none) water tanks (they boiled putrid water every day to drink - but no escaping or removing heavy metal pollutants) the school had 3 books - none of them useful for teaching and in very bad shape - but it was important for them to be there because it showed the children where knowledge "resides". No electricity, two knives to share among 34 children. No brooms, no buckets, no brushes ..... No containers to store rice and keep it from the rats - as precious as each grain is to them!

This is the land of Pol Pot. Riddled with landmines laid by Australian and US troops - others too

And in the meantime, we build our houses of worship, we build our mansions (I am talking about the average home here and in the US - not the palaces of the ultra-rich) while thousands upon thousands suffer without a roof, no floor, no walls.

I think I know where I am going with my life, but I have to find the way to make the impact really meaningful.

While there is enormous need for the vast majority of people on this earth, there is the NOW pain to be relieved (such as this). But to save a life today to be swallowed in the abyss which is coming down upon them may be an activity which does a lot of good for them but misses targeting the huge amount of good that can be done by drawing people together in much larger numbers who can achieve so much more for so many more in so many other similar places as well. Maybe it can be done right here? Care2, DUO??

Maybe my decision will have to be to go alone and help but before I decide to do that, I need to learn if I can motivate caring people as obviously most who are part of care2 are, and DUO in particular, and instead of making a lot of people happy I can make things better for thousands of them, by drawing together friends to go down this path together.

Moreover, it's the very big boys that can make real change happen. Is it possible to get to them? My $50 - their $50M?

All religions have done far too much to kill, maim, terrorize, alienate people against people, destroy their meager homes, leaving them destitute and willing to toil in a rice paddy littered with landmines so that they can (hopefully) survive for another day. First you have to make it to tomorrow, before you can deal with a landmine. Step on it and hope to die! Grow the food for your family! Whatever the cost

Well Father Brian, Mother Teresa, The Pope, Barry Hickey - they are all along with countless others intent on doing good. But I am certain there is no doubt as to who of these people are the pure.

How can any God permit this behavior on the planet IT created?

More importantly than wondering about such a non-nonsensical premise, how does anyone (like me) stand by and not do something significant to change it.

How to do this?

Please tell me, please give me your thoughts and join me as a friend until somehow I find a way to be truly effective.

Ultimately those who do such things (like Fr Brian) will move on into the vast universe knowing on that day that the lights go out, they did what hey could, and like my friends who were here yesterday they will have a look about them that glows from the inner spirit within that has been kindled by the joy they have experienced in doing something really meaningful.


Shared Dilemmas
9 years ago

At this point in my life, it seems that organized religion has forgotten the principles upon which they were built. Although they may still help the needy, it is usually the needy of their own church, etc. I have studied more than a few religions in my hunger for spirituality in my life, and right now am on my own, living the DUO principles, and trying by example to share them with everyone. I have never understood why it is ok to take another's life for any reason, let alone because his/her religion is different than mine....just can't compute that. Peace and blessings to you all.

Bottom line
9 years ago

Phase 3 Final Official Trailer

9 years ago

Dawn, I agree with you.

I think it can be  said that  most religions do incorporate the true values of kindness to others, doing your duty, respect for others, giving to the needy and so on.   However these basics of human behaviour are often surrounded by age old historical privileges the churches have established.  Whether that be a sacred building or a holy book, the dogma that a religion teaches can become more important than the spirit of goodness.   And institutional religions tend to become bogged down in their own interests, whether it is maintaining a church building or spreading the Holy Word as they see it.

I guess it is for reasons like that, that many of us lose faith in established religion and become spiritual seekers at a more independent level.

Speaking personally with a long and varied spiritual search, I have found the most practical group are the buddhists.  Then there are the Unitarian Universalist who have moved away from other churches and maintain a more intellectual approach, incorporating principles of social justice and so on.  At this stage I am regarding every church with great caution.

A Dilemma Shared
9 years ago

I'm afraid I can't present any arguments to you on this topic, Ron ... I absolutely agree with everything you have said. I don't understand why cultures can't all rejoice in the qualities we share instead of arguing and fighting over the differences between us, which are really only superficial. At the bottom line, we all have the same needs.

My Dilemma
9 years ago
| Golden Rules

The Duo rules are fundamental and the absolute key to humanity including survival of the planet and all life on it. As clearly attested to, all religions recognise this. So why does any religious person do differently? What gross hypocrisy! Does it mean it is religion itself at its highest levels that (whether intentional or not) bigotry and dogma are fueled to the point that so many of them (if not all - and of course not the one you are committed to) inspire such hatred, such aggression, such inhumanity, such intolerance and succeed in convincing their followers that fighting the infidel is righteous and that those that die in pursuit (on both sides therefore) are martyrs? I could take nearly all (some I would need to research carefully to convince myself they are exceptions) individual religions and show the atrocities of the past and present that would (should?) discount any believer of any one of them from being a member of this group! I grew up with religion and soon realised as I matured how utterly hypocritical it and every other religion is. The potential for ordinary people to stand up and stop their leaders - political, religious, industrial from justifying so many aspects of life of every society is within us. It seems that first we have to discard all religions and adopt the Golden and Silver rules. Do unto others - may it be an invitation to those you harm, whoever they may be, to do likewise to you. What I mean is, for example, if the USA and Australia are predominantly Christian societies and wage war on another, then if we are for real, we are demonstrating that since Jesus told us to "Do unto others as we would have them do unto us" then it clearly follows that since we are fighting and killing others, we would have them fight and kill us! And if I am somehow wrong about this, where are the heads of Christian, Muslim, Jewish etc etc etc standing in the face of their respective political leaders to put an end to it all. The most heroic and committed religious leaders I have memory of were the Buddhist monks of Vietnam such as On June 16, 1963, Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc. - now that I can respect - it helped to stop a war - it got to the hearts and true spirituality and humanity of the ordinary people of America who rose up and stopped a war. There are others, but Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela ......... but where are the religious leaders of Christian faith, Muslim faith, Jewish faith today .... I don't even see them knocking on the gates of their respective political leaders who are acting in total violation of DUO rules and the rules of their own faith, whatever it may be. I look to Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Spot on Youtube to focus my thinking and ponder how to stand up against this folly that cannot possibly be reconciled with my belief that ALL the ordinary people of the world aspire to the principles of DUO. I truly hope that you will descend upon me with your arguments justifying the actions which flout the rules of this group and still proclaim yourself a Christian, a Muslim, A member of the Jewish faith, a ..........etc etc etc and challenge you to think deeply and discard or work to change the hypocrisy within your religion and your ............. (fill in the religion(s)) society. Write to your political leaders every day and ask them to do the same.


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