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2 years ago

Please, follow our initiative for Peace at the "Adorable Moon" Group!

2 years ago

We are both of the same mind, then, Ameur. Happy New Year!

2 years ago

This is what I think and belive too Laura S.

2 years ago

It sure does.

The Missing Peace
2 years ago

Very sorry I'm late in responding

Thanks so much for the excellent explanation Allelyah A and Sherri M.

Really you gave me great hope through your explanation and speak about peace one way or another you made understand manythings,because I wrote this Thoughts and I was in a great pessimism.

Dear Allelyah,I can not quote any words from your paragraphs, because all good and logical explanation for my thoughts.Thanks

Dear Sherri M, All your words very true, I Quote:

(..So why do Ameur A. and others think otherwise - that Peace is missing?
The Peace that Ameur A. and others desire is a True Peace - not the False Peace that the world delivers nowadays.

True Peace requires Love.

Love is the true foundation of our world, and THAT is the missing "Piece" ... that AND the TRUTH, the FULL TRUTH. Our world cannot be founded on a Partial Truth, a Peace with Pieces Missing!) That's really amazing and you really touched my thoughts.Thanks

Have a very nice day.

Honesty and Peace
4 years ago

What happens when a world is founded on a Partial Truth, a Peace with Pieces Missing? A "world" is created that does not value honesty - and a Dishonest World is created.

Notice that the article "Reasons for optimism in today's world" boasts "this is a country that still has the largest and most dynamic economy in the world, that dominates the age of technology, that hosts hundreds of the world’s greatest companies, that houses its largest, deepest capital markets, and that has almost all of the world’s greatest universities. There is no equivalent of Harvard in China or India, nor will there be one for decades, perhaps longer" - but HONESTY is NEVER MENTIONED..

So when we see that "Harvard University probes plagiarism outbreak involving 125 students: HALF the students in Ivy League college's Introduction to Congress class may have copied each other's final exams" - should we be surprised, should we care?

Fareed Zakaria's commencement address stated "In a sense, I’m betting on the graduates. I believe that your actions will have consequences."

What are the consequences of Dishonesty in today's world - Does it matter?

Can True Peace ever be a consequence of DISHONESTY?


True Peace versus False Peace
4 years ago

What is the difference between True Peace and False Peace?

according to we ARE living in times of Peace:

"The world we live in is, first of all, at peace — profoundly at peace. The richest countries of the world are not in geopolitical competition with one another, fighting wars, proxy wars, or even engaging in arms races or “cold wars.”
This is a historical rarity. You would have to go back hundreds of years to find a similar period of great power peace. I know that you watch a bomb going off in Afghanistan or hear of a terror plot in this country and think we live in dangerous times. But here is the data. The number of people who have died as a result of war, civil war, and, yes, terrorism, is down 50 percent this decade from the 1990s. It is down 75 percent from the preceding five decades, the decades of the Cold War, and it is, of course, down 99 percent from the decade before that, which is World War II. Harvard professor Steven Pinker says that we are living in the most peaceful times in human history. ..."

So why do Ameur A. and others think otherwise - that Peace is missing?

The Peace that Ameur A. and others desire is a True Peace - not the False Peace that the world delivers nowadays.

True Peace requires Love.

Love is the true foundation of our world, and THAT is the missing "Piece" ... that AND the TRUTH, the FULL TRUTH. Our world cannot be founded on a Partial Truth, a Peace with Pieces Missing!

When people use fake names and fake identities for YEARS to communicate with others they are not being Truthful about WHO they REALLY ARE. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING ??? WHY ARE THEY HIDING ???


Peace and Innocence
4 years ago

Ameur A., we are all "innocent people" in one way or another, yet the very desire to live in this world makes us all "guilty".


The human race cannot become bisexual, the forces of nature will not allow that to happen - and that is one of the reasons why relatively peaceful, advanced civilizations have ended abruptly (through natural disasters). This is a SERIOUS restriction that is currently being ignored in many places - including on this website and in this thread.

How is humanity propagated on this earth?

Love - and nowadays even physical human contact - isn't necessary for humanity to reproduce. BUT -- What type of "humanity" is produced when young are raised without love, without parental care or presence?

Humanity becomes empty, justice becomes an illusion and true peace becomes impossible in such a world.

Denial of thess truths produces insanity - and civilizations collapse. Our world requires leaders and our world requires parents. The problems you see in the world today result from mistakes being made by inept leaders - which will improve once those leaders change - but this world will always be imperfect and peace will always be difficult.


Thoughts and pens are interested with continuable communication and activity known about complete
4 years ago

Thoughts and words are the same as they are both communication. What is called thought is communication that is not being provided a complete conduction moved into areas which for humans is understood as the brain. Not all life, even human, are having this experience even while they would understand that vocabulary if asked about it. What is continuable speech or the experience of communication among life is provided direct and not integrating into places that are doing something different. It can be said that thoughts go far because they are able to be placed inside of existences that are misunderstanding something interesting to them together at the same time even while they may understand their existence to be across territories. This life will always use itself together within what is the united truth about unity. The pen is not activity that is caused to exist at the area that is provided to the experience that is love. The pen as well as computer writing when it is communication that is purposeful for the repositioning of separated circumstances and not explanation that is doing something out of unity is doing what God is doing that always happens in uniting life together according to experiencing passageways. An experiencing passageway is how you will always know sight and instant communication placed to your existence area by God causation giving knowing about a now interesting sight. Sight knowing is happening now uniting the experiencing area of O.

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Hallelujah Circumstances.
4 years ago

I am loving what God is doing at your existence area where you are understanding something to you useful to separated circumstances who will always use themselves with you doing what is loved and added to known about complete.

O is a missing peace due to the pieces of truth not seen together integrating in the area where human beings are understanding parts of their interest and some of what is trash as from each other. A call to peace is saying, “Can you understand Me I Am doing what I always do.” When an existence can understand this eternal communication passed through a united area, they have peace and then a capacity for both love at continuable activity and the feeling of an always celebration at the presentation of knowing again and again united across existence areas according to how positions of activity life love to see sights.

“Why do not put your luggage never?” I love you very much as always you are understanding to say to life something that can be used that can not be said by a TV placed information into divided activity areas. The stillness of peace is a continuous experience of homeland using itself as love when activity and communication is what will appreciate experienced as interesting with seeing life that is never far but existing as one.

“Why wants to kill innocent people and extinguish the candles?” There is something here that is united with what is always known. With peace “WHY” comes to an end and united existence areas use themselves being provided to complete knowing about their interests having united meaning across homeland experiencing.

Where life is not experiencing peace there is no experience of silence and communication that is not appreciated is applied within what is repetition increasing pressure which results in separations where there is life that can continue to understand its existence within the area where there is divided knowing about humans causation to movement, communication and knowledge.

“Thanks to those who smile Thanks for those who like what is happening now” This is hallelujah circumstances.

“When peace becomes a reality within us…love is the one source of us (to do what we can continue to do while saying about it complete) This is hallelujah circumstances.

O peace Am I in dreams or Its only a missing moments!!! This is excellent understanding about life that is out of united understanding and experiencing. To be understanding to dream not knowing what those experiences are for and to be missing moments due to caused outages to awareness because what was understood by an existence is no longer acceptable is using itself within God’s provision of understanding what is able to be used according to circumlocutio.

Hallelujah to everyone using itself with you understanding this correspondence. Peace and Harmony to chordless phones and all that relates that way!!!

The Missing Peace
4 years ago

O The Missing Peace.. I am calling you

O peace of the world .. Where are you?

Why do not put your luggage never?

Why are you always travelling?

Why you are looking from afar?

The earth crying all day .. the earth need you ..

We need you and miss you .

The blood of children has become nothing ..

Tears of children is became not worth anything .. kids do not sleep in peace ..

Tears everywhere .. and in every moment of time..

Why wants to kill innocent people and extinguish the candles?


O peace .Where are you?

Why are you absent about us?

Your absence made the world in poverty and tragedy and destruction..

Your absence made the world in wars and hatred and terrorism..

What kind of land to accept this? ... what kind of person accepts this?

How long will this silence .. silence .. from this painful reality!!


O peace

Thanks to those who smile .. Thanks for those who like what is happening now .. Thanks to those who laugh at others ..

But be careful .. one day you will cry ... one day you will regret ... one day you will die..

Then God will never bless you ..

Then history will never forget what you did Generation after generation..

When we tolerate ourselves to make peace with each other?

When peace becomes a reality within us?

When love is the one source of us?

O peace Am I in dreams or Its only a missing moments!!!

                                                    Written by: penandthoughts 2012


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