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GLOBAL MEDITATION WAVE FOR PEACE 10/10, 11/11. 12/12, 12/21
6 years ago

You are invited you to join in creating a global meditation wave of peace on four power dates in 2012 at 6pm (local time): 10-10, 11-11, 12-12 & 12-21. Each of these four power days are energy portals and are really potent times for manifestation. Each day is an amazing time to collectively envision world peace. The last meditation of this year will be on December 21, The Winter Solstice, which is considered by many to be the Birth Day of the New Golden Era of Peace.

Your participation is requested, whether you come in person or join in spirit. Join in the global meditations however you can! Follow your heart and know as we create peace within, we change the world!

Let's continue to build the momentum that began across the globe on the September Equinox & the International Day of Peace, with the largest global meditation for peace in history. Thank you BeThePeace Global and MedMob for bringing the world together as ONE!

6 years ago

Tamm, no 1 respond  you in writing till now. If you count on global mediation

energy, announce exact time to have colective impact.

Anyhow, being aware of present time, means act accordingly, fight for aims

and punish criminal acting. Even in meditation, someone must bear cross in real life time to achieve the goal.

All we support  by energy, in strugle for humanity, are our saints. We are

united in our meditation on 11th November, what time period?

6 years ago

Hi Beka - You must have overlooked the time -it is listed in the post: 6 pm (your local time- this is a mediation wave around the world). I also have listed the link for the website for more information:

6 years ago

Beka, by the way, I do not want you to think I do not understand what I think you are trying to say about the collective strength may be stronger if all meditations were at exact same time. I believe I do understand.  However, I believe these particular events are "Wave" events becasue the goal of Be The Peace is to have as many participants as possible and that ultimately many more people are more likely to participate if the meditation is at a more convenient time- therefore the 6 pm local time for everyone.  If the meditation was not a wave, then some people around the world would be required to join the meditation at very early am or very late pm hours when they normally may be sleeping and therefore would be less likely to participate. Again, I believe the goal of Be The Peace is to have the most participants as possible.  

I hope this answers your question.


Hopefully many people will participate collectively at 6pm in your region!


If you or anyone else has questions about the Global Wave Meditation Events please direct them to "Be the Peace" - the sponsor of the events directly at their website.  I am just a messenger not the organizer of these events. Thanks and Love and Light to ALL.

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6 years ago

One more point I did not mention is that with the meditations being a wave around the world- there will be people meditating for World Peace continually for 24 hours on the specified days-there is a lot of collective power in this!

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6 years ago

The Global Meditation Wave for Peace on November 11th is one week from today - hope you will participate!

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