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Why on 21 December nothing happened
5 years ago
| From the Heart

The 21st many associated with great expectations.

December 2012 is now behind us.

The range of predicted scenarios ranged from cataclysmic earth changes such as earthquakes, floods up to the biblical shift.

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Which year are we living really now?
5 years ago

It's because the date of 21 december 2012 is a date in gregorian calender,which was established after birth of Jesus Christ and in Reality have nothing to do with the Real Time.
Look on history of the calendars - the dates are very different in different cultures.

Why on 21 December nothing happened
5 years ago

Thanks Darshan for your comment.

Dec 21 was the date the Mayans - and interestingly the Azteks (who knew that ?) too under consideration of the 'Gregorian Calendar' determined to be the end of the long count.

If this sounds confusing, let's put it that way -  the Mayan 'Calendar' has nothing to do with the birth of the Lord or that the Pope of the Catholics in 2012 'decided' to change the date of the Birth of the Christ.

At the comment section of my blog, I added a statement of the chieftain of the Mayas and Azteks meant as an update.

Interesting to know (if you have not already learned),

'The actual date of Jesus's birth was several years before'. - according to Ratzi

Pope Ratzi: This Year Is 2019 Not 2012
5 years ago

Also the Mayan calendar never took into concideration and unaware of the future calendar having a leap year added to it. Wouldn't this have made according to the Mayans the start of a "New Era" [not the end of the world as it has become] sooner??????

Mind engineering
5 years ago

The calendars and the dates was created by humans.There is a natural cycle,which human being can observe while living on this planet,but this is very small and limited vision of Time,due by the condition of the physical form of beings living on this planet.Most of the beings are living in the eternal Now and Here,without counting the "big" events,which should appoint a momentum in Time,as more important for someone (ego),as other one and should be known as a very important and create the history.This ego,created this vision of the important events for his followers or worshipers as history,will endeavor to keep the minds of other people in this believe system and will keep the minds of others in the past events,in the same time - Now and Here procreating only this aspect and keeping them out of Reality,out of real Time (and even own experience of own existence inTime) under his egocentric control.
At this sense a world was created.A world,which,as from his own nature created with the events from past in Reality does not exist anymore,except the minds,in which this program was wrote,then Now and Here bilions of thousands of every possible worlds are taking place and no anyone have something to do with this one counted by a callendar's system of dates... So,the end of "the world" and begining of another one is taking place with the birth of every new being.

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