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SIGN ! Killing of dogs in Brasov/Romania !
6 years ago
| Europe


The dog catchers are back in Brasov!




30.000 dogs have already been killed in Brasov and surroundings. Now, while the whole world looks to the killings of animals in Ukraine,  Flavius Barbulescu wants to build  a high kill pond for Brasov dogs with all security you find for human prisons! The dogs will not be free for adoption. The only sense of this pond will be the killing of 1000s  innocent dogs. Barbulescu convinced already 10 more villages to support his plan to solve the street dog problem once and for all.  Poor peoples taxes will be used to build the killing pond!



Please sign and share the petition

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Vorname = first name

Nachname = second name

Straße = street

Platz = area code

Ort = city


Absenden = Send




You can also send protest letter to:




6 years ago

TY Monika signed.

6 years ago

Got it. I have sent them 3 emails already, reworded and citing my concerns and affiliations with different groups. If the sight and the cries of the dogs don't burn their conscience, I doubt that they will care for the voice of a human either. It's too bad that we haven't had a true, sincere, animal- loving President since Abraham Lincoln. He's probably turning in his grave over what the world has become.

6 years ago


6 years ago

Thank you dear Michaela, Lydia and Jan! 


Every signature counts!!



6 years ago

Signed and sent all of them a mail.

Only  was not accepted.


Thank you Monika

6 years ago

Signed. Will send emails.

6 years ago

Vielen Dank für Ihre Stimme!
TU Monika

6 years ago

Merci, Monika for the opp to meow on the petition and also in the emails.. All sent.  

It is no surprise that an evil man such as this would steal from the taxes of the poor.  An evil heart is full of all kinds of rot and maggots that feed on each other, thus murder and oppression of the poor, stealing, and all manner of corruptness are happy to dwell side by side in the EVIL hearts! What a pall of death must shroud the place where 30,000 have been murdered!! This man chose this evil heart, he could have chosen otherwise, but he did not.  We can always choose the path of honor, even now he could repent from this horror if only he would heed the  message of kindness and compassion that others around him bear witness of.   He does not have to listen to the demonic chorus and do as they say!!      

6 years ago

I'll presently take action. Do you mean a "pond" where they will be drowned or a "pound" where they will be terminated? Not sure.

6 years ago

Signed. Will be working on the letters in a little while. This picture is so, so sad and horrifying, it has etched itself in my heart forever. The poor dog OMG, how can so many (non) humans do these things to these beautiful and loving creatures???????????? I will never, ever as long as I am alive know that answer but I do believe they will have to answer to someone higher up when they die and I have always believed "What goes around, comes around". Sending prayers and light to all that are suffering.

6 years ago


Will work on emails.

These horrific pictures are why we are here, and cry as we do it, because we can't understand the ferocious inhumanity that is done to innocent beings.


I believe it is a high kill pound, like the Nazi's extermination camps, that he wants to build.

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6 years ago

Michelle, I mean "shelter" !!!


Sorry for the bad translation, I was in hurry yesterday when I did it.


It will be a high-kill-"shelter" located directly beside a crematory.

EVERY dog will be killed within 5 days and nobody has access except the persons "working" there


Thank you VERY much my dear friends for taking action !



6 years ago

Signed and shared
Mikey Rourke could intervene if it would be a big step.

6 years ago


6 years ago

signed and sent letters to all.

:( heartbreaking....:(
6 years ago


6 years ago

signed and shared with my friends in Germany

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