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sorry, German letter: Offener Brief Boykott der Fußball EM 2012 in der Ukraine im Namen der ermordet
6 years ago

30/04/2012 Federal Chancellery Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel Willy-Brandt-Straße 1 10557 Berlin Angela.Merkel @


Open Letter boycott of European Football Championship 2012 in Ukraine on behalf  of murdered street dogs


Madam Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, we would very much welcome and consider as an important sign, if you and representatives of the federal government on the occasion of Euro 2012 are not traveling to the Ukraine and not appropriate.

In Ukraine, not only human rights but also animal rights are violated. For months, be "cleansed" in Ukraine in preparation for the UEFA Euro 2012, the streets. Here were thousands of innocent stray dogs in the most brutal way The ETN Association makes several months aware of these crimes against street dogs in Ukraine and protested against it. We urged the Ukrainian government to immediately end this illegal and inhumane actions of killing.


Since September 2010 we will travel to Ukraine every month and will conduct negotiations with the mayors, the Ministry of Environment and UEFA about an end to the killing of stray animals. In Kiev, Donetsk and we were able to achieve success there, we were able to in cooperation with the city to curb the killings as far as possible. Yet here, too, will be held some high poisoning of street dogs. We have always informed the authorities of Ukraine to the effect that the killing of Stray animals not only against the Ukrainian Animal Welfare Act (2006) and violates international conventions, but also ineffective. Only by "neuter and release" measures (neutering and releasing) You can reduce the population of stray animals legally, humanely and sustainably to eight times (according to WHO study 1990). For this reason, we have extensive with the ETN Association Operationsmethoden geschult und eine Quarantänestation in Kiew für ca. 50 Hunde gebaut. Zudem haben wir Bildungsprogramme zum Thema Tierschutz in Schulen initiiert, öffentliche Aufklärung über die Necessity of neutering the animals operated in Ukraine, encouraged the construction of suburban animal shelters and provided structural engineering consulting in erecting shelters in Ukraine. Above , we could call the first TV show to teach street animals ("Agent for 4 Legs' TV 1 +1) in Ukraine in life.

Despite this progress, in some places, there are still many cities of Ukraine mass killings of stray animals and no scrutiny or even moral concerns raised by the Authorities. For example, in Lugansk shot stray dogs on the street, before the eyes of children, brutally. Also in Sevastopol or the EM-venue Kharkiv the situation of street animals is intolerable.

Unfortunately, the UEFA, despite all our efforts, so far pledged any support for animal welfare projects in Ukraine and was also unwilling public campaigns by well-known football players to initiate. It was also part of the DFB no support for the rescue of stray dogs.

Murder in the name of the game is compatible with the peaceful message of sport, not fair play, tolerance and team spirit in our view, and represents a betrayal of the values ​​of sport.

The role model for children and young people is devastating. No one should visit sponsor a sports event, or support, thousands in the run-up innocent stray animals were brutally murdered. Commercial interests should not be placed permanently on the life of animals.

Who has no respect for life of animals, which also has no respect for the lives of people. Animal welfare is human safety.

With the Euro 2012 for the Ukrainian population has so far not improved, required infrastructural measures were exactly as democratic progress. We're watching the case Tymoshenko.

You have to set an example and a historic opportunity to make a difference for animals and humans.


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by how it treats its animals" Mahatma Gandhi


Sincerely, Maya Princess of Hohenzollern (ETN Ambassador), Dieter Ernst (ETN-President)


European Wildlife and Conservation Association Todtmann 8 / yard Huppenhardt 53804 Much Germany Phone +49 (0) 22 45-61 90-18 Fax +49 (0) 22 45-61 90-11 e-mail: info @ etn- HP:


6 years ago


6 years ago

Done and shared

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