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Urge Ottawa, Ontario, to Reject Cruel Killing of Beavers!
6 years ago
| America

Reportedly, the city of Ottawa, Ontario, is again considering using traps to cruelly kill beavers at Lindsay Pond Park. The city recently made the compassionate decision to explore humane beaver control methods, but now it's apparently backing away from that.

Body-gripping, steel-jaw, and snare traps are horribly cruel. Animals suffocate when the traps clamp down on their necks, or they drown (which can take up to 15 minutes, all the while experiencing extreme terror and pain) when traps pin them underwater. Panicked animals trapped in shallow water can also drown, and many victims attempt to chew themselves free.

Beavers can be humanely controlled using flow pipe and fence devices. These devices keep beavers out of areas where they are unwanted and encourage them to live elsewhere. Please politely ask Ottawa to ditch the cruel use of traps entirely, and then forward this message widely!

Please send polite comments to:

  • Kent Kirkpatrick 
    City Manager of Ottawa
  • Nick Stow
    Planner III, Planning and Growth Management
    Infrastructure Services and Community Sustainability
    City of Ottawa
  • The Honorable Jim Watson
    Mayor of Ottawa



Please also e-mail the members of the Ottawa City Council using the following e-mail addresses (copy and paste this list into your "To" field):;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;





6 years ago


6 years ago

TY taking action now

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