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Buffy spreads
6 years ago
| America
Volunteer Favorite Waits for a Reprieve at Ohio Dog Pound - National Dogs | Examiner.Com

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, dogs, killed, killing, pets, protection, rescued, suffering, sadness )
Buffy - 33 seconds ago -

Willow is a young dog at the Highland County Dog Pound in Hillsboro, Ohio.
6 years ago
No, Not again !!, do not allow them to kill this treasured irreplaceble animal, this is happening now, today !!.
Essex Police Investigate 'Lion' Sighting Near St Osyth, Essex,UK

This hunt began yesterday ( Sunday ), and is continuing !!.

Immediate action and pressure needs to be done,

Terry M. (104) Monday August 27, 2012, 4:01 am
No, Not again !!, do not allow them to kill this treasured irreplaceble animal, this is happening now, today !!.

Just days after Tiger Altai was shot and killed in Germany, now here in the UK, there is a hunt taking place by armed police, for a suspected escaped Lion.

Apply every bit of pressure possible, immediately, there is no time to lose, this hunt is happening now !!

Email, phone etc..,

Contacts -

Essex police, UK

call our non-emergency number 101 or alternatively, 01245 491491.

General feedback

6 years ago

My new video is out!!!!!


I am not being able to make news with it. But I can share on here.

You can share this video, my videos lives from sharing, well if you like it that is. )))


So here is goes!!!!

6 years ago
Animal Welfare Matters: proposals for a New Zealand Animal Welfare Strategy and amendments to the Animal Welfare Act 1999

6 years ago

You are very talented and full of compassion. Thank you for sharing your video!

6 years ago

Thank you for the kind words Mette!!!

6 years ago

Going through everything now.  However, I did take a peek first at your video.


You Rock!

6 years ago

Hi there everyone,

I know most of you must have seen my video. I ws not able to make news with it.

I got a lovely surprise from Barbs, she made news with it, and is spreading everywhere.

For this I am so thankful Babs!!!!

I wanted to share with you all this news, ask you if you could share it. note and if possible leave a message. I would be so thankful!

I would be thankful!!

6 years ago

Thank you Ellen!!!

6 years ago

Thank you for sharing your video

6 years ago

MARYLAND...WHAT THE HELL KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS!?!? 700+ family owned pit bulls in ONE neighboorhood told they need to get rid of their dogs immediately...Maryland's highest court made changes in its ruling that Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous, but those changes are not providing any relief for dog owners in one community.

Residents from the Armistead neighborhood received a letter last we

ek saying they must get rid of their Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes immediately. Out of the 1500 homes in the community, as many as half of them own Pit Bulls.

Armistead homes say the decision is coming from the top, where they do not want to be liable if a Pit Bull were to bite someone. Supervisors say they will not be policing homes but the language is clear, that Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes are not allowed.

Residents in the neighborhood say they plan on spending the day tomorrow passing out information about what legal resources Pit Bull owners have.

6 years ago

Wow, this is insane. Why not just get rid of ignorant and stupid people?

6 years ago


UPDATE: It has passed the United States Senate. Now please call your State's Federal Representatives and simply state: "To combat the escalation of organized crime, gangs and the drug cartel, please pass HR 2492-Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act. Gangs use blood sports to network illegal drugs and weapons used against our citizens. Thank you."

re. Animal Fighting / Buffy
6 years ago

Again I am in tears. So many, many, suffering Wuffters; the majority of them, so very strangely enough, STILL TRUST 2-legged beings.  Did the wrong species get 'on top' after all? Has evolution 'gone wrong'?

Yes Buffy, signed, deeply troubled.  ..... and of course, my 'spice' added to the recipe...



This is really so, so, IMPORTANT THAT ANIMAL FIGHTING BE FULLY, IRRECOVERABLY, PROHIBITED IMMEDIATELY. We should show our fellow living beings on this planet that humans are A RESPONSIBLE,   friendly & HUMANE PEOPLE.   Is it so impossible to do?  Is ruining our earth for future generations more important that stopping for a while, opening your eyes & really see what is happening; today, here & now, in your backyard? in your neighbourhood, IN YOUR COUNTRY?   For Gods sake, STOP ALL THIS PAIN & HURT. 

N O W !

Thank you.


6 years ago

Yeah to all the bastards who think dog fighting is okay, you really are dumbass ignorant people, arent't you. No one, and I mean NO ONE has the right to put this precious animals in this kind of position to fight for their life for money or drugs. God gave them to us to love and to protect. And may god help those precious gift of life that he created. This is the %#&!*% that pisses me off to no end. And another reason why I don't like people. These people give this breed a bad name. These dogs are not born mean. It's the bastards that do this do them. I hope and pray that the same happen to you.

6 years ago

Great News,
Willow has been adopted as of this morning by a no kill group and will have a safe forever home, YEAH! Kathy said thank you anyway for trying.

6 years ago

Glad to hear the news for Willow.    She looks a real lil Sweetie Pie!

Good news!!!!
6 years ago
Update from the boxer
5 secs ago

Help a German Boxer stranded in Montenegro

This was the situation:

In late August 2012 a German citizen, Mr. Karlheinz Rolf, died in an accident on Durmitor (Montenegro), while he was photographing the nature. As he was in tourist visits to the Montenegro, he left behind his personal belongings and his dog, a female German boxer. The dog is, at the moment, temporally taken under care of a local family, while awaiting its fate.

Society for the Protection of Animals - Podgorica has, on its own initiative, inquired about the fate of the dog as well as the further steps needed to provide it with the adequate care. According to information provided by the Consular officer in German Embassy in Podgorica, brother of the late Mr. Rolf said that he did not want to take the dog and gave the permission to humanly put it to death in Montenegro.


The update:

Dear all, With a full heart I can inform you that the boxer, named Paula, has been returned to Germany and adopted by family she knows! Paula is now in a familiar place, and surrounded with familiar faces that will provide a good home for her up to the rest of her life. She is good, and is already playing with a dog friend. I want to thank all of you for signing the petition, and sharing it.Via this same petition the family has found what happened to Paula and contacted me, and this same petition urged the institutions to do something about it. You, who have signed and shared, are heroes of this story, along with the family who decided to help Paula and provide her with a life she deserves, thank you! Paula you will be missed here in Montenegro, where you captured the hearths of your caretakers, and we all wish you and your new family a great future. And to you, who signed and shared, I wish all the best. Bjanka Prakljacic, volunteer in the Society for Animal Protection - Podgorica

6 years ago

A fantastic way to help ALL animals. We share stories/articles, petitions and have a many projects on helping animals. We aim a lot of our focus on issues regarding the fight against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), BDL (Breed Discrimination Legislation), and DDA (Dangerous Dog Act), as well as fighting to end Dog Fighting and stopping the use of Bait Dogs, and battling for justice on abuse and cruelty issues. All our members are deeply devoted to helping ALL animals. It's time for change to take place. All animals need a voice to finally be heard, and we are their voice. So will you take a stand for these innocent lives? Please join us in the fight for our beautiful animals Worldwide. Click the link below to access the group page and join.


6 years ago

Tyson and Diesel Are Going Home!!!!!

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfareanimaladvocates,animalrightsanimalsdogsgoodnewsGoodNews,rescuedpets ) 
 Buffy - 24 seconds ago - 
Tyson and Diesel has been incarcerated since August 7th, 2012. These two precious pups have been anxiously awaiting the day that they finally come home to their family and that day has finally come. The family's prayers are answered.
Buffy and Diesel
6 years ago

Clap, clap, clap - absolutely awesome and am so happy for these dogs and their family - bless them and all who fought so hard for their release. Bless the judge and use him to hear all the other sad similar cases where these poor animals have just been siezed from their owners. They should not have been removed in the first place and shocking that the family had to go through all the trauma to fight to get back beloved family pets. Hugs to them - it just goes to show, if we stand our ground and fight for our animals, we will win.

6 years ago

Thank you Buffy !!

Signed , shared and listened with tears in my eyes to your video.

6 years ago

Great Update!  Thanks Buffy!

Lenicka R. : you & me need big boxes of tissue, methinks

... comment left for the family on website:

finally ........ A JOB WELL DONE ! Thanks to all who participated and BIG LOVES/KISSES for the Family & the Two sweet Babes, TYSON & DIESEL!
Three Cheers, Hip-Hip-HOORAY! xxxxxxxx

6 years ago

Thank you Lenicka!!!

6 years ago

All action taken and all news read

6 years ago

Stop the dog and cat consumption in S.Korea!!!

6 years ago

Stop the dog and cat consumption in S.Korea!!!

6 years ago

thanks, actions taken

6 years ago Sorry something is not working here.

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