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UPDATE: Stop The Sexual Abuse Of Animals!
6 years ago

Signed.Mrs.Ilse is shame for human kind! Its sick. SHAME ON GERMANY!

6 years ago

Signed!!! What is wrong with people????

6 years ago


UPDATE: Germany to ban sex with animals: report
6 years ago

THE German government is about to reintroduce a ban on bestiality, after pressure from animal welfare groups.

Newspaper die Tageszeitung reports that the governing coalition are soon to amend the country's Animal Welfare Act to make sex with animals punishable with a fine of up to 25,000 euros ($31,000).

Bestiality was legalised in Germany in 1969, the same year that gay sex was also removed from the criminal code. After that, sex with animals was only punishable if the animal was severely injured.

However animal welfare groups have pushed for the ban to be reinstated, in an advertising campaign that used dramatic examples of "animal rape".

Read full news:

6 years ago

I read this on our news and they had the write up and a picture of a cow on it. I am so angry I commented and flew into these people - they are so sick, even here in Cape Town. One guy said, mmmmm nice cow! Can you believe the mentality of these sickos. In any case, are there not enough prostitutes around to satisfy these vile bastards. There should be no fine for them, they should just be castrated once and for all!

6 years ago

I pray that the ban is reinstated. The sickest animal of all walks on two legs and supposedly has a large brain. One would never know! I don't know why anyone would equivalate sex with animals to gay sex. Two adult gay individuals are humans that can make a choice. Animals can not make that choice and need to be protected. As a human race we need to more carefully define and understand our laws!

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