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Justice for puppy Miracle! Frozen to ground in KY!!!
5 years ago
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Abandoned, Sick Puppy Found Frozen to Ground in Kentucky - National Dogs | Examiner.Com

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Dianne Ly - 19 minutes ago -

Animal control officials made a pitiful discovery in Henderson, Ky. on Wednesday. A puppy was found beneath a trailer in 19 degree weather. In fact, it was so cold that the abandoned pup's mouth was frozen closed and his body was partially frozen
5 years ago

SICK FU****ING BASTARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freeze them to death,  justice for puppy Miracle!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago

Amen Monika.  Signed

5 years ago

UPDATE: Miracle died...

Sweet Miracle passed away...

RIP little one, now nobody can ever harm you again.

May your abusers get what they deserve: the worst destiny ever.

CURRENT MIRACLE UPDATE: We just spoke with the vet. Miracle did survive the night, but he is so dehydrated that the vet is unable to start an I.V. to rehydrate him. They are relying on sub-q fluids at this time and hope that by lunch they'l...l be able to get a permanent I.V. in his little leg. I was going down to take pictures of him today, but the vet asked that I wait at least 24 hours as he is in an isolation area at the clinic to prevent the spread of Parvo. Apologies, but photos will not be forth coming today... :o( .... keep up the prayers! Surviving the night was a "miracle" in itself!!

5 years ago

Here comes the tears...what a horrible and sad day this is...good bye little angel may you be in a happier place. 

5 years ago


Run with your pack now, no harm will come to you now.  You are safe and free.

5 years ago

Very sad!! The trash who did this should find out what it's like to freeze to death!!

5 years ago

 I just now found out about this...I'm so very sorry for that baby. He did receive a miracle. The miracle of knowing love in this world before he went to his forever home with God. That baby received such an outpouring of love and he didn't die alone. If we are truly here to learn about love and lay up our treasures in Heaven, then that baby took a treasure chest filled with our hearts with him. I'm crying now and he's already gone. He still continues to break hearts and pull at our souls. He's a symbol now for all the pain and sorrow that so many animals suffer. Many are never found, they never had a name, no one even knew they existed...but God knows. And every once in a while He allows us to catch a glimpse of His little angels before He takes them home. They were like beautiful little wildflowers in the field, trampled underfoot before anyone was aware of their existence. We learn that we don't need fancy houses, new cars, expensive clothes, or to eat at that new restaurant. We need to value life to the utmost, love without measure, and fight to make sure that this never happens again. That is the legacy of these little angels. They are so small and helpless, yet they have the ability to empower us to fight to change the world. God bless that little miracle.

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