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Lenicka's Cat Shelter and house have been destroyed by fire!
5 years ago
| Europe

(actie voor inzamelen van geld)

Everything has been destroyed last Wednesday; the search for the last feral cats continues; asbestos has to be cleaned up too; it will take a LOT OF MENTAL support also for her to be able to get through this tragedy! A financial support action has started on Facebook (please check the upper link). Please take a look, and share please..

5 years ago
for eventual gifts for the catshelter, info:

3 hrs ago

for gifts from abroad: Bankaccount ING 264929 Stg. Kattenbos at Lucaswolde, the Netherlands
IBAN: NL43INGB0000264929

5 years ago

This is a horrible tragedy.....please help Lenicka if possible

Lenicka's avatar

5 years ago

OMG Lenicka...I am so sorry. I wish I could help financially but I can't. I will pray for a miracle for you.

5 years ago

I am so sorry to hear this horrible news. Of course I coudn't understand what was being said in the video, but I could certainly see the damage. I wish could send a donation, but cannot. Will also pray for a miracle.

5 years ago

Lenicka, I'm so sorry for your loss I'd help if I was able!

5 years ago

My dear Lenicka, I am so sorry for your loss and my heart is crying along with yours..You and all of your be-loved animals are in my prayers and my heart.

5 years ago

  So very sorry about your shelter Lenicka.   You are in my thoughts & prayers!

5 years ago


Video: Kattenbos before the fire - a cat's paradise....


5 years ago

Is there a paypal link to help?

5 years ago

My prayers are with you Lenicka!

5 years ago

What I want to know is whether the cats were killed!!! I'll sent a donation as soon as I can.  It sounds suspicious to me, but thats just like me.

5 years ago

Lenicka has been a member of this group for quite awhile and contributes in many ways. I don't think you have to be suspicious of her, although I understand your caution.

5 years ago

Lenicka  is a care2 friend of mine I'd help if able to. Saying prayers for her and the cats!

5 years ago

Thanks Donna & Sandi...I'm so worried about those cats wish I was there to help.

5 years ago

This is the translation of the video of what happened.


Petra wrote: "Translation of the clip: Fire at Cats shelter in Lucaswolde (the north east of Holland) Lenicka watches the remains of her house in a devastated state of mind. Fate struck late last night. Shortcut is probably the cause of the fire. Roozendaal discovered the fire herself. Her first concern was saving her animals. "I ran to and fro, tried to get all the cats out, I didn't get any of my personal stuff, I'm now wearing borrowed clothes. Everthing, absolutely everything is gone. The only thing I did was getting the cats outside, I didn't want them to get burnt there..." It's a miracle that all 150 cats survived the fire blaze. They are now in boxes and cages on the premises. They're animals that won't be taken in by anyone else. "For the larger part they are shy cats, they come here from all over Holland e.g. because they can't be placed in animal shelters or anywhere else anymore. I have a department with cats that have aids and one with leukemia, so they are all cats that nobody wants." The firemen couldn't do much last night, this morning they were still putting out rests of the fire. Roozendaal wonders what to do next. "I don't have electricity, no gaz, no water, absolutely nothing, so we need aggregates to get warm, and we need water, bottles of water, and blankets, and money of course, because the aggregates will cost a lot of money and everything, everything... I don't know anymore, I'm at my wits end." During the fire asbestos disengaged, which has big consequences for the sanctuary. "The premises has to get a declaration that it's clean, so this will last for weeks and weeks, and I can't live on aggregates for weeks on end, so... well... I don't fully realize everything yet. The only thing I do realize is that I haven't retrieved all the cats yet, that I do realize and that eats me up...""

5 years ago

Paypal info from RC !!!!



To Those who wish to help out Lenicka's Cat Sanctuary using Paypal:

Since there is not a Paypal Donate button on the website page of the sanctuary, I called and spoke to PayPal Customer Service about how to do it.  And they told me that as long as I have an email address for the sanctuary and a personal PayPal account myself, there is no problem to send funds to her.  When she gets the notice that funds are there, she can enter her bank information at that end and transfer the money to the Sanctuary account.

If you live in the USA and have a personal Paypal account, here are the instructions for sending funds to her kitties.

GO TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT AND CHOOSE THE "SEND MONEY" BUTTON. Once you do that, you will be given a page that has a place for you to enter an email and an amount you wish to give.  Below those spaces are TWO tabs, one says "Purchase" and one says "Personal".  MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE ONE MARKED "PERSONAL".  That is important!!!!  If you do not choose the personal option, and then check the "gift" option, they will charge an exchange rate for the funds.  But if you do SEND IT AS A PERSONAL GIFT, they will only charge you a few cents to send it.  (they charged me ten cents  and the sanctuary will get the full donation without exchange fees).

The email address for her Cat Sanctuary, STICHTING KATTENBOS is:


For those in the group who don't know Lenicka, this is her Care2 avatar


5 years ago

Got info right now that the email posted above for Paypal donations to Lenicka is not working anymore! The domaine got lost!!

Instead you have to use


5 years ago

Monika, I send using my paypal account to the first one said its was completed. just have to wait and see what happens i guess.

5 years ago

Thanks Sandi. Anneke said that if not accepted, money returns to you after 4 weeks .


I am so sorry for Lenicka because she needs the money NOW !!! RC and other friends used the "invalid" email , too.  I crossposted the help letter for the sanctuary to the moon and back and I am unable to correct the email, its to late. Bad luck that is not working when urgently needed...

5 years ago

Poor Lenicka and her kitties , very sad news .

5 years ago

I wish to help Lenicka she really need it is there other way how to send her donation ? I don't have paypal and i am not fb member .

5 years ago

I am glad nothing happened to Lenicka and i hope all her kitties are safe too . If there is chance to mail her donation somehow i will do it for sure !!

5 years ago

Poor Lenicka and her kitties. I know that I am reading this well after the fact, I just hope that all of her babies were successfully retrieved. Oh, my heart goes out to you! I too, pray for a miracle...Please, Lord--help Lenicka and her kitties. We need money to buy the things she needs. Please provide for her and her babies. Bless her and call upon Your people to come forward in the spirit of Your love and compassion. Please keep them safe from harm and hold them close in Your loving embrace. I ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.

5 years ago

OMG!!!! Lenicka, I am soooo sad and sorry.

I've been incapacitated for a (too) long time, and am still recovering. I have you and yours in my prayers. I will see what I can help with.

RC had emailed me, but I can't get down to be on the computer a lot, without my caregivers.

I am really saddened by this...

Glad you and your Friends are safe!

5 years ago

Lenicka wrote me that 8 cats are still missing.....its winter in the Netherlands and she fears that they died in the fire....

5 years ago

From Lenicka posted on her site:


Very sweet friends !

Finally I am able to connect to the internet for a short period. There is so much happening rigth now that I am not able to oversee it all. My first priority is catching the last cats that are still walking arround on the premises.

This goes very slowly. These are the cats most terrified of people, traumatised by the fire and all that happened after that. They are probably very cold, fresh water freeses within the hour and the dry food is being eaten by the birds. They are also hungry (we had a bird in one of the cages set up for catching cats). So a lot of patience is required.

Today we have caught 3 cats, one of them we had not seen since the fire and was on the list of missing cats. Currently we still have not seen 8 cats since the fire, but we are still hopefull.


Hope is what keeps me on my feet. There is so much happening at once. My first care are the cats. The insurance, cleaning of asbestos and al the other organizations do not understand.

They are walking around in their white suits disturbing the peace for the cats that need to get caught.

Al lot of the cats are in the care of several pensions and care centers. Very sweet people who helped us within an hour after hearing the news.

It is terrible to say goodbye to your beloved cats, allthough they are having a beautyfull and safe place, they are away from their known environment after this horrible experience. And worse I nor the other volunteers can comfort them. Happily the people taking care of them let us know how they are doing and they are doing okey. Some cats are still at het Kattenbos in places that are not destroyed by the fire and will be moved soon too.


Something personal, I have never realised what happens when you are watching your house burn down. The firemen did not allow me on the premisis, where al your belongings are, your pictures and al sweat things you have collected by the years. Everything is gone!! One second I walk around the house and discover the fire, chasing al the cats outside, next I am outside.

Just minutes before I was living happily and content with my cats in a warm and safe house (at least I thought) and within 10 minutes it turned into hell. As well as for me as for the cats. I lost control.

There were lots of firemen on the premisis who gave me the opportunity to catch the cats that were walking around, confused, and put them in a safe quarter.

My daughter arrived soon and Kitty (someone I have known for a long time) jumped out of bed. Before the fire was put out, 15 cats were brought to “Kat in Nood” and my daughters house. Those were the first to be safe. After that I lost track of what happened next.

Danielle, Anneliek and Margreet came the next morning to help.

Anneliek and Margreet are our vets. Margreet, the sweetheart, arranged a big generator with which we could keep the other quarters where the cats were in, warm. And ourselves, because besides the fire it is also horribly cold.

Our request for water was awnsered by many people. First I thought it was not enough but less is true. Up till today we still have to give the cats water and do the dishes.


Kitty came the next day with a bag with underwear and socks. She had realised it all better then I did. More people thought about it. Beside sweaters, jackets and trousers somebody brought a toothbrush, washcloth and soap. I am so very happy with al the stuff and touched that people thought about it. I would like to thank everyone peronally later when all the cats are safe and a lot of things are arranged.

 Everything is unsure now. I would like to have a temporary home where I can stay with several cats who are attached to me. Currently I hope to use the breastcancer bus of animal care in Groningen. If they would lend me the bus than I would need approval from “staatsbosbeheer” to put the bus on the ground next to “het Kattenbos”. All very unsure and a lot of organizations & that would have to cooperate.

5 years ago



Dear people, there is so much to tell and I will try to do that as much as possible the coming days. I see a lot of questions about contacting me. Unfortunately the mail adres can not be read. I and te provider lost the password.

All my stuff is gone! Also the backups of my adminstration. Danielle, who is doing al lot, tries to keep up with the mail, next to catching cats and other things, her mailbox is limited.

My personal mail has no limit, so please mail me. Every day when we come back from het Kattenbos I try to read and awnser as much mail as possible. Currently I stay with my daughter

The problem with Paypall I can not understand. Paypall is connected to the only offiial bank account number of “het Kattenbos” 264929. I can pay and receive payments with it.


Money is what we need. A big part of the premises is contaminated with asbestos and will be disposed of. Also the new little houses etc.


Worse is that the fence will be destroyed when the remaines of the house are removed. The speed for making the new omheining depends on the time the cats can return to their home!!!!!


I probably forgot to tell much more, only this.

THERE IS ONLY ONE BANKACCOUNT OF “Stichting Kattenbos” at “Lucaswolde” and that is 264929. Only by the use of this account we can justify all purchases and thank everyone for there deposit.


That is it for today, I am very tired.

Please mail to    


I thank everyone by heart for all your reactions and compasion, IT HELPS!!! And gives me the strenght to keep going!!


Love Lenicka

5 years ago

Thanks for all this information Monika.  I pray Lenicka will be able to settle herself down with the cats in a secure warm place so that she can sort things out.


5 years ago



Message posted by Lenicka in group Fighting Against Animal Cruelty which she hosts. She also posted a video in the topic but I don't know how to move it in this thread

A message from Lenicka


My dearest friends.

Finally a message from me.

Not a happy message. It does not go well with me.

9 cats definitive been perished. 120 cats are brought to wonderful other shelters , thats the only thing I'm happy about , but for 31 I made a terrible mistake to let them bring to a shelter that was a hell for them. No daylight , cold , no fresh water , the food I give for them they did not use for them , no blanket and no love or a kind word. For them , they were going from the inferno hell to a hell in a shelter. I did''t know. The first days it was such a chaos with assurance people , an investigation team , a asbestos team etc. etc. Other people brought the cats to other addresses.

Then I could not reach that shelter , they never answered the phone, When I was visit them I knew , they must immediately go away there.

They are now in a caravan on my place but 6 cats of that group died. They were healthy when they were going there and in 10 days they were so ill that they died in spite of all the treatment I give them when they were with me again.

Now I live in that caravan with the cats that survived, I have no electric , no gas and no water. Only a aggregate for a little heater and a bit of warm water and that cost me 200 euro a day. It's cold here , Snow and freezing. 

II do not mention the prize of the aggregate because of asking you for money !! I thank all my friends from the deepest of my heart that you send money but that was enough. You need all your money for yourself and your animals. I will find a way for this problem.

The money you sent me I will use that for a new start for my shelter.

I live in one of the riches countries in the world , there is for everything a assurance , but when something happens , you fall in a whole of rules , lazy officials that get angry when I spent my time in the first place for my cats and not for there endless reports and meetings.

For every detail of my case they need 3 officials and bureau's and all tell a different story about the next step and I live like a bag lady with all what I have in a plastic bag.

I could never imagine that this will happens to me.

One moment I lived with my cats in a warm nice house , signing petitions and give comments , and in a few minutes , there was the hell in the form of a attic that was on fire and was falling down. I tried to save all the cats by jelling and screaming that they must go outside, I threw them out and at last I did a round to assure myself that they all were outside. And than it was not possible to stay in the house , the whole attic and roof came , burning down. I thought I saved them all but the firemen said they saw cats going inside. Never knew cats do that , horses yes , but cats...

The perished cats were not the most vulnerable cats , it where the cats that trust me the most. 1 of the perished cats I threw 3 times out the door , he did not understand why.


Dear friends , I thank you for your kind words , e- cards and your donations, your support has stirred and comforted me.
On this moment I still have only a few moments access to internet so I don't know when I can write again.


And I'm broken. The only reason that I continue , is that I will keep my promise to the other cats , that I will care for them and give them a new save home.



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5 years ago

commented in the other post. praying for her and the cats.

Update from the website, March 24 2013
5 years ago

" Meanwhile we are working on the emergency housing.
Some trees are felled to make way, there is too much sand deposited and finally last Tuesday the emergency housing has been placed.
There is still a lot to be done and most importantly, electricity and water, is still in the bureaucratic mill.
Unbelievable! A month ago and requested a few days ago again,  just a letter arrived, in which the main issue was, of course, the payment of over 750 euros, and where the mainport should be for the temporary electricity cable, which is then placed in the middle of the asbestos area, that has not been cleaned up (too low temparatures, and burocracy )
They are just sleeping over there, doing nothing. But even if they have collected 750 euros should I wait 14 days for the cabinet to be placed. Wait for what????? They knew already a month ago that this had to be done! Meanwhile Enexis did have enough time to get my energy supplier to report that they had removed my connection!!  So that they again assumed that I wasn't their customer anymore!  I will soon have no power at all (again) when the connection/cabinet is finally here.
It is apparently difficult for Enexis to distinguise between temporary closure due to fire, and re-connecting everything later on.
The whole story about Enexis is indeed a great shame. Why do they wait 6 to 8 weeks with  an emergency connection ? That was possible within 1 week after the fire. It was  reported within a few days, and requested. It has taken me until now more than 7000 euros to keep this emergency generator running,  which should not have been necessary if Enexis had reacted immediately.
They only have to pull one wire through the earth, towards the box to be placed (750 euros), and an installer (from the office) should connect it at the desired point .That's it.
As to reconnecting the watersupply: indeed,  another box is necessary - with another price tag, these people  just visited me and the sick cats today.
Oh yes, the house is still there, exactly the way it was one day after the fire.... What was everyone in a hurry because of the asbestos ! "   (No clean up till now...)

5 years ago

Thanks for the update!

5 years ago

oh thats awful!

5 years ago

Help!!!!!! -I need to talk to Ekeim! - I have no communication through my personal messenger. I receive messages but cannot re or originate. I had no possibility to use cards either. I tried sending one last night and seems that it worked but I don't know for sure if it went through or not and sent one now to Ekeim but need someone to check if she received it! Need to send her some info! THank You!

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