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5 years ago My question is and could someone explain: Why are the police officers doing the job of moving the dogs out of the shelter? Why were there no employee with a vehicle prepare for that? With the approriate instruments? Officials/ workers of the shelter to do that kind of work? Couldn't they wait till the vet come again? They were all in the same cage, really? Why? Were they agressive? If so, why were they not fighting between them? Well, VOLUNTEER ( say they would have not done it if there werent a reason to do it... Then there are the good numbers of Selma shelter. And I ask: Is this welfare from the beguining to the end?

5 years ago

Thanks Myraida good questions! Hope we get answers!

5 years ago

This is what I think happened...the officer is a chicken %#&!*% liar. Totally untrained to handle the situation. He had no business doing anything with the dogs since he was untrained. If he was scaried the dogs sensed it, subconsciously I believe he wanted something to happen and he got what he wanted. It makes no sense to me that he would open the door and go in...there;s no indication that he went in...he opened the door a bit is what I think  and the dogs probably went at him, maybe, he closed the door immediately and started shooting them from outside the cage. If he had gone in as he makes us believe with 5 aggressive dogs he wouldn't of escaped without one of them biting him because it was 5 aggressive dogs according to him. Then he finishes his fairytale with the addition of a man recently killed by dogs to make his actions believeable. And the assholes that dumped the dogs in the first place adding their two-cents that the dogs were getting aggressive.

5 years ago

Police officers have NO business handling any animal at any shelter. They are not trained to save animal lives, they are trained to take animal lives. Who can believe a cop? They shoot people's golden retrievers! Every time a cop shoots someone or beats someone it's always because "their life was in danger." What if we shot them because we felt "our life was in danger?" You can bet 30 of them would mow you down in a hail of bullets. They are trained to kill...and I think it takes a certain type of personality to even want that job.

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