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Daily Creations of Reality-Living in the Moment That is Now Present December 22, 2004 1:01 AM

Taking Action-Creating Your Reality! Coming into Action: The space I’m in is so open; but yet so lonely. Taking the chance to connect sometimes leads to blank expressions and confusion and other times special sparks of energy are created and healing connections are made. For these rare moments it is worth reaching out and taking chances. Either way it is a constant battle inside to calm the oceans of doubt and ego and to fire-up the engine of active being. It’s so easy to go with the flow, but this only leaves a dry taste on my pallet. This does not fulfill or nourish my hunger for growth. Words are very impermanent and valueless unless backed up and grounded with active creative pursuits. Planting the seeds without caring for them will lead to dry, lifeless soil. We must actively nurture our visions and manifest them in our reality! This World is filled with knowledge. We are a nation of information overload! But yet we are malnourished, lacking the fruits of action and wisdom. Doing and being must be integrated in a healthy balance which will allow optimum growth and realizations of ones potentials. It is time now to open your eyes and heart to see the opportunities in front of you and all around. It is time now to feel your intuition calling out to guide you on the right way. The path most token is not the only way! There are many hidden fields which require inner maps of exploration. These maps are abundantly available for travelers of active being. Do not get stuck in a narrow space with few options. Peek through the dusty hole and see the endless opportunities to create the space which speaks to your soul. Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve are not in the vocabulary of active beings. They are creating their reality all the time! Why not you? What’s holding you back? Did you inhale deeply today? Did you feel blessed for this day? What color was the sky? How did the air feel on your face? What’s going on with your body? Did you feel the pain of dissatisfaction or the glowing light of creation? Are you sacrificing your dreams for others narrow mindedness; settling for a lesser calling than your truest manifestation? Ki Copeland Certified NHC one year studies at Nyingma Institute founder of HOPE Foundation 510-847-3665  [ send green star]
How to make our visions a reality August 29, 2005 9:42 PM

How do you make your visions a reality?  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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