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Full Body Awareness
10 years ago
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Now that you’re comfortable working with your breath it’s time to bring the rest of the body in. Continue breathing as I’ve outlined in my article on Breathing. Now in addition to feeling your breath flow and your stomach and ribs expand, I want you to feel the energy that flows into your body with each breath. For me it feels like a lightness, or a very light feeling. It may feel different for you so take some time here and just open up and feel the energy. Now when you draw the energy in can you feel it pooling at your center of gravity just below your belly button? Now as you breathe just let that pool of energy expand throughout your body. Can you feel it flowing down through your legs and up your back and down your arms? Take some time here and practice this feeling that energy pool expand through your whole body. Later we’ll expand it out even further, but for now just let it flow. This exercise should help you to feel rejuvenated and refreshed as you’re drawing energy from an infinite pool. Do this exercise whenever you’re depressed or down, and eventually as you progress you’ll learn to do it all the time. It’s a habit that you have to grow into. Awareness and Intention EVERYTHING is about ‘Awareness’ and ‘Intention’. Now that you’ve begun to build an awareness of the energy, called Chi, Ki or Prana in some circles, you’ll be able to do things with it and move it around in your (and other peoples) body. We move energy with ‘Intention’, and this is a very important fact. EVERYTHING is energy! Our thoughts, our actions, our beliefs, everything around us and everything we see, feel, hear, think and do is energy. Intention is what we do with that energy. We are all connected in a vast energy pool that encompasses everything that is, was and will be. It doesn’t matter whether a person believes in it or can feel it; they still have the ability to affect it. How many times have you seen a person with a negative attitude who continually draws more negative reactions to himself? He’s broadcasting his intentions through his attitudes with the result that he becomes a human ‘crap magnet’, drawing in all the negative feelings and emotions and experiences. The other side of this is the continually positive person who always approaches everything from a positive attitude. This doesn’t mean that everything always goes the way she wants it, but if you’ll watch you’ll see that even the bad times provide fuel for her growth and she tries to take every ‘bad experience’ as a lesson to help improve herself. Just as our thoughts can influence Chi subconsciously, so can they move it around in our body. Energy follows thought, so when you think about moving energy then it will actually go where you send it. The important thing here is to stay out of its way. Energy moves in a spiral and at its own speed, so don’t try to micro-manage it, just let it flow. Now take some time and do the Full Body Awareness exercise again, and this time feel the energy go where you send it. You can also play with this a bit. Send it down to your feet, now bring it back to your center and this time just send it down to your left foot, now your right. Now send it up to your head, and down to your left elbow. Now, the next time you’re stuck in traffic, or impatiently waiting in line at the Motor Vehicles Office, just relax and start to play with this. Isn’t this a neat toy? Robert
10 years ago
Good place, Thank you, sorry I am late to see, I liked it a lot, love Lady A
New book on Kundalini
6 years ago


I thought that you might be interested in my new book, Caduceus, which provides substantial evidence that the Kundalini experience is the initial, common and unifying element in all our religions and spiritual movements.

It is a thoroughly researched book based on fact and best evidence which discusses the mention of Kundalini in all the bibles of the world, the philosophers who have had this experience, the messiahs/prophets who have had this experience and the remarkable parallels that the Kundalini experience has with the near-death experience.

I feel that this book is a definitive text on Kundalini and is of great value to mankind as a whole due its unifying message and specifically to those interested in the history of Kundalini.

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6 years ago

...and yet still there seems to be a lot of confusion about the connection between ojas and kundalini.

4 years ago

Hi thanks for sharing this info please take the time to listen to my latest project Kundalini Rising