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Child Abuse story
6 years ago

This is a story from an anonymous member. It was asked that we get the story out there. So here it is.  This is an example of the very cause I want to make a difference in.

"I've been on the streets for about five years. I think my mother is still alive but my father is dead. I never knew him. My mother was living with this guy and he doesn't like me at all. He always beat me for no reason. They made me leave my home because of that.

After I left home, a lady took me off the street and told me I was going to work in her restaurant. She made me wash pots and pans from morning to night. She would beat me with the pots and pans on the head when she wasn't happy with my work. I was only 10 when I was taken by her. I have this big scar on my forehead where she would hit me with hot skillet when she was mad. She did this many times. I have headaches almost everyday now because of this. One time when she was really mad, she dropped a big iron pot full of hot grease from frying chicken onto my hand while it was still in the sink. I thought it cut off my hand, but it only crushed it and burned it real bad. She wouldn't take me to the hospital because she might get in trouble. She only wrapped my hand in rags until it got well."

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Anonymous Abuse
6 years ago

This is an horrific story. My God have mercy on her soul. Jesus said "suffer the children unto me". I pray she finds a loving home and that she becomes to know Jesus, if not already, for it is unto him that she finds love, peace,understanding, and forgiveness.

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too many stories
6 years ago

there are way too many stories like this-how could a mother turn

her kid out at 12-isn't that illegal. Every few months a horrible child abuse story

turns up in the paper. the mothers and boyfriends beating, torturing their children.

I follow them. These people never get much more than a few years in prison.

I don't get it-one mother only got manslaughter while her boyfriend jumped up

and down on her son's head. something is wrong.

" Enough is enough "
6 years ago

As another day goes by another horrifying story is released about a helpless defensive child who suffers. What will it take to stop the madness of these children who suffer. The laws need to be changed immediately to harsher punishment.I usually do not believe in punishment but when it comes to a child that is being preyed upon then the person who is hurting someone deserves the max for their actions and must be accountable for their behavior ! How many more children must suffer before you get this !!

stricter laws
6 years ago

I stand behind this statement 100%!Punishment MUST be SWIFT and SEVERE!

Story posted
6 years ago

Does anyone know what has become of this poor child? Is this child now safe? I broke my heart to read that!!! I wish so many times that I could just win the lottery and open a HUGE MANSION to take in children!!!

6 years ago


6 years ago

Hi Gail,

no i dont know what happened to the poor child
i imagine another statistic just like all the others, all forgoten about
until another tragic incident happens again. i will never understand
why this continues to happen. But i feel if the laws were stronger
maybe just maybe the perpetrator will think twice. Maybe this will
get resolved who know it seems like the people who are suppose to
protect feel they have other important issues out there.

6 years ago

Such a sad story and I wish I could round them all up and bring them home with me. They would learn what love and caring is really about. I just can't imagine how people can do this to their children. It totally breaks my heart!

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