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Society against child abuse
6 years ago
| protect our children

Society Against Child Abuse To inform, stop, and help those in need with being abused. Donations Go To: Prevent Child Abuse America A 501(c)(3) nonprofit View Fundraising History Positions: Child abuse is wrong and is detrimental to the well being of any kid. The media doesn't normally cover the subject often enough to really inform the population about the subject. To help kids learn that they don't have to hide that they were abused, and that they do have someone to run to if they need to. To help inform kids that there are other kids just like them. What to do if you gain knowledge of abusive acts. Category: Human Services Description: Each week, CPS (child protective services) agencies recieve over 50,000 reports of neglect or types of Child abuse. It's not a light subject. Many aren't aware of how traumatic abuse can be to a child. It can change their life in a matter of an instant. This group is geared towards raising awareness in the matter and to make an effort to help stop abuse. If you join, we ask that you PLEASE invite ANYONE you know. This is for a good cause, just think, by doing this, you're helping kids across the nation and the world who are being abused each day. If you have any suggestions, comments, fund raising ideas, stories, projects, etc, PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO PLEASE REFRAIN FROM MESSAGING EVAN AND MYSELF, please use the email address above! Thanks everyone!! Please also consider checking out the SACA facebook group. ( p?gid=2218559692) ^^ the link^^ Thank you, SACA (Society Against Child Abuse) CHAT ROOM!! WEBSITE WILL BE UP AND RUNNING SOON! THANK YOU! SHOP Thanks! --Christa Laukevicz-- SACA President FEATURED PETITION United States Fund for UNICEF Petition Put your name on the line to save children’s lives 43,495 signatures Every day, 25,000 children die who don’t have to. We believe it is possible to reach zero—zero children lost or disabled due to preventable causes like pneumonia, diarrhea, malnutrition and infection; zero mothers dying from …(more) Sign the Petition View Full Petition - Add Petition to Another Cause Metropolis Next Size: Megalopolis Members Needed: 2,229,318 more How big is this cause? 2,770,682 MEMBERS Join $37,053 DONATED Donate Fundraising Goal Congratulations! Thanks to the 108 donors who helped. $4,069 Donor Matches Create a Donor Match | See All When the cause reaches: members donated I will donate: $10 $25 $50 Donate a different amount... $.00 How People Are Helping Maddie K. Doucet joined the cause. 10:50pm Andrew W. Vahey joined the cause. 10:50pm Nicholas Zehnder joined the cause. 10:50pm Ylse Ramos joined the cause. 10:49pm Nan Obot joined the cause. 10:49pm See More Hall of Fame See All Recruiters 1. Vanessa 281 recruits 2. Joseph Hoyt Feliciano 198 recruits 3. Kiera Ja'Nae Lockhart 182 recruits 4. Toddy Keys 179 recruits 5. Eva 175 recruits Donors 1. Gabriel Gibson $2,205 donated 2. Edward Waters $550 donated 3. Weiping $500 donated 4. Maureen $500 donated 5. John Garvey $500 donated Fundraisers 1. Tommy Xia $500 raised 2. Catherine Rowan $500 raised 3. Kim Alley $250 raised 4. David Sheepwash $200 raised 5. Mia Fritzler DeRose $200 raised Media Board See AllDisplaying 3 of 316 media items. ShareAlan Otter posted a link. at 9:35am on April 12th, 2009 We need to educate our youth on new ways to fight this problem. We need to find new ways in prevention and safety from this. Please join me in this great cause to educate our youth. Thank you. Legacy World Schools Add a comment - View All Comments (3) - Ban ShareAnna Gonzalez posted a video. at 12:32pm on April 10th, 2009 The most important thing in the world... too many untold stories! Child Abuse Add a comment - View All Comments (5) - Ban ShareDenise Hampden posted a link. at 11:25am on April 10th, 2009 Join this really important Project. We will be sending a loud message that this must stop and the next 20 years will be about making change. Between March 8, 2009 and November 15, 2009 we will be accepting handkerchiefs and letters or notes from anyone, anywhere in the world. There are no limits on how long, or short your letter is. It can be 3 pages or 3 lines. Causes on Facebook | The Handkerchief Project to End Violence Against Women and Girls Add a comment - Ban Discussion Board Displaying 3 of 141 discussion topics.See All Is One Type Of Abuse Worse Than Other? 4 posts by 4 people.Updated 13 hours ago.CPS/APS/DHS Don't Help! 3 posts by 3 people.Updated 13 hours ago.Do you think wilful abortion is another type of abuse? 140 posts by 42 people.Updated 13 hours ago. The Wall See AllDisplaying 10 of 5,913 posts. Write on Society Against Child Abuse's Wall... Brooklyn Martin wrote at 8:46pm Please go check out this website I created for a non-profit organization in Easley, SC for Pickens County. Look around and help donate money to keep their organization (Prevent Child Abuse Pickens County) going. Message - Report - Delete - Ban Shannon Salmons wrote at 5:43am a good friend of mine,well her 5 mo old baby was shaken by her own father,,and now noone knows the fate it could be months b4 we know if she is permanetly hurt Message - Report - Delete - Ban Ryan Baker wrote at 5:37pm yesterday Mother is the name of God on the lips and hearts of all children, Father is the light that protects and guides all children on their journey to God. Message - Report - Delete - Ban Adewole Mark Christopher wrote at 6:35am yesterday am in ug so this plight is close to my heart, we all have a child in our hearts so anyone that betrays that child doesn't deserve the right to have children of their saddens me to see everyday in the news a child has been abused in one way or the other Message - Report - Dele

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