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9 years ago
| Café

Post your introductions here.
Write anything you like and if you want you can answer these questions: 



1. What made you interested in Japan?

2. Ever been to Japan?

3. What languages do you speak/learn?

4. Favorite anime:

5. Favorite manga:

6. Do you like sushi?




Got suggestions to intro-questions? post them in a reply to this thread.



9 years ago

1. Anime, manga, music, and culture.
2. No, I haven't been to Japan.
3. Pilipino, English.
4. Shakugan no Shana, Code Geass, Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Pokemon, .Hack series, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Chronicles, Ragnarok the Animation, Final Fantasy VII: Last Order, Fate/Stay Night
5. Everything created by the Ozie Team such as Fairy Seeker, Star Wars Manga Edition series
6. Yes, I like sushi.

9 years ago

1. What made you interested in Japan?

cool tech stuff

2. Ever been to Japan?

3. What languages do you speak/learn?

english and a lil spanish

4. Favorite anime:

dont have one

5. Favorite manga:

demon diaries

6. Do you like sushi?


9 years ago

Now that I'm finally able to post replies *sighs*

I just wanted to wish you welcome to the group <3

Hope I'll see more posts from you on this group ^_^


9 years ago

I like Japan. I like the peace and quiet there. I like walking along the quiet streets.
I like the people and the food and the life there. Of course I know I haven't seen all of it but so far... am still liking it.
Yes, was fortunate to have had the chance to stay in Japan for sometime... wish I could even stay there for good. I am a filipino so I speak tagalog and my own dialect, that is Visayan. I speak English too and a frustrated Japanese language learner. hehehehe
Anime????? hmmmm I know I love Doraemon... that's it.
I like sushi, sashimi, soba, I love Yoshinoya.... heehehehe... good for me as I have to be tight with my budget... Yoshinoya is affordable and Oishi des!
I like going to small food shops to buy the bento. I miss Okinawa...
Wish to meet people here... Ganbatte kudasai everyone!

9 years ago

Hi Crisel ^_^

How long have you been staying/living in Japan?

Hihi Doreamon, classic japanese anime =D and it's really good for learning japanese as well.

I love bento <3 I'm not very good at making them though (>.<) 

9 years ago

Never been in Japan, but my sensei often to go there and brings me omiyage ^^ Interested in the culture, because as a translator knowing the culture will make it easy to understand and love Kendo and hope to learn the archery..
Watched anime from voltus and more intense in 1999-that time I watched X, RG Veda, Vampire Princess Miyu, Heroic Legend of Arslan and Rurouni Kenshin, after that watch almost everything-recently Gundam Seed, Kyo kara Maou, Sokyuuno Faffner, Bleach and the newest Devil May Cry ^^ Manga..almost everything I guess..
Love sushi, hate natto ^^

9 years ago

Hi everybody!

Its taken me a while to post here. Im from Colorado, have have been interested in all things Japanese for a few years.

As far as the questions go:

1. Their wonderful films, anime, food & culture.

2. Not yet, would love to someday. Only place in Asia Ive been to is S.Korea.

3. So far only fluent in English, tho have studied French. I'd like to learn Japaese.

4. Favorite anime: So, I love a lot of the shoujo-ai & yuri. Overall Favs are Simoun, Devil Lady, Death Note, Haibane Renmei, Claymore, Death Note, Ichigo Mashimaro & Azumanga Daioh!

5. Favorite manga: Havent one yet.

6. Do you like sushi? California rolls, still havent developed a taste for raw fish yet..

8 years ago

Hi Elizabeth and Bobbie 


I'm so happy to see that people are joining the group ^_^



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