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5 years ago

thank you for this story Leigh i hope that they do ban horse meat over there

5 years ago
The Animal Law Coalition and Animals Angels have asked the U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) to investigate gross violations of humane laws and regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in connection with the commercial slaughter of horses.
5 years ago

i wish theywould ban the whip its horrible that anyone would beat a horse like that

5 years ago

The End of the whip in racing?

©Paolo_Camera Following Animal Aid’s high profile campaign to ban the whip in horse racing, and our meticulous documenting of the beatings meted out to horses by their jockeys, the British Horseracing Authority has been forced to tighten the rules surrounding whip use. Its own poll found that 57 per cent of people want an outright ban of the whip and racing insiders say this is the beginning of the end for whipping horses.

Find out how you can help us keep up the pressure

5 years ago

that is so sad... thank you Leigh

5 years ago

Young Horses Killed in Speed Tests

PETA investigators have documented that pushing undeveloped horses to run at extreme speeds can result in catastrophic breakdowns at pre-auction shows. See the video!

5 years ago

thank you Leigh for the post

5 years ago

IDA helped this wild horse return home!IDA Helps Mustangs Return Home

A family of nine rescued wild mustangs arrived safely at the DreamCatcher Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary in northeast California (Ravendale) on September 11, 2011. The mission was funded in part by IDA.

The horses were greeted by IDA's founder, Dr. Elliot M. Katz, who said: "These magnificent mustangs were brutally captured, torn from their families, starved, abused ... finally they can recover in protected care." Dr. Katz expressed great joy seeing the eight adult mustangs and one foal being returned to their native high desert lands.

Please click here to read more, and to contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives, demanding reform of the BLM's broken Wild Horse and Burro Program!

5 years ago
PETA India has been bombarded with complaints from people who were horrified to learn from this news video that a donkey was brutally killed in Churu on August 7, 2011. We have been informed by locals that this cruelty took place on the order of Govind Mhansariya, chair of Nagar Parishad, Churu dist...
5 years ago

thanks Terry

Cruelty to horses(closed)
5 years ago

Cruelty to horses

Re: "Congress should revisit horse slaughter ban," Bob Ray Sanders, Opinion, Aug. 22.

Whether it occurs in Canada, Mexico or the United States, horse slaughter is not humane euthanasia - far from it. It begins with an arduous journey for days in cramped double-decker trailers, and ends with a brutal and frightening slaughter process. Then, horsemeat is shipped overseas for foreign consumption, because, as Bob Ray Sanders put it, Americans and Canadians are repulsed by the thought of eating horses. We raise our horses as pets and companions, not meals.

The problem of U.S. horses being slaughtered in Canada and Mexico is not solved by reopening equine slaughterhouses in the U.S.

When a handful of slaughter plants did operate in the U.S., horses still travelled long distances across the country in dangerous double-decker trucks, and at slaughter plants, federal inspectors documented numerous instances of horses being shackled, hoisted and butchered while still conscious.

A better outcome is outlined in a new Government Accountability Office report, which recommends that Congress consider passing legislation to ban exports of U.S. horses for slaughter in Canada and Mexico while ensuring that this inhumane practice doesn't resume anywhere in the U.S.

That's exactly what a new bill in Congress, S. 1176, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, aims to do.

Congress needs to ban exports of horses for slaughter, not try to create a new network of U.S. slaughter plants.

Michael Markarian, Washington, D.C. Michael Markarian is the chief operating officer of the Humane Society of the United States.

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