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Welcome All New Members!
9 years ago
| Blue Label

Source of Photograph.....

     Welcome to Cavy Capers and Small Animal Antics!
Luis, Julie and Red!!!
9 years ago

Luis, Julie and Red,  I'm so glad you re-joined this group.  It was an awesome group at one time and I'm sure it will soon be so   again.  Don't be shy, we love to hear all of your stories about your  small animals. 

Hello Fred
9 years ago

Just checking in. I have 2 hamsters. One is a Teddy Bear and the other is a smaller version.  A friend of my grandson' threw the smaller one and broke his back legs. He is still alive and eating normally, but he has to drag himself around the cage. I just wanted to let you know my reason for joining this group. Plus I feel bad for the little guy. They are not my pets, but I still feel bad. Thanks for listening. Debbie


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