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Member Bulletin.....Regarding Petitions
10 years ago
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Please understand that we are in the process of building this group.
Therefore, we are not accepting Petitions at this time. It seems that each of our email boxes are inundated with forwards that contain Petitions, every day. The most upsetting ones, are obviously the graphic ones with photographs. The authors of these Petitions seem to feel that if you shock people they will be more apt to sign the
Petition. However, that sort of presentation usually ends up causing the recepient to merely delete the message and NOT signing the Petition. Therefore, any Petitions that are posted will be deleted. Does this mean that we do not sign Petitions? No, we sign a lot of
them, but we do not want them posted in our Group.
     I have seen too many Groups that have lost their original focus and end up merely posting Petitions. In time, those Groups become inactive. That is partly what happened to this Group. And for that reason, we are not accepting any Petition, Events or articles that do not follow the Subject of Cavy Capers or Small Animals.

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