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How To Raise Baby Bunnies
9 years ago
| Blue Label

 Our First Babies

It recently came to our attention that some of you would like more information about raising baby bunnies!

We can certainly sympathize with this concern because when our own rabbits first had babies we didn't know what to expect! We had raised kittens, puppies, chickens, pigeons, even horses -- but never a rabbit. "Surely," we thought, "it must be just like a cat having kittens -- the mother will spend most of her time with her babies, contentedly nursing them, and then go out occasionally to eat or get some exercise." Boy were we wrong!

Below is a directory of the basic information you will need to successfully raise your own baby bunnies, once you have a pregnant female rabbit.  Please realize that this information is intended to help you when your rabbit surprises you with a pregnancy -- or a litter of babies.  If you plan to intentionally breed your rabbits, we urge you to buy a couple of books on the topic and to visit some of the sites listed on our Bunny Links page.  And please, be responsible!  There are plenty of bunnies in need of good homes already.  Many will end up neglected or euthanized simply because there were not enough homes for all of them.

  Please stay tuned for the next installment.....


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