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Cat Beds
9 years ago

Written by Mary Anne Miller

Our cats have a cat bed. It is a California King and it is supposed to be our bed. But don't dare tell our cats that, or there would be a feline uprising!

Before I thought of buying individual cat beds, I would often try to tempt the crew off our bed, but with little avail. Oh, the cats would take the offered treats and toys. But after finishing their tasty snack, or playing with the toy, they would jump right back on our bed settling in for the night.

Using the Internet, I found more than my fair share of companies selling cat beds. Plush cat beds, cat beds with feathers attached, cat caves, the variety was staggering!

I tried to figure out how I could make these cat beds as attractive as our king-size bed. As much as I love our feline gang, once you have twelve cats and two adults on a king-size bed, movement becomes next to impossible.

Flipping over to sleep on your side simply motivates one cat to move with you and lay on your hip.

Turning your head on the pillow becomes a major undertaking, because one cat is sleeping across your neck, while another is purring next to your cheek.

What is it, about our bed that attracts these cats? I wondered, as I looked over all the selections.

Perhaps it is our body heat. So I purchased several heated cat beds. They were an instant success (in the wintertime). But come summer, the beds (even though they were turned off) stayed empty. The cats were now choosing to sleep on the shelves in our headboard or you guessed it, on our bed.

Maybe location was the key. We moved an old trunk down from the attic and set in on the floor at the end of our bed. We kept the trunk lid open, and placed inside, four cat beds of various styles. We also lined the floor of our bedroom with several types of cat beds; sleep sacks, nesting beds, cozy caves, peek-a-boo beds, and just regular cat pads. This seemed to do the trick for awhile, but it made it hazardous for us to navigate at night. If we didn't have a flashlight to help us find a clear path to the bathroom, we would inadvertently step on a cat's paw or tail, or worse yet, on a hairball... ewww!

We bought an old bookcase and renovated it into a multi-layered cat bed. The shelves were lined with carpet. Several cat beds were secured on top of the bookcase. My husband cut holes in the dividers of the shelving units, so the cats could pass easily from one shelf to the next. The cats love this sleeping unit.

We still have feline company in the wintertime; especially, if we forget to turn on the heated cat beds. But that's okay with me. If I have a cat purring in my ear, I am not so bothered by my husband's snores.

Though at times, his snore is muffled by the furry belly of a cat that wants to stretch out on his neck and throat, which between you and me (as loud as my husband snores) that cat has chosen the best cat bed in the house!
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