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Keep Your Baby Canaries Happy and Healthy Part Six
9 years ago

Organs, flutes, pipes, and bells were added as training devices and the...

Russian Canary was born.

In the early 1900's canary song contests were organized and the areas of Pavlovo-on-Oka, Nizhniy Novgorod, and Petersburg became hot beds of breeding and showing for the Russian Singer Canary.

Russian canaries today are prized for their wonderful "natural sounding" songs developed over the past 300 years by mimicking the natural birds of Russia..

Russian canaries are not numerous yet in America but they are gaining in popularity.

     Please stay tuned for the next installment.....

9 years ago

Russian canary

Thanks to for the photo.

The Spanish Timbrado. The newest and L-O-U-D-E-S-T variety of all the canary types. The Spanish Timbrado canary is an interesting variety because he is closest to..

Spanish Timbrado Canary

The newest and L-O-U-D-E-S-T variety of all the canaries is...

The Spanish Timbrado Canary.

9 years ago

Developed in Spain in the 1940's and 1950's the Spanish Timbrado is an interesting variety because he is closest genetically to the original wild canary found in the Canary Islands.

When developing the Spanish Timbrado, the breeders crossed the wild canary to some of the wild song birds of Spain and came up with a canary with a...

9 years ago

Unique Singing Voice.

The Spanish Timbrado has a very loud clear metallic sound with bell tones. The song of the Spanish Timbrado is bright and cheery and resembles the chattering of Spanish castanets.

The Spanish Timbrado has a...

Beautiful Appearance.

He is a large variety of canary and can be found in...

  • green
  • yellow
  • white
  • cinnamon
  • variegated (light base color with dark markings).
9 years ago

Spanish Timbrado Canary

Spanish Timbrado Canary

The Waterslager canary has a fascinating way of mimicking running water. This intriguing babbling brook sound is how the Waterslager got its name.

9 years ago

The Waterslager Canary

Developed in Belgium, the Waterslager Canary--like the Roller--often sings with his beak closed.

The result of singing with a closed beak is a pleasant watery sounding tone.
9 years ago

This singer has, however, been known to open the beak to release the occasional...

Tidal Wave of Sound.

This LOUD but low pitched sound is attributed to the fact that the Waterslagers have a genetic disposition to be hard of hearing.

The sounds of the Waterslager canaries are...
8 years ago
A mimicking of water flowing or water dripping into a pool and the Waterslager MUST make these "water notes" or he will NOT be excepted as a true Waterslager.

The Waterslager Canary is one of the most popular canaries in Europe and the breed is almost as old as the German Roller.

These Song canaries can be seen in light to deep yellow only--with ticks (small dark specks) on some.

8 years ago

A few whites can be found but are not generally accepted among Waterslager breeders and clubs.

This unique Song canary is also known as the Water Singer, Belgian Waterslager Song Canary, or Malinois Canary.

8 years ago

Waterslager Canary


Song Canaries

Song canaries are bred specifically for their song with little or no regard for their color or other physical characteristics.

In the beginning...ALL canaries were...

Song Canaries. 

8 years ago

Well...actually they were WILD canaries used as singers.

They were caught in the Canary Islands and shipped to Europe where they became popular for their beautiful singing.  Canary owners soon discovered that the canaries adapted well to being held in a cage and that they reproduce well in captivity.

8 years ago

The wild canaries were mostly green but in time breeders produced a yellow canary...and then another one with an interesting body shape... and discovered the joy of breeding for different Color and Type.

But the singer continued to be the MOST popular among the general population.  And...

8 years ago

Breeders continued to breed the canary for better and more "free" singing-->In the canary world to sing "freely" is to sing a LOT...

About 200 years ago Germans "opened their wings" and flew to new heights of breeding for song...producing canaries that were rivaled nowhere.  They discovered that songs--and the ability to mimic and learn new songs--were...


8 years ago

Today, song canaries are bred to improve songs and singing ability

Most people don't realize that...

Canaries Can Be Trained.

That is...trained to sing a specific song. 

8 years ago

By using recorded songs or a "trainer" canary the birds are encouraged to sing in a particular way.  They hear the same song over and over and learn to sing that song particularly well.

The Hartz Mountain region of Germany produced the Roller--one of the most popular of the song canaries today.

This canary type comes in a variety of colors including...

8 years ago
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Brown
  • White
  • and of course Yellow. 

Many are "variegated"--a spackling of a dark color and a light color. 

Although these canaries are a joy to look at they are judged based on the quality of their song.
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