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WARNING: NDAA 2012 Is 'Un-American'!!!
6 years ago
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This is a public awareness campaign against the National Defense Spending Bill just signed by President Obama 2012, so please share this important information aggressively ... TY!!!


Can we continue to trust President Obama to keep his promises?

How has his promise-keeping track record been thus far??

You should be concerned, as I and many other U.S. citizens are now becoming aware!!!

Please share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace ... etc, because this is exactly what I am doing right now ...


Obama Admits NDAA 2012 Is 'Un-American', But Signs It Anyway

US Politics & Gov't

PinkMindy  - 4 hours ago -


Although President Obama 'pledges' not to take advantage of this newly signed National Defense legislation for himself, which clearly threatens many rights and freedoms of its American citizens, then why would he empower his successors to take future action???

Thank you for taking affirmative action by sharing this important information now -- Please protect American Rights & Freedoms, rather than protecting a highly questionable Chicago politician!!!


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