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Earth's Axial Tilt Has Shifted South Increasing Global Disasters
6 years ago
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Mega Food for Thought Here!!!


Dead birds falling from clear skies, marine life washing ashore in increasing numbers, massive extinction event in progress, earthquakes/tsunamis & volcanoes everywhere, melting glaciers creating ocean level rise, El Ninos and La Ninas going out of balance, global temperatures fluctuating widely ...

Gee, what does it take to get your attention that something tremendous is going on???


I have noticed the sun rising much further northwest in the summer and much farther southeast during our current winter.


Our governments are obviously NOT telling us everything ...


But of course we already knew that part! ... PinkMindy.




- 18 hours ago -


Everyone can see the not-so-subtle changes occurring all around our planet and the world governments would like it very much if you could continue to ignore these events, therefore hoping you go about your daily business just as if nothing were going on!

hot!!!  |  18 comments  |  38 recommends


Thank you for noting, commenting and especially for forwarding this!!!


6 years ago

All I can say is that the weather pattern in southern CA has been very strange the last couple years.


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