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9 years ago

i have been subjected to verbal abuseand it .......... feels like racism........ i was born in the US and althought i left some time ago i still speak with an American accent somewhat, and i am an US citizen,Canadian and Aussies are treated quite differantly,and i have discovered that if you say although your from the US

(but from near the Canadian border)

seems to make it ok........... i have lots of US friends who live outside of the US and this Anti-Americanism is quite common...... bit better now Obama is in power over there althought he is fooling you all it is plain to see!


It can be very upsetting...... i think this kind of behaviour amounts to full on racism

i appreciate that people often don't understand why I have so much pride, they think it's brainwashing

it is not


9 years ago

Hi Green Girl - glad you made it here. You know, sometimes you don't sound at all like a looney left eco-nazi.


I've spent more of my adult life in Europe than in the US, but haven't experienced quite as much anti-American bias. Maybe because I have an effective way to deal with it - punch the offending moron in the face really hard. It's great fun, and the surprised and indignant look on their faces when they wake up is priceless. You'll want to be sure to carry a camera with you to record it.


Obama seems to be fooling fewer people every day - both here and in Europe. The shelf life of a Messiah is short if he doesn't produce miracles, and people are starting to notice.

A side note...
9 years ago

often times dissent to government decisions is considered unpatriotic or anti-american. I always cite the Edward Abbey quote in reference to this fallacious assumption, "a patriot is ready to defend his country against his government."

9 years ago

That's pretty much what I'm getting ready to do.

It's true...
9 years ago

something needs to be done. I hope enough support is gathered, currently I believe we are all too divided. I may retreat like a coward, however wise, to grow food off grid in my later years, but only time will tell.

9 years ago

Not me - I need a city to live in, with restaurants, coffee shops, live music and places to read my poetry. I'll fight for it.

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