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1.] REVIVAl~Planning in the winter~

2.] Following a highway~

3.] Choosing an area for revival; county, state, or country~

4.] Choosing a team~

5.] Prayers; plans, and preparation~

6.] Research and correspondence.

7.] How to travel and where to stay~

8.] Praying for a message and protection~

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"In the dead of winter so to speak; when many are stuck inside, is the best time to plan."

This is the time when you can really put down on paper what your revival will be like; this is the time of year when you can pray about guidance in your planning. And this is the time of year when your fellowship can gather to join in planning, prayer, and fellowship.

When planning your revival; you must decide many things; such as what type of revival to have, where to have your revival, (whether to choose one locality, or follow a highway!), and how to put it together. You and your fellowship must prayerfully do this together!

Goals are also a consideration in planning a revival. Are you looking to bring salvation to many? Or to bring encouragement to other followers of Christ Jesus? Perhaps you are combining goals and praying for certain outcomes? In any case; winter is the best time to do this; with prayers at every step!

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Jan 12, 2013

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One way of holding revivals is to travel from village to village. When you decide that this is the way to carry out your revival; than you need to decide which villages, and one way to do this is to follow a highway. In any case, you will need a map; or maybe even more than one map.

Since you are aiming your goal of revival towards villages, you might even go to an anitque store, a second hand book store, history book store, or library to find older maps. This is because a new map might take off a village or hamlet that has lost significant population, but an older map may still have these villages and hamlets on the map! And even though the newer maps have taken these hamlets or villages off the map, there may still be individuals and families that still live there! This is the case of Meriam, Nebraska. A hamlet in Red Willow Country, that still exists, but not on the map. These people need to hear the word of God, as much as anyone does. Their church has been closed and long since deteriorated, but God has not forgotten them. There are many hamlets and villages such as this one.

5 years ago

If you decide to go from village to village; with your revival, you should consider following a highway. In order to do this you will need to study your maps, and decide which highway you should follow. Pray about this and ask for guidance. Study the villages, and hamlets. Get to know their population, their location, and their character. For instance; do they have a church? What kind of businesses do they have, and are they close to the highway, or futher away from the highway? Do google searches, and if you can visit the villages you are planning revival for ahead of time. If you travel a great distance you will need places to stay the night, or several nights, and Jesus instructed the disciples to stay with other Christians. This may or may not work out for you; however, you should definitly pray about it. You will also need to know how many miles you will be traveling, and estimate the cost of travel expences. In our area there are very few Penticostal Churches; so you will need to find a place to hold your revivals also. You will find each village and hamlet different, but some may have auditoriums, or other buildings at hand, while others do not, and you might even consider tent revivals which will allow you a revival place to meet, as long as you can rent a camping area! Some areas may have free camping for a certain amount of time!

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Than you must plan how long you plan to stay at each village! What amount of time do you have? And how many villages do you plan to reach? Will you stay on the same highway; or will you branch out? Will you stop at the state line, or will go into the next state? All of this must be considered. If you are using your vacation time, you might not want to go very far, but if you planning the entire summer for revival, you might want to travel farther along the highway. Other consideration is how many people will be coming with you, road conditions, and weather conditions.You will also have to have emergency supply kits, extra food supply backup, and bottled water, blankets, and sleeping bags, and all the same traveling gear that a hiker, or explorer would have, and it is important to have vehicles in good shape, in good repair, and with four wheel drive!

And finally, you will want to pray that you are given wisdom in meeting and talking with the people of a hamlet of village. You might make some really good friends, win some souls, and you are surely going to be planting seeds! I would suggest taking along a large address book, and a digital camera so that you will have visuals when you speak about your revivals, and for when you pray!

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Week-end revivals:

Another option is to travel to a village; or hamlet, every week-end. You won't be able to travel as far; however, more people will be able to participate, and there will be less pressure when it come to where to stay, and perhaps less expense. These types of revivals can be ongoing, and can be more easily visited in the future. You also will have more time; perhaps, to visit with the villagers, or people living in a hamlet, and establish relationships ! This still requires prayer and planning but allows for a more flexible schedual and can grow into a real mission. God can work miracles in any situations; and no matter what highway plan you decide on; you will be working under God's cover, and your labor will bear fruit!

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If you perfer to have a revival in one area; than you have the choice of a county, territory, state and country. It depends alot on your ability to travel to the area of choice. Traveling to another country will take a great deal of financial resources; as well as time to travel, and finding people who are willing and able to go with you. Even traveling to another state or territory; can be expensive depending on the situation; however, if you plan to take your revival to small villages, staying within your own county; or with surrounding counties, might be your best bet. It all depends on what the Lord is leading you to do, and what your resources are.

I do like the ideas of going to small villages within your country; and also going to nearby villages, to hold your revivals.

The Lord has really revealed this to me; in my early visits to villages to photograph churches, and old buildings. I saw that in many villages there is a need for revival, and for  shepherds. Some villages have churches and some do not, but there is always room for revival, and villages have been long neglected. In some countries such as Africa and Pakistan, villages are neglected and forgotten also. In fact, all over the world, villages are in need of revival and shepherds! And starting with your own county; than spreading out from there, like the spokes of a wagon wheel, is a good way to begin.

5 years ago

Since having revivals in your own county; and nearby counties, make it easier to make your community a base, you can plan the revivals you have when it is convenient for you, and your fellowship. It is also a good way to establish relationships, and get to know your neighbors. You may even be able to establish Bible Studies and prayer meetings for the nearest villages. And perhaps you can send teachers out to the villages further out! With prayer, planning, and listening to the Holy Spirit, you will be successful; however, remember that even the great revivalists in various times of our history, started out alone with much prayer; and persistant prayer! Revival doesn't always happen overnight!

In any case you can pray and prepare yourself during this long cold winter, and perhaps call and write to any Christians you can find in other villages, as part of your preparation.

There are other things to prepare for. You must plan a budget, and put together a revival team, You must look for the best dates for revival on the calender, and find places to hold your revival. When you can make reservations; but also trust in the Lord to find places for you to hold revival at.

This means you must explore the villages you plan to visit, and know what is available. Google searches are a good place to begin. If you are adventurous, you might even visit some of the villages and talk to the villagers, the village councils, and scout the areas, so that you have a better idea of what  is available, in terms of building or outdoor revival area available. If you can find others who are willing to help you with your revival, that will help you also. Perhaps you can establish prayer groups in other villages to help you pray about the revival!

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If the villages and hamlets you plan to visit do not have churches or buildings, than you must rely completely on the Holy Spirit to guide you on what to do; however, remember this, the Holy Spirit would not guide you to any village, if the Lord did not want revival there, so you must not give up! The Lord will show us great and mighty things! And these may be your best revivals, even though you do not see evidence of it at first, God's plan will be revealed. You might use a campground, rent an area from a farmer or rancher, gain permission to hold an inside revival in someone's home, or find an unexpected answer; through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit! And sometimes you might find a hidden little village or hamlet, that is just waiting for revival! Most of all remember, that it is not the number of people there, but the people that the Lord has chosen to be there that counts, and it is truly amazing the way the Lord can pull together a plan that is amazing. Do not lose faith in your revival, but instead, remain vigilant in prayer!

Psalm 31:24

24.) Be of good courage,

And He shall strenghten your heart

all you who hope in the Lord.

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When choosing a team; you must first go to God! Continual prayer and reliance on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, will be the answer to your quest. So first you must put together a prayer team; and pray daily, in fasting, and perhaps even together for a whole week-end, to be led to the right people; or even have them led to you. Pray deeply in the Spirit when you seek a revival team!

You will need a speaker for your revial team; perferably a preacher, or evangelists, but at least someone who can speak to a crowd, and talk about Jesus and salvation. Your God appointed revival team may include, prophets, teachers, workers of miracles, healers, helpers, encouragers, administrators, people who speak in tongues, people who interpret tongues, singers, those who have the gift of knowledge, or the gift of wisdom, those who can work miracles, or discern spirits, and all these gifts are from the Holy Spirit!

Read 1 Corinthians 12:1-14;  1 Corinthians 12:28, and 1 Corinthians 14:15.

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When you pray; it is important that you pray in agreement, Matthew 18:19 & 20. Prayer is more effective when a team is in agreement, and this is more likely to happen when guided by the Holy Spirit.

I would advise you to begin right away in prayer; and to begin to choose you team now, rather than to wait until later. You will need to pray and meet with your new revival team; to go over plans, and to become aquainted with each other. And the more your revival team prays together; the more likely you will be a team united, and led by the Holy Spirit.

Your singers will need to choose the music they will play; on instruments, and sing, for  the villages you go to when summer arrives. They will also need to practise!

Your team will need to study the Bible together.

Individuals on your team will need to make plans also, with the work place and at home with the family; so that they are free to travel with the revival team.

Someone will have to make arrangements, visit the villages, and have a place for the revival to take place. Plans do change so updates will be neccesary!

The revival team will need to be informed of what is going on; and work together to make sure the revival happens as nearly as possible to what is planned! This requires regular meetings

5 years ago

Lay pastors need to be elected; or choosen through prayer, to begin a regular service at least once a week.  A practise that was used in the 1800's and early 1900's in the Midwest; and in rural areas, and is still needed in this day and age!

It is cruel to bring new souls to a relationship in Christ, and than to abandon them!

You lay pastors should have a strong and solid foundation in Christ, understand the Bible, and have a strong prayer life. The exception is when you are following a highway. These villages may be far enough away; that a lay paster would have to move to the village needing services. Through prayer the right person can be found to do this job also.

Because  each situation may be uniquely different, it takes a great deal of prayer, to  choose lay pastors and to find  those who can make that trip once a week, or even move to the more remote villages. It is essential though that this is done, even in villages where no one appears interested, because the prayer that is done once a week in that village, by a lay pastor, will bear fruit!

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Revival takes alot of planning and preparation; but without your prayers it would be a fruitless operation. You must always include Jesus, and put God first in this. You must pray in the Holy Spirit, and be Spirit led. When you begin this Godly project, you must spend time in prayer, and so must your revival team. At first you might have to pray alone, but with persistence you can pray with a team of God's choosing. In your prayers you must seek deligently the leading of the Holy Spirit. You must be certain of what path the Lord want's you to follow! Whether you gather to pray once a week, or once a day, or go on a prayer quest; where you continually pray for a certain number of days; you must be consistent in your prayer, and you must be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit!

No one has ever led a successful revival without prayer! When you study the great men of past prayer revivals, that swept across the countries, you begin to realize that this venture for revival, always started with one person, and often that person spent days, weeks, months and sometimes years praying before everything and everyone came together; and a great revival was put forth! You must seek the Lord with all your heart, and with all of your spirit!

5 years ago

When you have your prayer team together and your revival team together: you can start planning. The more extended your revival is going to be the more planning you need to do! If you plan to travel a great distant you will need more; and extensive planning, but even if you are traveling to the next village, or country, you will need to carefully plan your revival, to make sure that things can go more smoothly for you. You will have to plan on and budget expenses, such as gasoline for vehecles, food expenses, vehecle repair expenses, and if traveling overnight, expenses for sleeping arrangements. (The most Biblical way is to find Christians who live in the villages you hold revivals in; and stay with them!) Other than that you will have to call motels and campgrounds to determine the costs of overnight traveling.

You will have to take emergency supplies for break downs, illness, accidents, and other unexpected occurances. You should plan on finding as many four wheel drive vehicles in good shape as possible. You will need camping gear; whether you are camping out; staying at a Christians house, or in a motel. Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, medical supplies, such as bandaides, gauze, tape, alcohol, and peroxide, Neosporin, first aide creme, and candles, lighters, and matches, flares, and emergency contact equipment. Tents should be included, and even a small campfire cooking stove, because when you are traveling, emergencies can happen.

5 years ago

You will also need to plan for what kind of team you need! Someone who is a good speaker, perhaps a pastor, or a lay pastor, musicians, helpers, encouragers, and whoever else the Lord leads to become a part of your team. They must be able to attend the revivals, and you should plan for replacements in case of illness, or other problems. These team members will have to take off work, and travel with you, and either have transportation, or a ride with another team member. A schedule will have to be made, and perhaps you might want to advertise! Some revivilists rely heavily on the Lord to meet their needs; in which case you will need a great deal of faith, but I would still have emergency supplies even in this case!

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There is nothing wrong with being prepared! And since it is better to prepare far ahead of time; here are some of the things you can do! Once you decide where and when you are holding your revivals; you must make phone calls, and set up the arrangements for revival meeting areas, for sleeping arrangements, for food, or eating arrangements, and for meeting pastors and village members along the way. There might be some villages that have a church with a willing pastor that will participate in the revival. Some villages might have a building you can meet in, while in some villages, you might have to use a tent! These are some things you can pray about and make phone calls about. You of course should be gathering emergency supplies, finding vehicles, and you should be working with your team to put together a theme, and to prepare for the revival meetings as well as for traveling arrangements. Your singers should be practising for the their part as well, and it doesn't hurt to meet with those who will recieve you on the designated revival days.

5 years ago

You should also pray and petition the Lord to send you Prayer Warriors, Prayer Guardians, and  Intercessors. In a revival there is always a need for these!

Jesus sent His disciples out with practically nothing when evangelizing and witnessing; but if you do this, you must be sure that is what the Lord really wants you to do. In most cases, I would say these three are neccesary, Prayer, Planning, and Preparation!

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Now is the time to do research and correspondance.


By research; I mean finding out exactly where you can hold your revivals in each village, how much travel, sleeping and eating arrangements will be, where you are going to stay, and what rent you will have to pay for campgrounds, or building rentals. I also mean who; in the village will help you, take you in for your stay there, and whether there are churches that you can hold your revival in. Although it may be difficult to research gasoline prices, you should try to do estimates of this also, bearing in mind that the summer may bring lower, or higher gasoline prices.


This is of course extremely important! If there is a Christian, or a pastor who can help with the revival, please contact him/her. You don't want to stomp on his/her territory; but rather work with him to make your revival work harmonious with other Christians, understanding that some Christians are opposed to the Pentecostal Faith. The Pastors you should be contacting are Pentecostal, Assembly of God, Church of God; Pentecostals, Independent Pentecostal Churches, although there may be some Non-Pentecostal Churches who want to join us in unity.

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So the first thing for you to do is to write to Christians, Pastors and churches who might be supportive of you and ask them to join in with your efforts.

1.] Write a letter briefly explaining what you plan to do, ask them to join in with you, and include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

2.] Wait two weeks and than call all the people you have written too, and ask for them in person. If possible make an appointment to speak with them, but if not possible, at least explain that you want to hold a revival in their community and would like them to join in with this.

3.] After you speak with them, be sure to thank them in person, and then write a letter expressing  how much you appreciate  their time and attention, and thank them.

4.] After you are sure that they are interested in uniting to hold a revival, you may ask if they know of anyone who could let you stay at their house overnight at least.

5.] Be sure to mail them your plans and  keep in touch with them.

You also might have to write to the village council if you plan to have your revival out of doors, about permission, and any kind of licensing and  permits you must have, for out door activities. Most hamlets are so small that you do not have to worry about this! And you will have to contact the village; or owner of the campground you plan to use.

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This is the last message of the (Winter) Singers and Gatekeepers for we are already into March and Spring is a little late this year but will come! I am including the message: Praying for a message and protection~

When planning to go on a revival; you must plan for travel and for where to stay! What you need for your revival travels depends alot on where you are going; and how you will carry out your revival. If you are following a highway you need a tough, fourwheel drive with lots of room. If you are driving on country roads, up moutains roads or hilly passages, or through tough rural areas, you will need a four wheel drive. However, if you are driving on nicely paved highways to the nearest village which may be 12 to 20 miles away, a van that is in really good shape; and also roomy might be okay. The further away you go; and the more in rural and country areas, the more you must plan for this.You also must plan for emergency supplies, how to transport a tent, (if needed), and for emergency repairs on your vehicle; some such being spare tires, excedra.

Again the same rule applies; the further you travel, and more rule and in the country you are traveling, the more emergency supplies are needed. You should take sleeping bags, first aide kits, blankets, clean water, canned and dried foods, as well as fresh food, can openers, camping stoves, flares, cell phones, two way radios, and other forms that you can communicate.

If you have lap tops and other electronic devices to call for help with that is good also. You also can create a web site to broadcast your revival if you desire.

5 years ago

Before we go to the next subject; I want to mention that many men have traveled from village to village on foot with nothing to their name and preached the word of God causing a revival that could only be of God, through the Holy Spirit. My Great, Great Grandfather Simeon Austin, who was an ordained Minister of the United Brethern, and an abolitionist, not only road from village to village, in blizzards, and rainstorms, waded through trecherous waters, and in the heat of summer to bring the word of God to villages in several states, but also went from home to home on his travels. He preached in a sod church, with hay bales for seats, and he established many churches in several states.

In Africa, Pakistan, and other countries such as these; men still do this very thing, walking from village to village to take the word of God to others!


Each time you go anywhere in this day and age; you must think about money concerns. Traveling in rural area, or in other cities you must consider this.

So if you use check, credit card, or debit card, or a Wal-mart credit card that you pay for over the counter, you should buy a security box, (a good one) keep your cards in these, and keep it in a safe place in your vehicle,which you are traveling in. This is of course for traveling for revivals. You also should keep a certain amount of cash in your security box so that when you can not use your check because it is out of town, (especially when you cross state lines), you will be able to buy food, and other supplies. You must have a budget and plan to help you achieve your goals with revival.

Jesus sent his men to the different villages with no money, or plans, only faith. Some people do this as Jesus did and rely on the generousity of those led by the Holy Spirit. But people can be hard and cold, in this day and age, and you must be sure that when you do something like this, that the Holy Spirit, leads you in this endeaver. The Lord, has an individual plan for each and every person, and some may be led this way; or some that way, but always on the path of righteousness!

5 years ago

Praying for a message and protection~

Finally when you are ready to go on your revival trip; or your revival week-ends you need to pray for a message from the Lord to help you in your revival, and to pray for protection of all in the revival; including your team.

I  always believe it is important to pray for protection; no matter what you do, where you do it, or when you do it. You as an individual, and as a group, or team, should offer prayer before you go on your revival; right before a revival, and in every village; as well as along the way. Your revival need to be a message given by God, and recieved by everyone who hears that message, with an open and recieving spirit!

When you are about to have a revival; pray for Prayer Guardians to pray through the revival, pray for a hedge of protection to be places around the revival, and a hedge of protection to be cast over the revival. You need guardian angels to surround the revival, the team, the people who come to the revival, and the speaker! Unfortunately in some countries, and in some areas, you need to pray for Warrior Angels to come with their firey chariots to fight off demonic spirits, rebels, and extremists so that you can have a safe; and successful revival. So whenever you can, put together a team of Prayer Warriors, Prayer Guardians, and Intercessors to pray for the revival before; during, and after!

And since this is the last Winter Singers and Gatekeepers; I pray in faith; that God Blesses your revivals, and that the Lord is with you in all of your endeavers! See you in the Spring Singers and Gatekeepers!

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