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Hi Donna,

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Thanks for encouraging the body to pray and stand up for persecuted Christians. I just started a petition to free Behnam Irani. I would appreciate any help in promoting it.

7 years ago

Former Muslim Faces His Persecutors
Muzein was an esteemed witchdoctor in his Ethiopian village but, after befriending Christians and accepting Christ, he was pronounced "dead" by his father. Earlier this year many sent Muzein letters of encouragement. Although Open Doors is no longer receiving letters for him, Muzein now shares about his life in Christ, his recent visit back to his village and his hopes for the future.
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7 years ago

Watch it on TV or streaming live on your computer.

Ted Baehr from the Movieguide® says: "The Undercover with Persecuted Christians TV programs are not only powerfully emotive and compelling, but they also offer incredible hope and help for persecuted Christians throughout the world.

We screen 100% of the theatrical movies, and Undercover with Persecuted Christians TV programs are as good as the best of them." "Discover their world. Gain an Intimate view of Persecuted Christians. Discover what sustains them. Share in the joy of their suffering; rejoice with them in our common faith. Watch live at 9pm EST 6PM PST.

7 years ago

September 1st, 2011

Dear Donna,

While our children set off for school to meet their new teachers and reunite with friends, many other children around the globe face a much different reality. In some parts of Indonesia girls are required to wear a hijab (head-covering) in public schools, if they refuse they risk being blocked from passing final exams. In Bangladesh children of Christian parents who are former Muslims are often victims of discrimination, receiving lower grades than they deserve and come under verbal and physical abuse from schoolmates. Join in prayer this week for persecuted children worldwide who are often denied medical care, education and other opportunities simply because they are Christian.

7 years ago
Global Reactions to John Stott's Death
Pastors: Alabama Immigration Law Will Crimp Outreach
Churches in states with tighter laws on immigration may see unintended consequences.
By Ken Walker
7 years ago
World’s Worst Religious Persecutors: Doug Bandow, an expert in International Religious Freedom, published an article last week about countries that persecute their religious minorities. Bandow states that the measurement of a government’s legitimacy is largely found in whether it protects basic human rights, at the heart of which lies religious liberty. He proceeds to summarize the abuses of the worst religious persecutors in the world—countries like North Korea, Eritrea, Nigeria, Iran, and China. The article concludes by stressing that a free nation like the United States must denounce persecution abroad and tenaciously defend religious liberty at home. Read the article>> 
7 years ago

Christian Women in Central Asia Earns a Livelihood While Spreading the Gospel
With a smile, Dana sets out her handmade wares and proudly points out new designs and new color combinations. Dana, once rejected by her family because of her faith, has been able to stand on her own because of a microcredit loan from Open Doors. "This is not just a business," she says. "This is also my ministry."
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8 years ago

Ramadan is a season of spiritual severity. The Muslim community around the world refrains from food and other pleasures in order to cleanse the soul and renew their devotion to Allah.

Though violence against Christians intensifies during Ramadan, many have visions of Jesus and put their trust in Him.

Can you think of a more urgent time for the body of Christ here in the US to unite in prayer for the Muslim World?

8 years ago
Open Doors President, Dr. Moeller, discusses the expulsion of Christian foreigners in Morocco as well as the crackdown on local converts to Christianity who have experienced increasing surveillance, interrogations, and in a couple of cases, beatings.  Read More>>
8 years ago
Setting the story straight.
Why are women and children being targeted? Why were the attackers wearing military uniforms? Was is it really a Muslim village that was attacked in January?
 ICC's President, Jeff King, interviewed CSW Nigeria representatives to find out the real story on the ground in Nigeria. Check out our full audio interview online to hear their answers to some important questions like these:
Why women and children?
"Well, probably because they were the only ones who couldn't get away quickly enough. They basically attacked early in the morning. They shot in the air to wake people up and then, as the people ran out at the sounds of shots and shouting, they were hacked down."
"And one of the strategies, also, is so that they can finish a whole generation. By the time you finish the women and the children, then you are done with that generation of people. It's like the kind of strategy that Pharoah used against the Israelites."
Why were the attackers wearing military uniforms?
"The military, for start, somehow managed to miss convoys of Muslims with axes and machetes traveling in the night during curfew hours. So that raised suspicions at the beginning. ... Generally in Nigeria, when you drive around, there are check points. Especially in Jos."

"The things we are now hearing is that some of the attackers were dressed in a new military uniform that was issued specifically so that you could distinguish fake soldiers from real soldiers. And this uniform should really not be available generally. Or so everybody was informed. Yet, according to the survivors of last night's attack, some of those attackers were wearing that very uniform."

The media is calling these attacks revenge for a January attack by Christians on the Muslim village Kuru Karama. What's the real story?
"The Kuru Karama story has still not been proven. I know Al Jazeera and, I think, Human Rights Watch, spread this story because they were informed by random Muslims on the ground that this was an attack on a Muslim village by Christian militias or Christian youths that ended up with Muslims being stuffed into wells and Muslim houses burned.
However, Kuru Karama was never a Muslim village. That's point number one. When these people went there, they did not look for the village head, which is what you traditionally do when you want to find out what's happening in a village... The village head is a non-Muslim. There's no way a Muslim village would have a non-Muslim village head. And he tells us a completely different story.
He actually had to flee from the area... and he also relates that houses that were burnt and shown as Muslim, were actually Christian. And that some of the bodies were Christian. So it was not a massacre of 150 Muslims by Christians.
... The fact that [the January attack] is now being used to stoke up hatred... I think those who, first of all, came up with that story, need to go back to the whole source and correct what they said."

For further updates on this breaking story
9 years ago
ORISSA PRAYER AND ADVOCACY TELECONFERENCE: The Open Doors Prayer and Advocacy Departments hosted our first joint conference call with supporters to pray for the victims of violence in Orissa, India and to lift up the 1-year anniversary advocacy campaign prior to its launch. The opportunity to interact with you, our supporters, and to hear your heartfelt prayers, was a highlight for our team!
9 years ago
ADVOCACY EFFORTS IN WASHINGTON, DC & AT THE UNITED NATIONS: The Advocacy Department has made great strides in our relationship building and presence on Capitol Hill, at the State Department, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom and at the United Nations in New York City.  We have strengthened existing relationships and formed many new ones throughout the year as we present the needs of persecuted Christians to these policy makers and work with them to intervene on behalf of those we serve.  Open Doors’ unique position working both in the field with suffering Christians and directly with policy makers allows us to relay important information regarding what is happening to Christians around the world.  Your support of our grassroots campaigns gives us greater credibility in DC and at the UN because policy makers know that Open Doors has supporters backing up our efforts who are willing to take action for persecuted Christians. 
9 years ago

U.N. DEFAMATION OF RELIGIONS RESOLUTION: In October, Open Doors launched a grassroots campaign called the Free to Believe Campaign to help combat the UN Defamation of Religions Resolution. Nearly 5,000 Open Doors supporters signed the "Free to Believe" petition to “Say NO to the Defamation of Religions Resolution.” Using the support shown by our petition, the advocacy department joined with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Heritage Foundation, and Jubilee Campaign to lobby UN country missions in NYC to vote against the resolution.  In positive response, five countries changed their votes in the November 3rd Committee vote. Open Doors staff returned to NYC prior to the General Assembly (GA) vote to meet with more country missions.  In the December General Assembly vote, 19 countries made positive moves in changing their votes on the Defamation of Religions Resolution. Full Story>>

9 years ago
In another blatant attack against the Judeo-Christian ethic in America, county officials in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania are being forced to remove their traditional nativity scene and menorah from the courthouse lawn.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Americans United for Separation of Church and State threatened to sue the cash-strapped county if they did not remove the displays. Rather than try to fight a lawsuit that would have cost the debt-ridden county's taxpayers upwards of $175,000, County Solicitor Vito DeLuca chose to remove the display.
Officials stress the county didn't just "roll over on this issue" but economics were a big factor considering everything the county has on its plate right now. It is millions of dollars in debt and trying to pass a budget.

County leaders said there was no way it could have pulled off a new display in the time frame it had.

"That's one of the things we went back and forth with the ACLU on and they wouldn't say. Well if you put a Santa hat on one of the nativity scenes. That would be acceptable," said county solicitor Vito DeLuca.
DeLuca also said he felt it would have been an insult to the people in the region to try to try to throw a display together with sights like Joseph and Mary wearing Santa hats in order to fill the scene with religious and nonreligious symbols.

"I think it's ridiculous. I don't think anyone has the right to take it. It's been around for a long time," said Katrina Gentner of Swoyersville.
9 years ago

From My Perspective:
Carl Moeller,

Thank you for all you do on behalf of the persecuted.  
Read Carl's message>>

9 years ago
China's 'Conscience' Missing in Action
Top Christian lawyer Gao Zhisheng vanishes as government stifles dissent.
9 years ago
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