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9 years ago
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9 years ago

PRAISE FOR THE RELEASE OF UYGHUR CHURCH LEADER IN CHINA: House church leader Osman Imin was freed on November 18, after serving two years in a labor camp for alleged “illegal proselytizing” and “leaking state secrets.” Authorities had called for a 10-15 year prison sentence for Osman, but significantly reduced the term following international media attention. Almost 1,800 Open Doors supporters sent messages to Chinese Ambassador Zhou Whenzong on behalf of Osman earlier this year. Full Story>>

9 years ago

The level of persecution against Christians is increasing in North Korea. The government is feeling that they are slowly losing their grip on society and have intensified their control on the civilians, and Christian activities are labeled as anti-North Korean criminal activities. Inside sources know the names of more than twenty Christians who have been murdered for their faith this year. And these are only the Christians we know of; the actual figure is much higher. More than a thousand North Korean Christians disappeared last year and most of the Christians who have been arrested are secretly killed by the government. Families left behind were sent to political prison camps. Christians who weren’t executed were sent to political prison camps. Christians were also being more horribly tortured this year and were sometimes used for the testing of biological or chemical weapons. It is estimated that there are 400,000 Christians in North Korea. About a quarter of these Christians are being held in political prison camps under harsh circumstances.
Watch testimonies of persecuted Christians from North Korea>>

9 years ago
Forced Recantations of Faith Continue in Vietnam:  A Vietnamese man, violently forced to recant his fledgling Christian faith, faces pressure from authorities and clansmen to prove his return to traditional Hmong belief by sacrificing to ancestors next month. Read more >>
9 years ago
Dear friend of the persecuted, #7 Yemen

“Living here as a Christian is not easy,” said John. “There is very little in the way of fellowship and you feel quite isolated." John, a foreigner, had been working in the Arabian Peninsula for some time. Early on he realized that building friendships and trust with the local people was very important. This soon paid off for him.

One day he received a phone call from someone in another city. The caller asked if he could visit his friend who was a secret believer. John went and met Fayad. Fayad was living with 5 other Arabs sharing a single room. He said he had little privacy and there was no way for him to read God’s Word. The men decided to purchase small memory cards for Fayad’s cell phone and fill them with Christian music and the Bible. Fayad proclaimed, “I can use the memory card and headphones, and if ever I get in a dangerous situation I can just swallow the memory card.”

As John drove home later that night, he began to cry. “I was so touched, I thought of my own church in the west and all the resources that we have, all the wonderful preaching and ministers, that everything is available. And then I thought of Fayad, not having a lot of earthly goods, but so eager to listen to God’s Word. "

Father, Fayad is so vulnerable where he lives. We rest only in the assurance that he is in Your mighty hand of protection. Continue to bring encouragement into his life and nourish him with Your Word. We thank you for Christian workers there; lead them into relationships where they can train up believers in a solid understanding of Your Word.

Yemen’s constitution, unlike some other countries in the Arabian Peninsula, provides freedom of religion and the government generally respects other religions. However the constitution of Yemen declares that Islam is the state religion, and that Shariah law is the source of all legislation.

“The LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:8. Lord, we call on You to protect the secret believers in Yemen. Grant them wisdom and provide opportunities for discipleship and fellowship with other believers. Assure them of Your presence and of our prayers on their behalf. 

Open Doors USA

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9 years ago

Around noon on New Year’s Day 41-year-old Mohammed Ahmed Ali, leader of an underground church in Somalia, left his home on the outskirts of Mogadishu. He never returned. The next day, his wife, Amina learned of his slaying by Islamic militants. According to Compass Direct, members of the Islamic extremist group Al Shabaab had been monitoring Ali and Amina for indications that they had left Islam. After her husband was slain, threats were made toward Amina as well.  Amina with their 2-year-old son quickly fled for Kenya arriving safely in Nairobi on January 20. Praise God!

Father, provide for Amina and her little son. Encourage Your church in Mogadishu and strengthen their faith. We pray for revival to spread across this troubled land that they would know true peace through the gospel of Christ.

Praying with you,

The Prayer Force Team

9 years ago
Dear friend of the persecuted, #6 Afghanistan

Farzam* was living out his faith the best that he could. Unable to share the gospel openly, he prayed for God to show him how he could be an example to his family and neighbors while keeping his faith a secret. Farzam felt alone in his faith and was encouraged only by the inner presence of Christ…and then came the call. An Afghan pastor living in another country had heard of Farzam and wanted to visit. In the ensuing weeks this pastor linked Farzam with three other men who began meeting together to study and pray. No longer living in isolation…Farzam now had fellowship with his brothers in Christ.

Pray for Farzam and his Christian brothers, for their safety and courage to remain faithful to Christ. Pray that they would bring the light of the gospel to their family and friends who continue to live in spiritual darkness.

With few Christians, life in Afghanistan is dangerous for those who decide to serve Christ. Rejection by neighbors and family can be even more threatening than persecution from the government. Bibles and other Christian study materials are difficult to find. God is using technology such as radio broadcasts and mp3 players with the Dari New Testament to reach the Afghan people. One brother proudly shows his mp3 player and proclaims, “This is my Bible; this is my teacher.”

Give thanks for the radio broadcasts and for the Bibles and mp3 players that have come to Afghanistan. Pray that they would be used to open the eyes of Afghanis to the truth and power of the gospel and to increase Christ’s church in Afghanistan. “In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.” Isaiah 29:18 

*Farzam uses a pseudonym to protect his identity.


Open Doors USA


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