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9 years ago
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  Pray warriors are often hidden from the world. Some people have the gift of being a prayer warrior. This is a person who prays for others, for world situations, for countries, for churches, for individuals. Each prayer warrior may have a different prayer mission. For instance, some prayer warriors only pray for the sick, while others may pray for the persecuted Christian, or the homeless person. And some prayer warriors may pray for whatever they feel led to pray for. Another words, they have a very deep feeling that they should pray for a certain person, or situation, and they are obedient to God, and pray.
Whatever they pray for they pray with all of their heart and soul. Some may sing their prayers, some may pray in their prayer closet, or prayer groups, or church, or some private, hidden place. Some prayer warriors may fast on occasion, but should only do so wisely, with juice or water and a reasonable time limit. Some prayer warriors, might prayer simple quiet prayers, while other may even prayer loudly in a private place or in a church where this is accepted. Some prayer warriors will pray with candles, some without candles, some on their knees, others standing up with arms raised, some prayer warriors will pray sitting in a chair.
But no matter how these prayer warriors pray, they are honoring Jesus by using their gift, and asking sincerely for Jesus's help. These are who prayer warriors are.

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9 years ago
Sometimes prayer warriors do not get much recognition. They are hidden, often praying in secret, but not always. Many also pray in public as the Lord leads. They often are not acknowledged as important, and they may often not see the results of their prayers for long periods of time or maybe never. They may not even know that their prayers have been answered. They pray entirely on faith. Some prayer warriors are so hidden and secret, that no one ever knows they are praying, no one that is except for Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit!
And yet how very important they are. We see so little of what goes on in the spiritual world. Or even in this world. We do not when one person's prayer has saved the life of another's. Or when a simply said  prayer has opened the door to a job, or saved a marriage. We do not know when someone singing a prayer has brought food to a starving person, or has opened someone's heart to salvation. We do not know when someone doing spiritual battle through prayer, has chased away the darkness of Satan and let the light come flooding into a lost and frightened soul, or led a wandering lamb back to the Lord.
So prayer warriors are extremely important and we should pray for the prayer warrior and take the time to say thank you to the person who may not even realize what an important mission they have!

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