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8 years ago
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I obtained my information from, 'Today's Pentecostal Evangel.' March 1, 2009. I may obtain later information from other sources, also. The events taking place are basically about war and persecution in Africa, and in these particular articles, you will hear about Assembly of God churches; however, we are concerned about all Christian denominations in Africa, and I will also report any news about other churches also.
8 years ago
 Ephesians 6:18
{Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the Saints-}
During the 2009, the Democratic Republic of Congo was still engaged in civil war. The civil war, one of the longest lasting conflicts in the past century, decimated-(to kill every tenth person) and even dessicated-(completely dried up-(destroyed) whole villages.
Many villagers fled to the jungles for safety, where food is scarce and remain hidden there. There are nearly 1,000 churches in the affected area, representing tens of thousands of believers.
Pray for the doors to open and for opportunities to help pray for the pastors and believers in Congo, that God will lead them, that their faith will remain strong and that Jesus will remain a powerful force in their lives. Also pray that food will be made available to the people in the Congo, through the churches.
The war, lasting over ten years, has resulted in the deaths of 4 million to 6 million people, mostly civilians, victims of gunfire, starvation and disease. Yet believers still hang on to hope in Christ.
Assembly of God missionary try to maintain contact with pastors in the Kivu region, one of the hardest hit areas. Because of red tape the refugee camps are not receiving as much food as needed, and many adult and children civilians bear the scars of war. More than 13,000 displaced persons fled to Uganda.
~Churches have survived in the jungle. with some grass hut churches holding as many as 500 believers. Bible students live deep in the forest, and even under these conditions were able to pass their exams and graduate.
~Assembly of God pastors and believers living in refugee camps in Uganda and Rwanda  partner with the directors of camps; giving whatever help they can offer to supply basic necessities for the people.
~Prayer and worship continues in the camps with regular visits from the pastors to the camps to offer prayer and encouragement.
Even after the war ends the people of Congo will need a lot of help to rebuild and re-establish themselves, and with medical and food needs.
NEXT WEEK : The Sudan~
8 years ago

8 years ago
In 2003 the Bantu Islamic people and the Arabic Islamic People began a conflict out of greed for land.
Sudan is a nation of 40 million people in Northeastern Africa. Northern Sudan is mainly populated with Islamic believers and Southern Sudan is mainly populated with Christian believers. The article I read out of 'Today's Pentecostal Evangel', March of 2009, stated that in a couple of years a referendum is coming up with the idea of dividing Sudan into two nations, 'Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan'. Those in Northern Sudan are trying to push the border configuration to consolidate the South.
Janjaweed, Sudan's militia, claims thousands of lives each year. More than 300,000 people have died and 2 million are living in camps near Darfurs main towns. If those living in the camps wonder too far in search to the firewood or water they are shot or raped by the patrol.
Assembly of God has 500 churches across the Sudan, and they are basically safe but they have to be careful.
The Sudan Pentecostal Church has grown faster during the conflict than at any other time. The Holy Spirit is moving in the Sudan.
8 years ago
Next week: Zimbabwe~
8 years ago
From Today's Pentecostal March 1, 2009
Zimbabwe is a nation of 11.3 million people. Since 1980 up to the time of this article (at least), was written, Zimbabwe has been ruled by a regime. The ruler of that regime being, Robert Mugabe.
The security forces who are starving, rob and kill, wealthy people on the streets for food and supplies.
One third of the population has fled, and 90 percent of the population who remain are jobless. The currency of that country is considered worthless by a massive inflation rate. Any opposition is currently crushed, and life expectancy is 39 years. Two of Assembly of God's missionaries were going to be removed if the situation didn't improve.
8 years ago

Next week: Kenya, Nigeria, and Jos
8 years ago
In the year 2008, Kenya had a deadly civil uprising. Villages were burned and innocent people were murdered. Whole families were torn apart, and left homeless. Many people fled. Here is Pastor David's story.


 Pastor David in Kenya

Date : Mon, Jan 28, 2008 10:56 AM

Dear brother .....,
I'm know in Bungoma town , last evening after having powerful service in church together with people who are taking refuge in church, the young warriors who are killing people destroyed the Kipkaren big bridge and they have used it as a place where they are killing people now , the car comes, they stop it and they remove people and kill them, and you see skip its a four minute drive from our church , all those areas now is ashes.
 You remember our church is on the road to Eldoret, i don't know why the killing is taking place where my church
is, we are now keeping so many people in church,and number is
increasing daily,its also only our church that is going on with
normal services the rest of the churches stopped services and others were burned. many women are affected now. the stuation is bad, for now we do everything at Bungoma.
please keep praying. I have to rush to church family now.
Pastor David m.Walukhu
Mukhonje Faith Church
P.O.Box230, Webuye,
,East Africa


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8 years ago
The most violent religious confrontation in all of Africa, between Islam and Christianity took place in Nigeria, in the city of Jos. Jos is a major city in Nigeria on the border of the Islamic North and the Christian South.
Hundreds of refugees have been pushed out of their homes, and innocent children murdered while in school. Last year an Assembly of God Senior Church Leader was killed after he was chased down, his hands and feet cut off and his faced slashed. His attackers poured gasoline on him and set him on fire.
Because of the violence, at that time, martial law went into affect and anyone seen on the streets from 6:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. was shot on site.
Please pray for Nigeria and for all the brothers and sisters we have in Jesus, and for the pastors.
8 years ago
Nigeria, and Jos
8 years ago
More About Nigeria!
While all may seem hopeless in Africa, there are some good things happening. In the midst of everything, thousands of people are converting to Christianity. The light of the Lord shows especially bright in the darkness!
Many children were left orphans after the attacks of the villages in Jos, Nigeria, and this is very tragic. Sometimes villagers, or relatives will take over the care of orphans but sometimes they wonder around aimlessly trying to survive and at the mercy of dishonest individuals.
But in Africa, there is a lamp that shines brightly. A Christian orphanage that takes in orphans and teaches them about Jesus and Christian principles. They are fed, kept clean, and learn to read and write, all while learning about Jesus. Their wounds and their hearts heal. I have not named the orphanage for safety reasons, but I wanted you to know of God's power in Satan's darkness.
From Voice of the Martyrs, 'A Safe Haven.'
A Village of Widows~'Widows of the attacks'
from, 'VOM helps Widows Heal' Voice of the Martyrs
In a village filled with widows, VOM has stepped in to help. VOM 'Partners in Nigeria' is providing widows with tailoring classes, computer training so that they can earn an income, grinding machines so that they can feed their families, and other critical support.

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8 years ago

North African Christians are being comforted by prayer and support.
Read Update>>


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