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8 years ago
| Blue Label
8 years ago
Dear sisters and brothers,
Thanks for continued prayer.

We are brothers and sisters in Jesus. My family,and I, my church members, the villagers who I have preached for and baptized, married and taught, are all suffering from flooding, and after effects.

We need food,(canned food, canned milk, and canned baby formula; all ready prepared baby formula and we need baby bottles,) baby wipes,diapers, waterproof tents, sleeping bags, rain boots, heavy socks, raincoats, both warm clothing(for all ages) and cool, summer clothing,(for all ages), we need bottled water, blankets, quilts, pillows and pillow cases. If it is permissible send vitamins for both children and adults, shampoo, and soap. Please write to your churches and ask them to help us with these specific items also. Letters of encouragement are wonderful to have. We also welcome missionaries and aide workers from any pentecostal churches, especially Assembly of God, and the Pentecostal Church of God. We need help, help, help and help!!! Please contact all of your churches and fellowships!!!!

If you feel you must send money; you must send it through Western Union, it is the safest and in fact the only way we will be able to use the money you send.

We especially need your continued prayer and letters so that we may know that we are not forgotten!!

We are looking forward to hear from you soon!!!

Yours in Christ;

Victor Sirdar: a tiny Servant of the Lord.

Unity In Christ Ministry

C-37 block 5 F.B.Area Gulberg town karachi-75950

 Sadiq Nagar Sindh Pakistan

     Phone: +92-300-2538509

8 years ago
Dear brothers and sister,
Pastor Victor Sirdar has e-mailed me for several years and I trust him. I know that each year the city he lives in is flooded and this year many areas of Pakistan have been severely flooded over and over. He, his family and church members and Christian villagers have been deeply affected by this. I was so relieved to hear that he was still alive, that I thank God over and over for this. Please pray and ask your churches to help. Pakistan is a Muslim/Hindu country with Afghanistan and the Taliban on the one side and India on the other side. Therefore the only way you can send him money is to send by Western Union. Still I sent him a wedding congradulations card when he got married and he recieved it, so he does recieve our mail and gifts.
Which means you can send him anything allowed by the postal service. You have to ask them what is allowed. Canned foods is best because there may not be homes that are left, or at least they may be flooded. Make sure the baby formula is already prepared, because they may not have clean water available. Even if you can not send him anything, write him a letter and tell him that you have not forgotten the Christians in Pakistan, and that you are praying for them. They really need to know this because they are very discouraged. And please send letters to your churches asking for help!
Thank you!
God Bless,
8 years ago

Donna, I will keep all of these concerns in my prayers.

God bless and peace,



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