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Thanking the Lord in prayer!
8 years ago
| Blue Label
Prayers of thanksgiving and praise!
As prayer warriors it is important that you spend some time in prayers of thanksgiving and praise. Whether you are by yourself, with a partner or in a group.
When you dedicate your prayer time to thanksgiving and praise; you will find that you are uplifted and refreshed in the Spirit. Even if this doesn't happen it is very important that you thank the Lord and that sometimes that thanksgiving is your full focus.
With Thanksgiving and Harvest Days coming up, it is only appropriate that you set aside a day aside from the holiday to just give thanks and prayers of praise. Spend at least one day doing this; perhaps several, and let the Lord know that you appreciate Him. You may have specific things to thank Him for; but you don't have to be specific. Just telling Jesus thank you is enough and you can praise Him and thank Him as many times as you wish.
Praising and thanking the Lord will also help you to put into perspective just how many times He has helped you and how many things we have to be thankful for.
Just thanking God the father  and His Son Jesus for their presence and thanking Jesus for His sacrifice makes one aware of the the very essence of your relationship with Him. Spending a day in thanksgiving can really bring your focus back to Jesus; in a very special way.
And while you are spending time in thanksgiving and praise remember to thank Jesus for giving you the Holy Spirit and for all that the Holy Spirit has given you. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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